Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am off for a much deserved break to Bahrainnnnnn (the place I was brought up in)! I have so many fond memories there, and it's nearly after 2 years that I am going to visit the place. Can't wait to see if anything has changed.. and also can't wait to meet near & dear ones (sansu, are you listening? ;).

.. And I'm flying premium class! Woohoo! It has been ages since I have flown business class, and this was the perfect opportunity. I'm traveling alone, had saved up more than necessary, and well.. I deserve traveling & living in style (the whole pampering session) after a disastrous 2011! Dad was adamant that I save this money instead of splurging on premium class tickets, but mom & sis were all for it. I mean, I travel far less than normal people, I shop less as compared to other girls (far far less actually), so it's only right that I spend my money somewhere.

Planning to travel more often now. This is a start. I think this is an important aspect that Elizabeth Gilbert missed in the title of her book - the travel part. It should've been "Eat, Pray, Love & Travel" - a perfect concoction to heal any wound :-)

Will be back soon.

Till then, enjoy these cutlets & green chutney I made for you guys :D


  1. You deserve every bit of the pampering yourself part. You have earned the right to be so, on any day. And considering the kind of people there are in this world, you deserve nothing less. Dads are always bound to have this view but he will be happy for you at the end of the day.

    Have a safe flight. And have loads of fun and frolic with near and dears.


  2. Im listening!!!!drink sum champagne on premium class ;)
    welcome home dhans :)

  3. din Elizabeth Gilbert mention the gifting part? :P :D

    you have an amazing time swthrt and be back soon :)

  4. WOw business class, one shud always indulge no harm in that as long as you dont overdo it ..

    Hav a safe flight and a love holiday.
    well i would love the cutlets and the chutney send some or at least tell us how you made them so we can make them ourself :)


  5. the gelf mallu gets back home...;-)

    and business class tickets... woohoo! hey... i've always wanted to ask someone... are them air hostess babes sexier in business class?

  6. Omg - i live in Bahrain! If you want to meet up just give me a call! My number is 34318412! I'm always up for coffee/shopping. xD

  7. Have a great vacation:)

  8. wow :D you deserve it :D
    I plan to do some travelling too this yr...but i guess need to save enough for it too...we need to learn to pamper ourselves...i myself hardly do it :)

    Enjoy the trip and those cutlets loooks yuuum :D

  9. HAVE FUN DHANYA....we all deserve breaks and you top the list of the "all"...live it up and sometimes premium is the way to be:-)

  10. Enjoy! :) Have a great vacation and come back refreshed.Those cutlets look yummmmy...


  11. Well deserved break and enjoy ur vacation completely!! Wish I was there and we could catch a movie liked old times.. :(

  12. Enjoy and take care dhanya! :-)

  13. Dhanya,
    Can you please send accross those cutlets? am feeling very hungry :D

    wow premium class is yumm :D

    happy holidays :) :D
    hey is it cool in bahrain at this time of the year?

  14. Have a great holiday!!!!

    p.s: u r tagged:-)

  15. even i want the cutlets :D :D :D :D
    u had a good holiday..and continue pampering yourself more dhanna >:D< :*


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