Thursday, February 07, 2013

10 Random Facts.. About Me!

I haven't done a tag in a looooong time. When I saw this tag on someone's blog, I just couldn't resist taking it up. Another excuse is that it's time for me to blog again and I don't know what to write about. Tags make it so much easier. Not facing the dreaded writer's block, but simply not getting the time to think out a topic and write convincingly about it. What better than a tag to help you out in such a situation right? So here goes...
  1. I love surprising people with gifts. It's so worth it to see happy faces in the end, so I don't mind splurging a bit when it comes to gifts. My new year gifts to my near and dear ones this time around included a Samsung Galaxy phone, a Samsung Galaxy tab among other things. Even though I was mildly tempted to keep those goodies for myself, good sense prevailed at the right time! Mom says I select gifts most apt for each person but this was not always the case. I remember in college I went ahead and purchased a big lamp (of all things) with hearts, stars and a teddy bear on it for my bf back then. Everything that symbolizes romanticism was ON that lamp. It was hideous but I purchased it just for the hearts and the stars and to convey the message across :P The bf was totally embarrassed (needless to say) and he tucked it away in his cupboard or someplace where no one can see it. A gift gone totally wrong! Now I just laugh when I think of those times. 
  2. I am not much of a people's person. I am nice and cordial to everyone I meet but I am very selective when it comes to who I choose to get close to. A lot of people have gone outright mad at me for this but then that's the way I am.
  3. I love eating burger with rice! Or rice with burger :D Not the cutlet like burgers you get here in Kerala but the actual ones. My sister got me two packets of those when she came down from Dubai and I finished them all within 2 weeks. And I am left craving for more :(
  4. I go through these phases where I get all excited about a new thing I am about to do. Change is the only constant for me. There was a phase where I wanted to learn all those exotic dishes and I promised myself I would try out something new every weekend. Well, that phase surely got over a long time back, or let's say it got over even before it began :) 
  5. I also go through these phases where I start complaining a lot! But near and dear ones have adapted to that now by keeping quiet & ignoring me mostly like how parents patiently wait for their kids to finish throwing tantrums. 
  6. I & my sis have hardly used public transport! We have always been chauffeured in a car to places we wanted to go to. In college I felt incredibly out of place because of this because no one else ever arrived in a car! It used to embarrass me. My parents especially my mom was super protective and terrified of us using the public transport in spite of knowing that there are many people out there who use it. It was a relief when I started using the college bus and I started to travel like the rest of them did. Because of this, I am very inept when it comes to understanding or using any public transport till date. And I'm not proud to say this :( 
  7. I am not too fond of dull weather or extremely rainy days. Especially in Kerala. Where rain is equivalent to power cuts. I prefer the warm, sunny days. Not too humid. You get the picture. 
  8. Till I was 25 I never really had any career ambitions as such. I never understood about being passionate about your work. I am a late bloomer that way. Now I simply love what I do and I feel it is so necessary to feel that way about your work, because think about it -- you are going to spend more than half of your life working. If you don't like what you do, that's such a waste of life right?
  9. Till I was 20 I had a major eating disorder as in I was never hungry. I used to go to college after drinking just a glass of milk, used to skip lunch, ate very little food when I came back and that was it. Probably explains why I was size zero then :P And now I just can't get enough of food. Guess I am making up for all those lost years.
  10. I think a lottttt ! I am the female version of Aamir Khan who thinks a dozen times before saying or doing anything. I get crazy when I think too much and in the process make others crazy too -- it's my speciality :D
I would like to tag anyone who would like to take up this tag! Especially Amith, Abhinav, Annie and Madhuri who I want to know more about :)


  1. this post is hurting the sentiments of kerala burger makers.this post should be banned...else we will create law and order probs...!

  2. Nice post Dhanya..

    I loved the gift that you gave to your bf in your college days..Hahaha..Quite funny..

    Had a similar incident with me too..Could relate to you .. very well

    Sangeetha Menon

  3. i am re reading point # 1.

    ok wait, i am gona send you my address now. check your messages :)

  4. arre u did this tag before only :-jjj wrote 25 things i think :PPPPPPPP
    haww i didnt know u never used public transport n all! :O start learning now naa! u needn't drive everytime and scare pedestrians bhai O_O

    u prefer warm, sunny days? please come to delhi, darling!:-/


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