Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Trip That Was

February had been a brilliant month. March even better! I don't get time to interact on social networking sites or get online on chat as before -- work responsibilities increasing, taking up & learning new things in life etc etc. But I can't still seem to neglect this blog for too long. So here I am!

The Bahrain trip was a crackler. I never had such a great time in recent times -- as in, I always had something or the other to do and I LOVE having something or the other to do especially when I'm on vacation! Being idle and lazing around is not my idea of a vacation somehow.

Usually the youngsters (in my family friends group) tend to get together only at parties with our parents tagged along. But this time around, it was different. A nice kind of different. We got together (minus our parents) and talked, talked, talked. It's amazing how simple conversations can turn your evenings from dull & drab to lively. The right kind of people always make any given atmosphere light-hearted & fun.

A special mention goes to the Menon & Ramachandran family for being such perfect hosts (and for tolerating me so wonderfully ;)). Couldn't have asked for better people to stay with! Feels just like being at home. Special thanks go to these people -

Sundar uncle - For being an absolutely awesome host and a delight to talk to! Chatting with him is entertaining to say the least. Plus he gave me a gift. *Shows off the Rado watch* :D And anyone close to me knows how much I adore gifts! Surprise ones at that.

Pushpa aunty - For being so sweet & considerate. She stuffed me up with her delicacies and also oodles of home-made sausages & burgers coz she knows I absolutely missed hogging them in Kerala! Yeah, you do get the cheap quality sausages and burgers here but they are nothing compared to the taste of Sadia products!

Deeju - Numerous crazy talks, basketball games, gymming (:P), 'flop movie' watching, imitating others. Need I say more on how much I enjoyed her company?

Deepa chech - Right now when I think of her, her chilly chicken comes to mind. It was mindblowing.. and D chech, I have told that to mom too ;)

Raghav - Deepa's cute little boy who was initially extremely shy when it came to interacting with me but after a few days got close to the point of ordering me around "come here!" or "pick that!" or "don't do that!". But I had no problem whatsoever dancing to his tunes..

Ram uncle - For being so sweet and telling San to make sure to drop me at Sundar uncle's place and then only leave. So fatherly!

J aunty - For taking me to City Center, for her morning 'energy drinks' (:P), Farmville lessons and also her numerous witty comments whilst driving!

Rahul - For showing us all such a good time at Trader Vic's and afterwards :) And yes, for paying for all of it :P This chauffeur is one of a kind.

Rajani - She's the sweetest person you will ever meet! Ended up chatting with her till 4 A.M in the morning when I stayed over at her place.

The only bad that happened during this trip was the movie - Woman in Black. I know it's getting rave reviews, but we ended up making fun of almost everything ("look.. the ghost has loose motion", "did you figure out what the story is yet?", "we should try that out with our neighbors - staring through the window with a wide-eyed expression").

I also got to meet up with my beautiful San (who was very much pregnant at the time and is now a proud mommy to the oh-so-cute Nainika!) & we gup-shupped away about things over a cuppa & scrumptious choco cake. She got me a gift from Debenhams and I as usual forgot to get her a gift. Yes, I know I keep preaching about how I love surprise gifts and stuff, but when it comes to giving I practically suck. But then my friends haven't abandoned me for that, so thanks guys ;)

It feels good to have visited Bahrain after two whole years. The days went by wayyy too fast. Have no idea when I will be able to visit the place next but whatever moments I spent there are to be cherished for a long time to come. The nostalgia that I felt when I visited the compound I used to stay in, going to the cold store nearby where I used to get my snacks in bundles, seeing my flat now occupied by some other family.. all bittersweet moments. This is why people like to revisit the places they grew up in - to experience that warm feeling. When you see that the place has developed a little, you puff up with pride even though you are not even remotely responsible for its advancement whatsoever. You feel happy.

Now I am back in India and not regretting it. I love this place even with the mosquitoes, power cuts, corruption and what not. India's liveliness is unmatched. But I guess there's a part of me which is still Bahraini, and that part is only appeased when I visit Bahrain now and then. This very same sob story is shared by many others who have left Bahrain. Bahrain's magic is such. I love you Bahrain. Have and always will.