Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Dark Side Of The Critical Virgo

Virgo is the only astrological sign represented by a woman. This woman is considered as someone creative, delicate and intelligent but also possessing spinsterish qualities like being a strict disciplinarian with a squeamish need to be prim and proper all the time. I'm a Virgo and at times it makes me think if a Virgo can get well with anyone else other than a Virgo. We can be really harsh (see I am ready to acknowledge even the negative traits of my astrological sign) but practical and straightforward. We are also meticulous and expect everyone around us to give attention to the minute details in life like how we do. If they don't, we feel annoyed!

At times Virgos feel that no one can work as hard as they do when it comes to anything. The one thing I learnt over the past month is that I cannot delegate my task to anyone! Take for example, my work online. I had a truckload of stuff to do last month and there came a point when I felt I needed to get some help. I asked for some assistance, I got it, but I wasn't satisfied. I'm a sort of person who makes it a point to do more than what she promises. Action speaks louder than words for me. I cannot rest in peace until I get my tasks done. Tasks with a deadline of two weeks will be completed in a week. Tasks with a deadline of one week will be completed in a day. It's a very strenuous way of working but I cannot function in any other way. After a trial period of "helpers", I decided it would be best if I continued doing the work myself. This is not exactly a good quality. In order to achieve perfect results in any business, (and to achieve a peace of mind) you need to delegate your tasks! But I'm a Virgo. You can't blame me. I seriously wonder if there's any Virgo businessman out there who gladly delegates his works to others, relaxing in peace whilst his employees churned out "average" stuff. If I knew any better, they all might be chewing their nails off wondering if their workers are keeping their strict instructions in mind. If you see a frustrated, angry Virgo now you know why. Virgos do not make good leaders because they tend to worry a lot and hate things which are uncertain (which is what business is all about).

Another annoying habit of a Virgo is his/her need to be perfect all the time. Rest assured, by the end of this post - I must have checked and re-checked the whole post for spelling mistakes or unwanted white space. If you have noticed, all my posts are aligned to "justify full" -- because I don't like the "disorderliness" of other alignments. Because of this need to be perfect, we tend to waste a LOT of time. Everyday chores like cooking, cleaning, washing leave us dead tired by the end of the day because when we cook we try to make it as perfect as possible, when we clean we try to scrub and scrub till that tiny little (almost invisible) speck of dirt gets out, when we wash we get annoyed when a shirt does not get sparkly clean -- and then we end up repeating the whole thing until we are satisfied. Not good? I'm a typical Virgo after all. This is the time when someone should calm us down and say "You are not perfect but it's OKAY! You are human!"

Virgos are known for their critical and harsh behavior. But not many people know that they are very harsh to themselves too! I remember the number of times I have told myself - "Damn! You could have done better!" or "Maybe there's something wrong with me!". But rest assured, the only person who can get me down is ME. Since Virgos are so hard on themselves, we don't take kindly to crictism. I mean, hellloooo we are so harsh on ourselves already, now all we need is other people to be mean to us?

It takes a lot of courage to write down all your negative traits. Did you know that writing down and scrutinizing your own mistakes can make you understand yourself in a better way? I mean, it's so very easy to ignore our own shortcomings and focus on someone else's mistake -- anyone can do that! But I guess true courage is when you are aware of your own weaknesses and you are able to blurt them out understanding that no person is perfect and that you, like everyone else, have your own traits you are not proud of.

I'm a Virgo to the core and I'm aware of my weaknesses and shortcomings.

It's your turn now! Are you true to your astrological sign? And.. are you brave enough to confront your own shortcomings?


  1. Anonymous9:01 PM

    This was interesting! Triggers my will to write how I stand up to my cusp signs...None of us are perfect, but how we stand up to them is truly appreciable..Nice one!

  2. Thumbs up for this post from a fellow-Virgoan who exhibits ALL the traits you have described above! :-D

    This could very well have been about me too - the difficulty in delegating work, perfection paralysis, "justify full", critical nature, cleaning... EVERYTHING!

  3. i am a virgo too.. i have so many shortcomings :( and positives too :) which i like in and proud of myself :P n yeah.. i should have done more better is always i feel too..

  4. So true, every sign and every person has some negative traits. I am Piscean and I can get moody and depressed at odd times. Its very difficult to understand a Piscean :)

  5. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I am a piscean and stand true to most of the characteristics that are apparently exhibited by most pisceans! We're not the most perfect of the zodiacs but will defend ourselves to the end if need be :)

  6. I am not a Virgo but I do share the fetish for being perfect and I also believe that I cannot delegate my work to anyone else.

    I am a Libran and seem to possess all the Libran characteristics as well but I do share your trait of being a stickler for perfection.

    My sign and personality have many shortcomings. There is no positive without the negative and hence I revel in my shortcomings as well. I am so perfect that I don't want to spoil the harmony of the positive and negative and hence make no amends at correcting my negatives ;)

    Joy always,

  7. Learnt a lot of Virgos through this post!!
    I'm an Arien...a true blooded Arien!! we are egoistic, arrogant, funny, always want to be the first in everything....i'm so true to my astrological sign...and i love being an Arien....yes we have our shortcomings and i admit it... :D

  8. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Please avoid the burn-out. Your efficiency is mind boggling but exhaustion can take its toll too. Superstar Rajnikanth was extremely hard working during his initial years and he churned out the maximum number of movies.

    Unfortunately the super stardom was so overwhelming that he took to cigarettes and alcohol. People believed he was mad and his career had collapsed but the comeback was even greater with the controlled release of potential.

    You might want to delegate when you become very big like that in the business world :) Sometimes the art of delegation is the key to success!

  9. I am a VIRGO TOO!!! and i can so identify with this one!!! :)

    wonderful read and very aptly put! :) - my new hideout! :)

  10. Thank God other Virgos too identified with this post! :D Thanks guys :)

  11. Being a Virgoan myself, I can relate so well to this post.Be it about delegating work or cleanliness. So many OCDs - Need for perfectly alignment or an untidy bed leaves me feeling so cluttered (sometimes I just transfer items from the bed onto the table to clear up !?!?!) :)
    PS: Love the new look & absolutely adore the coffee mugs.

  12. I am a Virgo and all these "qualities" match me to T

  13. ok I have a very naive knowledge of anything related to sun signs and a very very personal absence of faith in it... yet reading the post was fun. :) I am capricorn, I mean was capricorn...cos I have heard,some new sun signs being included and some change of dates etc have taken place :)
    *hides behind the curtain*
    post was kinda cute, more or less like a diary entry :) helped me know u a little more... I cogratulate u on ur deadline prior work finishing traits, :) such people are called go getters :) and they are considered awesome cos of their apetite for work :)
    and yes writing about ur shortcomings and thinking over them,helps u know urself more...and then u can proceed next step :) ie. correction for things u wish to change
    all the best
    tc dhanu!
    god bless

  14. I'm a Virgo too, and a proud one at that. :) And I don't handle criticism very well, because virgoes already know what their shortcomings are. We don't need to hear it from anyone else!
    Hi-faive from a fellow weirdo-virgo! ;)

  15. Have to disagree with u here...I have a virgo daughter & she delegates all her work to me;-/.

    Nice post btw:-))!!!!

  16. I too VIRGO!!! umm.. Very often I am unsure of the things I have done.. till it certified by others.

    I too commit my mistakes.

    Its really interesting to read your article.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Mrutyunjay3:41 PM

    Excerpts from the article above - "But I'm a Virgo. You can't blame me. I seriously wonder if there's any Virgo businessman out there who gladly delegates his works to others, relaxing in peace whilst his employees churned out "average" stuff."

    Well all I can say (& that too from I have infered till now) is that You are a sweet person & You need not be perfect everytime. Rather who knows what is perfect. Isnt it perception what drives almost everything under the Sun?? So why trouble yourself so much !!?? Remember Ideal Gas Equation in Chemistry classes during school days ?? They exist only in theory.

    So smile more & freak less.

  18. Lol! am a Virgo too, infuriating as they come! Very critical of myself and demanding on myself too!And I feel that Linda Goodman was esp. harsh while describing this sign, which is why I don't like her books!

  19. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Sad but it's true. I dared to tell my boss off from China. She think she is prefect when she point out my mistake I told her off. During appraisal I give her my resignation letter which the appraisal have not started yet. Call me a little devil I am. I am very critical to myself even people around me. As you grow older and experience with work we tend to get serious. When I stared down to my colleagues they get scared because I am serious when I am busy and it takes certain people to understand. And one more thing when virgo not the in the mood to joke do not try even joke with them.

  20. As a fellow virgo i know how we can be in our everyday life. Like for example there is never a day when i can wake without having too analyze the whole day through. But we are really shy,peaceful,and caring

  21. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Big ego! It's tough to live with a Virgo, but makes life interesting.

  22. Last time I opened up I got made fun of by people I thought was my friends and by people in my family
    And yes I am a Virgo

  23. This is so me. It's nice to know that someone out there shares the same burden with me (ofc, she's a virgo) and yeah.. I can pretty much say that it did hit me through the bones and heart.

  24. Virgo people. heya!

  25. It is true that we Virgos need to face reality and stop going for perfection in almost everything we do.

    Nonetheless, I couldn't be more proud to be Virgo!


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