Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gandi Or Gundi?

My NRI cousin resides in Australia. Her 17 year old son was mostly brought up there and it comes as no surprise when he gets all aghast when we mention that arranged marriages are still very much common in India. "But what about love?" - he asks. "That will all come slowly slowly. First find a nice, decent Indian girl/boy then rest all follows" - the aunties advise. In fact, whenever he lands in Kerala all the elderly people gang up against him and try their level best to make him understand our culture.

"Don't fall in love with someone out of our religion and caste. What will society think?"

"Don't marry firangis and all! They won't look after you."

"Arranged marriage is best because a parent knows what is best for their child!"

....etc. etc. You get the drift!

From what I know about this 17 year old boy, I don't think he will be able to adjust to the stereoptype that these aunties think are right for any Keralite boy. He has grown up outside, has modern views, has totally different interests (I don't understand a word of what he puts up as his Facebook SM), openly drinks in front of adults, doesn't know Malayalam or Hindi all that well and speaks mostly English at home. How well do you think such a person will be able to adjust to a girl who has been brought up in a village? But but but... Keralite aunties think otherwise!

Anyway, my 17 year old relative (let's call him N), is apparently the only Indian in his group of besties. He takes it upon himself to educate his Australian friends about India and to correct them whenever they make a mistake about any matter related to the place. I was as usual browsing through my Facebook news feed when I came across this -

Australian Friend (AF) - I'm bored of playing XBox !
N - Then get a PS3!
AF - Haha.. you are so smart dude... just like gundi!
N - Hahaha Gundi?
AF - Yeah, Gundi is smart no?
N - Dude! It's Gandi not Gundi!

It took me a while to realise that they were talking about Gandhi. I preferred not to butt in -- wanted N to enjoy his moment of pride when he corrected his friend's mistake. :)


  1. oh mannn!!

    liked the characters!! kerala aunties n "N". :)

    lovelee post :)

  2. hahahaha with all due respects to Gandhiji, I jst cldn't control my laughter after having read this post abt ur nephew
    (btw, gandi in my mother tongue is a slang, meaning bum/butt (d rear part) :D

  3. Anonymous4:17 AM

    LOL you made me smile :)

  4. OMG !!
    That is hilarioussssss :) :)

  5. **Rolling on the floor laughing**
    So funny!!

  6. ur articles should be published in TOI Sunday coloumns like pot pouri...or soul curry... they are so so cute, so so funny, so so realistic(the one's that all can read, cherish and associate)... I congratulate u for the consistency in which u make others smile :)
    god bless u Dhanu. Ur a true rockstar

  7. Mrutyunjay1:54 AM

    Sun and Moon did give away a glimpse of that Mother that resides in every women. But this one was a lot closer to that "Her" in you.

    17 year old lad might be close to you ... but that little understanding that let he be the one to make corrections ... You really want him to grow his wings his way ... Dont you!?

    Once again .. My comments to me look a little different from the ones posted. You might want to have 2nd thoughts about ... Please do. Rather tone them down or not publish at all. I just spoke what I read between the lines a little more than within to perhaps what was written.


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