Saturday, May 18, 2013

Travel Therapy

I recently made a short trip to Dubai. It was long overdue because I was getting fed up with the same ol’ routine and desperately needed some change. If you have been working way too hard (even during weekends) you might understand the need to get away and have that much needed fun. So off I went to Dubai to my sister’s place. 

When I go traveling I always make it a point to stay away from the Internet, online social networking and such. I’m online most of the time no thanks to my work so I take my breaks pretty seriously and think of it as a break from the virtual life as well. It always helps. Social networking can turn very addictive, and I don’t want any such sort of addictions while I am on vacation at least.

It’s kind of weird (in a good way) that always after traveling or during the course of a travel, I get a fresh perspective over things that were bugging me till then. I learn to relax and realize that I was seriously over-thinking and over-stressing myself with unimportant things. I am a Virgo to the core, I fret about silly things, go crazy over them and make others go crazy too in the process. So this is something that absolutely works for me. It calms me down, gives me a peace of mind, I function better.

And I don’t mean traveling to places that you travel often. I don’t mean traveling to that nearby location which is easily accessible or which follows a culture similar to yours. Catch a plane, go to a place which is completely different from the one you are residing in right now and see the change it brings to you. You get to experience different things this way, your world opens up and you realize there’s so much more out there than what you think. It’s a complete change and changes make me happy. A time tabled life dries me down and I completely believe that change should be the only constant in your life. 

I now intend on traveling every year to some place or the other. Last year it was Bahrain, this year it was Dubai, next year I have planned something more and I am hoping it all materializes. 'Coz I realized traveling has a certain magic to it. It’s a therapy. The best that I can recommend.