Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am off for a much deserved break to Bahrainnnnnn (the place I was brought up in)! I have so many fond memories there, and it's nearly after 2 years that I am going to visit the place. Can't wait to see if anything has changed.. and also can't wait to meet near & dear ones (sansu, are you listening? ;).

.. And I'm flying premium class! Woohoo! It has been ages since I have flown business class, and this was the perfect opportunity. I'm traveling alone, had saved up more than necessary, and well.. I deserve traveling & living in style (the whole pampering session) after a disastrous 2011! Dad was adamant that I save this money instead of splurging on premium class tickets, but mom & sis were all for it. I mean, I travel far less than normal people, I shop less as compared to other girls (far far less actually), so it's only right that I spend my money somewhere.

Planning to travel more often now. This is a start. I think this is an important aspect that Elizabeth Gilbert missed in the title of her book - the travel part. It should've been "Eat, Pray, Love & Travel" - a perfect concoction to heal any wound :-)

Will be back soon.

Till then, enjoy these cutlets & green chutney I made for you guys :D