Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pick Up The Phone, Man!

I'm not a phone person.. and I guess I will never be one. Yes, don't get shocked. Girls like me do exist! Over the years, people who have tried to call me have given up totally frustrated, sent me messages (even abusive ones) of how 'cruel' I am because I didn't take their phone calls, have stopped talking to me etc. Makes you think how relationships are so dependent on phone calls nowadays. Before it used to be 'out of sight, out of mind' and nowadays it's more like 'out of telephoning, out of mind'. I love meeting people for real more than through the phone or even online. It has always been like that -- provided the person and I are on the same wavelength.

Most of the times, I never pick up the phone. Reasons being:

  • I'm too busy (I'm not kidding - I'm always working and my family can vouch for that)
  • I'm sleeping (When I'm not working or socializing, I can be found snoring away to glory)
  • I am not in the mood to talk

These rules however do not apply to family members or best friends (coz of obvious reasons :P). 

Now the complaints have risen to such a high (I'm sure even our government won't be able to compare with the number of complaints I get), that I have decided to give away my phone number to only a selected number of people now:

  • People who will get this 'weird' trait of mine -- that hello, there are people in the world who don't like talking on their phones 24x7
  • People who won't be offended if I don't pick up their calls (I wonder if they exist :D) 
  • People who are as weird as me, or who are as busy as me (you know, coz they are too busy to make calls themselves :P)
  • People who make calls only to convey something important (aah, I love this group; their calls last only for 2-3 minutes)

When I usually tell people that I am not such a phone person, they go "heinnnnnn? not a phone person?" (rolling eyes here) and they end up thinking I'm bluffing. So now, I just convey this info and let them think what they want to without me lending them reasons on why I am this way. When you end up thinking you're a lone rider when it comes to things like this, you meet someone like Judy Balan who feels exactly the same about phone calls. And you tend to feel a bit better. Makes you wonder if it's a Virgo trait. Hmm..

Now before I sign off, I want to wish you guys a very VERY happy new year in advance :) It has been a good year for me personally and professionally and I hope it was the same for you all. Keep smiling and have a rocking 2013! Cheers :)