Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The End.. For a New Beginning

Almost everyone must be knowing right now -- well, people who keep a close tag of me anyway.

If you have noticed, I haven't talked about my married life of late. Reason being, I am on that 'singledom' path again. I avoided talking about it till now because I was hoping (till 2 months back) that things would get sorted out. But apparently it didn't, and I am thankful because I don't believe a woman has to sacrifice her self-respect, her identity or go begging to someone to save her marriage. My parents, my close friends, my near and dear ones are in fact quite relieved that I'm getting away from something that is not worth the intense pain that tagged along with it.

This might be too personal a topic to be included in a blog. But if I had taken the effort to include a "How I Met the Nair Boy", I should also include that life need not always be hunky dory for everyone. Many girls wrote to me saying that they started believing in the concept of arranged marriage from that very post. I dreaded to write this entry because of that very reason -- because I don't want these girls to lose trust in marriage. Another reason for writing this post might be to pave a clear path for my own future without feeling the need to hide anything. Probably if I get into another relationship, I want the guy to get the respect and love he deserves without me being vague about it.

I do not blame anyone for this, and I am not going to type down the reasons that lead to the termination of so sacred a relationship within a span of only one year. I and my family hardly talk about it nowadays because obviously we have more better and happier topics to discuss.

Thanksgiving day is already over, but I can't help but feel thankful to a couple of people who have been my life support. My family, my best friends, family friends, "A" (we are not on talking terms now, but I SO appreciate whatever you did for me during my initial separation phase), my close friends, people who extended their support unconditionally even if they didn't know me in person, and so many more people. Because of them I realize, even if I lost one, I gained much more over the past few months :) So a big THANK YOU and a warm hug to all of you...

P.S - Comments are disabled on this one. Don't message/chat with me asking for details either. Would be much appreciated :)

P.P.S - Ending on a positive note, I made a donation to WFP (United Nations World Food Programme) last month. It felt sooooo good! :) I urge you guys to make a small contribution in whatever way you can to help those less-fortunate people out there. A friend recommended two Indian organizations where you can help kids out (sponsor them) - worldvision.in and giveindia.org. As Carl Karcher would put it - "If the money we donate helps one child or can ease the pain of one parent, those funds are well spent."