Thursday, May 05, 2011

Things Not To Say When A Person Is Sick

What not to say to a person with a cyst (malign OR benign) -

A : Wassup?

Me : I'm so cranky... I feel drugged ! Stupid antibiotics !

A : Why antibiotics?

Me : Cyst na...

A : CYST !!! :O You're dying ? :O :D


Me - .... So you see it's like I wake up with my shirt wet with blood and pus (yes, cysts can be gross) and it's so disgusting and annoying you know...

G - Yeah totally man! I understand your situation! It's like you wake up n you go - "Wow so much ketchup n mayo man !" Yeah totally I understand your situation !


Now look at Y instead. Whenever he sees a slight change in my expression he tilts his head and looks at me with compassionate eyes. Now why can't all guys be so caring? But of course, my little Y is only 1 year old. The other two are grown ups.

Moral of the story - Kids at times are more understanding and mature than adults. Period.


  1. Wish you a speedy recovery! Takecare!

  2. :)
    get well soon dhanno.

  3. In my defense I was just trying to add a bit of humor to the situation :\ well of course... so it backfired... sorry :D

  4. Mrutyunjay1:58 AM

    Kya hua tha? I hope you are doing well now.


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