Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

I'm absolutely loving my work! I mean, I am doing something which is my passion and I'm also gaining exposure to new fantabulous technology. This is the first time I ever had a go-to meeting online with people in Kolkata who taught me about our software products and I could see every single thing they were doing on their PC sitting at my work desk in Kerala. What's the need for traveling half across the globe for a meeting, when you can do just this -- have a group meeting online where you can talk, see and put your point across via presentations?

I'm also absolutely loving my colleagues! Most of us are always a bit wary when we interact with our managers or seniors. My first job had me reporting to one of the friendliest bosses ever. He was the one who gifted me - "Tuesdays with Morrie" - a book which still remains a favorite. At my second work place, managers were a lil bit serious and uninspiring (if I may use the word). My current job has me reporting to people in the U.S who have such amazing, inspiring personalities and such funky American accents (:D). Now I hope some of that accent would rub off on me soon with all the constant interaction. My colleagues are young, enthusiastic, and I can talk to them about books (I got Rashmi Bansal's latest book "I Have A Dream" after my manager's recommendation. It's about young entrepreneurs who have made a difference by doing business not entirely meant for personal profit alone.), food and everything under the Sun. I say "young" because now this is one aspect which is very difficult to find in gulf work places. If you are 26 years old (a la yours truly), you might as well be the youngest person who has joined the office! Yes, that's how rare it is to find a young working Indian professional in the gulf.

Most of you might already be knowing I'm into online marketing. This is something which I'm still doing btw, but not as much as before. 9-6 is dedicated to my day job, and then onwards I start doing my little projects and assignments for my online clients. Nice little passive income, and the best part is I have already done so much of work for the past 2 years that it isn't even necessary for me anymore to spend a lot of time on it. I can concentrate on my day job and at the same time this sweet side-business does its work on its own. That's the beauty of affiliate marketing -- you can choose to take a break from it whenever you want and still keep earning from it without lifting a finger.

The Bad

I was recently working on one of my sites, and this is the captcha that came on screen - "Megapoop" - and that too when I was enjoying my bar of Bournville (with raisins and nuts FYI:P).

The Ugly

Recently this junior from school came online on Facebook chat and this is how the conversation went -

Him - Is that your kid on your profile picture?

Me - No! That's my nephew.

Him - Sorry, thought it was your kid :)

Me - No problem :)

Him - When are you going to have your own?

Me - Dunno. When the time's right I guess...

Him - Oh! I see! So you want to practise with me before having one? *wink*

Me - *Silence*

Him - Hello? Waiting for an answer...

...And he kept pinging me for the next 5 minutes or so. Now since I'm not exceptionally good at mouthing bad words to strangers, I logged off. This guy is like 4 years younger than me and he knows I'm married. WTF was he thinking? I know at this day and age, it is very common to see married people in an "open relationship", but for heaven's sake I'm not one of those desperate people. This incident gave me a 'blerrgghh' kind of feeling. Dunno how to define it. But yeah, if you are on my friends list and you are a reader of my blog too, now you know what irritates me to the core -- flirting with me knowing that I'm married!


  1. LOL!!! Girl in question married or not - that was VERY lame!

  2. That's not flirting..Good that you didn't entertain ..:)

    BTW..Nice to read managerial post current boss neither talks much nor inspires... He is good to talk to, but tend to get feeling as mere resource..

  3. haha..!!!

    Good: wow i loved this part...Morrie is my fav too..he is the first charecter for i cried while reading..!!! Tuesdays is my all time favorite..!!!Rashmi is a good writer...yet to read the new book..!!
    you enjoy ur work alot ...dont u..!!
    happy working darling..!!

    Bad: that was bad :)

    Ugly: By can anyone ask a girl like that?? its not the matter of her being married or not..its really ugly that he asked u...Idiot..!!

    On the whole: felt good reading you after a long time...drop by at my land of dreams some time..!!

  4. Totally agree with Annie!!

  5. I hate tat guy ..I mean how the hell...
    hope u've blocked him..

  6. LOL ..the ugly is too much :P
    Some guys are weirdos ( even weirdo, lame are understatements for them :P)

  7. The good outweighs the bad. Thats awesome! Good luck at your new job!

    Lol @ the bad!!

    The guy was so lame! I hate guys like that. I hate the girls more, who find such guys funny.


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