Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Month Filled with Surprises

The month of November was special. My sister's and niece's birthdays both fell on this very month and I took it upon myself to surprise them with gifts. The most difficult step in the whole process was finding a reliable online shopping site which offered their services in Dubai. I am familiar with a number of shopping sites in India, but finding one in the UAE was no mean feat. Eventually I did find one and I was pretty thrilled that it worked out the way it was meant to be. Sis and niece both loved their gifts -- so mission was a full, roaring success!

Gift to sis -

Gift for my niece (gift basket with an assortment of chocolates and games) -

Even though we are extremely lazy when it comes to sending over gifts -- it is totally worth the effort because a) your family or friends would be least expecting them from you since you're overseas b) for the happiness it brings you once they receive the surprise!

These gift surprises apart, I've got a lil surprise of myself to share too! I would say it's a surprise because I was least expecting to pass the exam :P But pass I did with an 88% in the fundamental exam and a 94% in the advanced level exam. I'm now a Google-certified professional folks! This exam is apparently the same type of exam that Google employees have to take for AdWords each year. So it feels quite awesome to know that I have passed something that the Googlers had to go through themselves. So yay me! :)

Hope all of you are doing great. Will touch base again soon!