Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Biological Clock and Societal Concerns

“Don’t you miss having a life?”

“Umm.. I feel very much alive at the moment”

“Every woman’s life is incomplete without marriage.”

(Too bored of this topic already) “Okay”

“Don’t you want kids? Your biological clock is ticking”

Now if I was half as witty as Preity Zinta in Kal Ho Naa Ho, I would have retorted “Well, you don’t need to get married to have children”, but instead I go:

“All this doesn’t bother me. I love my freedom right now. It’s awesome”

This dialogue of mine brings on such a compassionate “oh you poor thing” look which people usually reserve for patients diagnosed with an incurable disease. Then this is followed by a deep sigh which gives rise to a self-doubt of whether I truly have a deadly disease I was unaware of. And some souls are so fascinated with this biological clock (somehow I always picture it as something sparkly like a gold watch), I feel like taking it out from its secret chamber, wrapping it in glitter paper and gifting it to them.

.. Probably write a note “Here! For you to scrutinize and stare at all day long. With love.”

The society is in some sort of denial when it comes to your happiness. Being happy when you are unmarried is considered a myth. Being married for some time and still being very much in love is considered another myth!

Before marriage:
“You should get married. Life is incomplete without marriage. You will be happy”
“But I am happy!”
Society: “I refuse to believe”

Early stage of married life:
“Ok you need to have children. Life is incomplete without children.”
“But we are fine now”
Society: “I refuse to believe”

Few years of married life:
“I am so happy. I have been blessed with the perfect husband. We share a very loving relationship”
Society: ”Who’s she kidding?”

I don’t really get it.