Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweet Moments

I always wanted to know how to make those cool slideshow picture videos which I keep seeing on YouTube. This time around I took it upon myself to learn this stuff and the result is my very first video! Creating it was far from easy coz I wanted certain pictures to come exactly at specific parts of the song. I doubt if anyone would notice except maybe those who pay attention to lyrics. For example, I wanted the pic of my cousin's son to be shown when the lyrics go "You've got the most unbelievable Blue eyes I've ever seen", coz yup you guessed it -- he has unbelievably cool Gray-Blue eyes! The video has been made with the Windows Movie Maker.

Talking about the song, it's Donna Lewis' 'I Love You Always Forever' remixed version. I have always been in love with this song but I'm now completely smitten by the remix. The electric guitar strumming is to die for!

Presenting the video -

That's all for now. Signing Off :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Vision, The Passion and The Butterflies Are Back

All of a sudden, Lady Luck decides to knock on my door and smile its pearly white smile at me. When it came to job opportunities, Lady Luck chose to ignore me especially in the UAE. The number of jobs I had applied to at that place is countless. And what happens when I apply to a few jobs in India -- I get accepted to most of them! Maybe my Lady Luck chose to reside at God's own country for the time being.

Anyway, the passion is back because I am employed in something which I believe I will be darn good at. The vision is back because I can feel that long-lost competitive spirit igniting within me again. I have plans in mind. I'm dreaming dreams once more. It is said that to achieve the most in life, you need to have a goal in mind. What do you want in life? What are you aiming for? For me that one goal is - a house. Yes, it is quite materialistic, but that's exactly what I am saving my money for. My ultimate dream is to get a house in the heart of Kochi. It is funny how whenever I think of my savings, my mind goes in that very direction. A house which isn't too big like a mansion, but isn't too small either -- just perfect. I mean even an apartment would do, but like I said it simply has to look perfect for me. Isn't that every girl's dream? To have a house of their own in their homeland? Hopefully soon...

It is great to be back in the corporate world again doing something I am entirely passionate about. Is it weird to feel that this is the very opportunity that I have been waiting for? And how it came to me out of the blue is something which surprises me even at this moment when I think of it. Like I said, good things happen to you when they are meant to happen. No matter how much you try to make things happen or try to pave your own path out - destiny might have its own plan for you and ultimately you have to change your course to where it takes you. If it's really meant to happen, the things you covet will happen to you eventually but maybe you will have to take a few unnecessary turns in between before you reach your final destination. Makes you appreciate the things you get in your life a tad more. My getting this dream job feels like such a situation. Because I tried my level best in the UAE to get my dream job, but I couldn't. When I changed my location, I ended up getting it -- and I wasn't really expecting it considering my previous success rate.

The butterflies are back because there's an anxiety that comes with starting all new things. This 'butterflies' bit is just temporary though and I'm thinking I will be able to get them out of me really soon! :D

Signing off for now. And remember, don't be afraid to dream. If it is meant to happen, it WILL happen :)

Monday, July 04, 2011

Best Indian Short Films For People Who Are Bored Of All The Masala!

I have to thank Sandeep for this. If I had not seen the "Mittai Veedu" video posted on his Facebook profile, I would have never ever come across these set of interesting short films by Balaji and some other talented directors whose videos deserve a larger audience than the one available on YouTube. These films are truly worth your time. If you are someone like me who has had enough of meaningless masala, commercial films with little depth and variety, you MUST check out the following videos. Most of them are in Tamil but these videos have English subtitles to help you out. If you are not able to see the translation, click on 'cc' at the bottom right of the video. The subtitles are a savior for me because my understanding of Tamil is somewhat limited. Which brings me to a question which is totally out of context -- am I the only Mallu who sucks at Tamil? As contrary to popular notion, all mallus do not walk, talk or speak Tamil. Some of us (yours truly included) know next to nothing about Tamil. And FYI, Mallus and Tamilians are totally different and are NOT the same. I have lost count of the number of people dismissing mallus off with a wave of their hand saying "Tamilian or Mallu. Whatever. Same only no?". NO! Not same only. Fools. Dammit. Ok. Must-Stay-Calm. Let's get down to business, shall we? :D

1. The Dream Symphony

With a little bit of kindness and a lot of love you can change a person to whichever way you want him/her to be. In this short film, you will see how an old man dreams of hearing his grand-daughter sing his favorite symphony. But when she comes back from abroad, things are not like how he had expected them to be. My personal favorite.

2. Mittai Veedu (Sweet Home)

The next video is the sweetest ever. It talks about a prospective daughter-in-law and mother-in-law meeting for the first time and the various apprehensions they face before and during their first meeting. The girlfriend is dead-scared that the guy's mom will consider her as a threat and the guy's mom is scared whether the future daughter-in-law will snatch away her son from her. However, all's well that ends well. Cute, funny and true to life. I can't share "Mittaai Veedu" with English subtitles here because there's no embedding code available for this particular video. You can watch the video here.

3. How To Mess Up In Love

This is what college love is all about...

4. Arranged Marriage

Most of you might be familiar with the next video. This one went viral on all popular social networking sites. I wouldn't even dream of asking some of the questions that this female asked to the guy (she seems SO snooty, I'm actually surprised the guy agreed to marry her) but I believe that such a time isn't far when almost everyone would ask such queries instead of the typical questions two strangers generally ask each other in their supposed first "arranged" meeting. In my aunt's own words - "Soon prospects will start asking each other their sexual preferences in their very first meeting itself!"

P.S - If you have the time, don't forget to check out my article on the Viewspaper here. I'm thrilled by the response it got. 74 people have shared it so far! :) :) The Viewspaper is a leading online magazine recognised as India's youth voice by channels like NDTV, ET Now, IMF and Mint.