Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Violin Player

He plays the violin beautifully. I met him for the first time at a family friend’s mehndi function and was totally blown away by how effortlessly he played out the most beautiful of melodies. After each performance, I had to give him a standing ovation, and he would smile back appreciatively. Friends teased and taunted about how he kept looking at me and smiling, but I haughtily dismissed them all off. 

So yeah without really keeping the mystery for last and going for a “I was talking about this guy, who did you think it was?” (a la the new Priyanka Chopra ad), I am talking about the famous musician Balabhaskar here. It felt awesome hearing him play from such a close proximity, and on top of that a small group of girls (including yours truly) made it a point to scream at our loudest of voices and give him all the applause he needed for rendering all compositions so beautifully. He would smile generously at us after each performance (except that one time when he himself realized that he didn’t play up to the mark and requested us not to clap or scream by showing the “stop” signal). So our group of girls stopped clapping midway and pretended that we were swatting away mosquitoes instead. We are classy people. We know exactly when a rendition is not up to the mark and when it is. Yet we kept looking for more “stop” signals. Just to make sure of our own classiness.. 

Friend (to me): “Go get his autograph no? You’re a big fan right?

Me: “Running for autograph and all? Ayye… so not me!

Another friend comes in and announces she’s going to get his autograph.

Me: “Yeah! What are you waiting for? Let’s go!”.

Just to give her company mind you!

So I stand there swooning and telling him “you’re the best!”. And he gives his Chinese eyed smile to me and everyone else. Couldn’t help thinking “Does he ever stop smiling? Don’t his cheeks hurt?” As impulsive as I’m, I wanted to blurt out the question, but I refrained. Thank God for small mercies. He then went on to tell us how our little group was the most energetic of the lot that day and how it felt really nice to see us enjoying his songs so much. That was really sweet of him to say all that considering we thought we acted completely drunk..

Then I noticed something in his hand…

A handbag…

A PINK handbag…

A PINK ladies handbag…

What the… (*insert Arnav Singh Raizada tone from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon*)

And this pretty petite lassy comes up from behind him, smiles at all of us and we are informed that this Pink-kurti clad (I think the color is going to make me sick from now) is Balabhaskar’s wife. At that moment I could hear his own rendition of "tu hi re" from Bombay ringing in my ears. 

Another one bites the dust.

Oh well…

As you know, the show must go on…

Next please!

P.S: For all those who haven't seen Balabhaskar perform, here's a video (yup, it's tu hi re from Bombay).

P.P.S: The video is not mine. I so wish I had taken a video that day..


  1. thanks for the video its a beautiful song ..


  2. Damn the pink woman!
    Ive suddenly been listening to this song on loop for the last month! And now you shared this video!
    He's brilliant! :O

  3. Bikram - Thanks :) Glad to know you enjoyed it :)

    Happy Go Lucky - He sure is!

    Anon - So good to see people running around reading blogs to point out racism. You really seem to be doing your bit. Keep it up :)

  4. I would love to attend such concert. Tu hi re.. wah wah

  5. Hey this was awesome... I can perfectly understand the disappointment!!! :)


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