Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All Set for Adopting

If you read through my previous post, you might already be knowing that my grandmom passed away almost a month back. My mom now and then likes to relive all her childhood memories she has of her mother - something people tend to do when someone near and dear passes away. During one such talk, she got emotional and told something that touched my heart, rather pierced it -

"Now I am an orphan"

"What are you talking about?" - I asked concerned.

Mom - "I don't have a mom or a dad now. That makes me an orphan right?"

Me - "Hmmm. But why sad? I will adopt you! And dad too! Both of you!"

Mom (looking very pleased now) - "So that will make you my Dhanyamma!"

Me (smiling) - "Yes totally!"

Somehow that one line pleased my mom so much that she makes it a point to inform people as often as possible - "You know Dhanya told me that she'll adopt me". It's so cute to see how parents react sometimes to what their kids say - no matter what age they are in and no matter how simple a dialogue may seem. Small precious moments in life! :)