Monday, June 13, 2011

Continental Breakfast Gone Wrong

When you visit a star hotel and you see "continental breakfast" on the menu card, most often than not you expect something like this -

Agreed that continental breakfasts are not so heavy, but in a typical one you will see at least one non-veg item -- eggs, salami, bacon or sausage. But instead you just get this -

When I saw this plate, I was wondering where the rest of my breakfast is. I waited for full five minutes thinking that soon enough they will bring the rest of the items, but alas the food never came! My relatives had already started digging into their appams and veg stew. They looked at my plate and gave me a sympathetic look. "Always order South Indian food at South Indian restaurants" is their motto. Alas, the last thing I want to eat from outside are food items which I keep eating regularly at home. At least eat something different when you go outside, no?

Mom (grinning after seeing my plate) - "You mean, this is continental food? From which continent exactly -- one that is deprived of food? :D"

Needless to say I was highly unsatisfied with the end product so ordered a plate of scrambled eggs to go along with my "continental breakfast". The Indianized version of scrambled eggs involves the use of turmeric powder, onions, tomatoes, green chillies and what not. The scrambled eggs that I ordered came plain, and needless to say my relatives weren't impressed with them either.

"Such a dull color. They haven't even put turmeric!"

"No onions? So plain looking. No chillies and tomotoes either. Not colorful like how we make."

Now I wouldn't want them complaining about my scrambled eggs either so I mouthed a spoonful and said, "But I prefer them this way!". My mom nowadays doesn't think twice before smirking at me - "Today I have made special continental breakfast for you".

Moral of story? Where there's a continental breakfast, there might not always be taste-bud tickling items. Next time, I will just order appam and stew. Hmmph.