Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All Set for Adopting

If you read through my previous post, you might already be knowing that my grandmom passed away almost a month back. My mom now and then likes to relive all her childhood memories she has of her mother - something people tend to do when someone near and dear passes away. During one such talk, she got emotional and told something that touched my heart, rather pierced it -

"Now I am an orphan"

"What are you talking about?" - I asked concerned.

Mom - "I don't have a mom or a dad now. That makes me an orphan right?"

Me - "Hmmm. But why sad? I will adopt you! And dad too! Both of you!"

Mom (looking very pleased now) - "So that will make you my Dhanyamma!"

Me (smiling) - "Yes totally!"

Somehow that one line pleased my mom so much that she makes it a point to inform people as often as possible - "You know Dhanya told me that she'll adopt me". It's so cute to see how parents react sometimes to what their kids say - no matter what age they are in and no matter how simple a dialogue may seem. Small precious moments in life! :)


  1. Dhanyamma! :)
    And yayie, you'd be the first kid to adopt her parents :D

  2. This made me cry! :')

  3. Tessy2:24 PM

    true ofcourse... precious moments.. and u will be happy now that u could make ur mom happier thru ur words

  4. suchaaa nice dicee daughteriii :P

  5. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I am experiencing the blues and fears of memory too. Because when we look back at the life that we had left behind only fragments of information are stored in our mind.

    The all-consuming time has taken everything in its sway. One day i will die too and every one will talk about my demise.

    That makes every second in life count. Because all of us are hearing the tick-tocks of clocks silently every night that rings the coming death-knell of our existences.

  6. thats so sweet of you Dhanya! congratulations for your first kid.. :)

  7. awww Dhanno! I feel like coochie-cooing you. :D

    Making them feel loved when they need it, is very noble. :)


  8. This was so cute!! :) :) :)

  9. Nice to see u following my footsteps. :D U can adopt amma and acha now and I will adopt you as per our previous plan. epidi? ;)

  10. Hugs to u Dhanya for what u said to ur mom..

    she must be the happiest..

    nice read :) pls do share more of such..;)

    Have nice time,

  11. that's sooooooooooo sweet and parents are such wonderfully simple people for kids, right-they get happiest with the smallest of gestures:-)

  12. sweeeeeeeeeet!

    and i'm sorry for the loss

  13. Soo cute Dhanyamma :) sweet

  14. This was so good...we need more ppl like u around.

  15. Crystal - Lol ;) I wonder if that is a complicated process? Will have to look into it :P

    Annie - :) :)

    Tessy - Yes, I guess all the affection and kind words come automatically with people who are good to u :)

  16. Priya - Lol! Daughteriii.. Woman! I love the terms you come up with !!

    Surya - Very true..!

    Pria - Thank you =))

  17. Richa - *blush*

    Madsa - Thanks :)

    Nikhs - I'm all for your plan. Now if I adopt them, I might need another set of parents. Get the papers ready !!

  18. Pramoda - Thanks for reading :) She was pretty happy alright :)

    Suruchi - Absolutely right! :)

    Raphael - :)

    Meow - Thank you dear

    Ria - :) Thank you!

  19. I agree with Richa - this is indeed a very 'noble' thought!

    People who think of leaving their parents in old age homes should read this blog and regret at their thoughts!!

  20. awww cute <3
    your mum must have been more proud than anything else at what you said :)

  21. You made them happy and smile WOWO
    Dhanyaamma you are great and kudos to you :)


  22. reminded me of the malayalam movie-ishtam....(butchered by priyadarshan who remade t as mera baap pehla aap)

  23. now those moments are what our parents and elders live for - our love :)

    You are a good daughter and a good person, stay that way :)

    p.s. Will say a little prayer for your grandma's soul.

    take care...


  24. Mohan - Thank you :) Fully agree with the 'old age homes' bit.

    Bliss - :) :) Thanks for reading and taking the time out to comment!

    Bikram - Hahah dhanyamma ;) Thank u :)

    Nikhs - Priyan is always butchering malayalam films with his remakes :(

    Arv - Thanks so much Arv! :)

  25. Thats sweet. She is blessed to have a daughter-mother like you. Many of us fail to understand the pain.
    Glad you did the best you can ever do to you mother.

  26. Update update update!

  27. Thank you guys :)

    Crystal - Will do soon :) have been really caught up lately :(

  28. wud u adopt me too? i wudn mind some extra pampering :P

    *loved u for the emotions involved, but once i started reading the comments i thought i shudn be repeating wut othrs had already said*

    *okies, i know tht i am awesome, u dont have to tell tht with ur stare* :P

    so, wud u adopt me?

  29. This post made me remember my mom :P

    Whenever we have our cute fights she goes....." ya ya i am an orphan so take advantage.." and I go "What?"...and " she is like i dont have mom dad to complain so u take advantage na"...and I am like mom you are like 60s and u call urself an orphan :O and we have a biiiiiiiiiiiig laugh....

    Parents become soo cute when they get old na :P :D

  30. Mrutyunjay11:39 PM

    I really want to know now ... Who are you? Feels like a huge banyan tree from some long lost historic era was reborn as DV. :)


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