Monday, July 18, 2011

The Vision, The Passion and The Butterflies Are Back

All of a sudden, Lady Luck decides to knock on my door and smile its pearly white smile at me. When it came to job opportunities, Lady Luck chose to ignore me especially in the UAE. The number of jobs I had applied to at that place is countless. And what happens when I apply to a few jobs in India -- I get accepted to most of them! Maybe my Lady Luck chose to reside at God's own country for the time being.

Anyway, the passion is back because I am employed in something which I believe I will be darn good at. The vision is back because I can feel that long-lost competitive spirit igniting within me again. I have plans in mind. I'm dreaming dreams once more. It is said that to achieve the most in life, you need to have a goal in mind. What do you want in life? What are you aiming for? For me that one goal is - a house. Yes, it is quite materialistic, but that's exactly what I am saving my money for. My ultimate dream is to get a house in the heart of Kochi. It is funny how whenever I think of my savings, my mind goes in that very direction. A house which isn't too big like a mansion, but isn't too small either -- just perfect. I mean even an apartment would do, but like I said it simply has to look perfect for me. Isn't that every girl's dream? To have a house of their own in their homeland? Hopefully soon...

It is great to be back in the corporate world again doing something I am entirely passionate about. Is it weird to feel that this is the very opportunity that I have been waiting for? And how it came to me out of the blue is something which surprises me even at this moment when I think of it. Like I said, good things happen to you when they are meant to happen. No matter how much you try to make things happen or try to pave your own path out - destiny might have its own plan for you and ultimately you have to change your course to where it takes you. If it's really meant to happen, the things you covet will happen to you eventually but maybe you will have to take a few unnecessary turns in between before you reach your final destination. Makes you appreciate the things you get in your life a tad more. My getting this dream job feels like such a situation. Because I tried my level best in the UAE to get my dream job, but I couldn't. When I changed my location, I ended up getting it -- and I wasn't really expecting it considering my previous success rate.

The butterflies are back because there's an anxiety that comes with starting all new things. This 'butterflies' bit is just temporary though and I'm thinking I will be able to get them out of me really soon! :D

Signing off for now. And remember, don't be afraid to dream. If it is meant to happen, it WILL happen :)


  1. Good luck Dhanya! :)

    And yes, a house can be a perfect goal. It is one of mine too. ;)

  2. "don't be afraid to dream. If it is meant to happen, it WILL happen" :) :) :) Truly believe in that.... All the best! Wish you lots of love and luck! :)


  3. Dream On.... All power to you :)

    Does this mean you're back in the good old homeland? And does the passion have something to do with writing???

    All the best... butterflies are always a good sign :)

  4. Congrats on the next big milestone after the wedding. Wishing you the best in everything.

    Joy always,

  5. All the best Dhanno :) for the job and for the savings :* Love

  6. Gr8!! All the best for ur job and may all ur dreams come true.

  7. Congrats :)

    Hope all your dreams come true.

  8. Congratulations Dhanya :D All the best..and am sure your dream of New apartment - "The Just Perfect" home sweet home will happen very very soon :)

  9. Heyyyy.. all the best..
    so good to hear this..

    i have exactly the same dream of having my own home :) not in home town though..

    Thanks for re-affirming the faith in dreams :) all the best with the new chapter of life.

  10. Congrats Dhanya :D. Gd luck for ur new job.So you have shifted back to India?.I guess everyone's dream is to have a house.Mine too :)..Keep your passion going and u will have ur dream house soon.

  11. Good luck and all the best

  12. Best of luck Dhanya, hope you get what all you looking for including that house in Kochi. Many people leaving Gulf these days for greener pastures back home

  13. Hi Dhanya...

    congratulations .. go for it..;)

  14. Mrutyunjay8:01 PM

    Excerpts yet again - "No matter how much you try to make things happen or try to pave your own path out - destiny might have its own plan for you and ultimately you have to change your course to where it takes you."

    .... Why is it that we fail despite having a clear heart and mind? Why is it that destiny decides for us? Why is it that no matter how strong we are we falter for things we try the most? We get desperate ... frustated ... tired of being strong. I dont accept the argument that a rejection or failure is God's or destiny way of telling - wrong direction. If at all you read this ever, please dont publish this.

    There are a lot of staunch followers to this blog and people who have a life that they want to and love to live. Unlike me who lives for a few loved ones. May be someday, when we meet, perhaps then ... I will tell you about it. Just dont approve this.


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