Monday, June 25, 2012

A New Love

Ever since I bought myself this little beauty, I have been restless and dreaming quite a bit about her. Wait.. Should I change its gender now that I have been dreaming about it? Hmmm..

Jokes apart, here's a pic of my new i10 Sportz! Whenever I look at this blushing red beauty, a smile appears on my face. Maybe because it reflects back my own hard work and maybe because it is THE most expensive thing I have purchased till date. I'm so proud even if it's just another car in the crowd. 

I have started driving around with dad in tow and it is the ultimate feeling of independence. This coming from someone who used to absolutely dread the Indian roads and who used to think driving is not for her. It was  eventually me telling myself "if others can do it, why can't I?" that led me to learn driving. That's the same mantra everyone should follow by the way - tell yourself that you're just as damned good as everyone else out there. You will see many more achievements coming your way THIS way! 

Now Dhanya's driving requires a whole new post altogether so I will keep the comical scenes for another time. Too sleepy and tired at the moment after having a hearty dinner of Pulao and Chicken. Zzzzz-ing already! 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Happy Zone

Dhanya one year back:

1. Weighed a measly 44 kilos. Culprits: depression, loss of appetite and insomnia.
2. Felt more or less like a zombie.
3. Used to stare into open space for hours on end wondering where her life is going to head.
4. No job. Lack of self-confidence.
5. Used to think "why does everything bad only happen to me?".
6. Mentally torn & humiliated after apologizing to people even if I was not at fault.
7. Used to get angry easily.

... Basically I used to think my life is over. Those who have been through that phase in a relationship would be able to understand this more than anyone else. It's so easy to say "get over it" but the breaking of a marriage is tough for people like me -- who always used to believe marriages are forever. But overcome I did!

Dhanya now:

1. I'm not going to reveal how much I weigh now :P But yeah, I am MUCH healthier, wealthier & wiser. Reasons: Happiness (yes, just that).
2. Never felt more livelier and enthusiastic about living life before.
3. I have more of a clue where my life is heading. I know now that there's no dead end :)
4. Two jobs. Both which I love. And which earns me well. What more can I ask for in the professional front?
5. Now I think "everything that happens, happens for the best".
6. I realize you don't have to apologize to anyone for being the person you are. You just have to surround yourself with the right kind of people who will understand you exactly for the way you are.
7. Angry? Whazzat? :D

So all those who are going through a bad phase. Hang in there! There's always ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. Just remember it's not your fault and that in a relationship it takes two to tango. If you tried your best to make it work, then hats off to you and your commitment. It's very difficult to find people who are willing to communicate and sort things out in a relationship, so be pleased that you are in that clan of mature people who value relationships.