Sunday, May 01, 2011

Almost Back!

Well.. I read a couple of my favorite blogs recently which forced me to come out of hibernation. That need to blog again -- if you are an ardent blogger, you would know the feeling! But I felt if I were to blog now, I wouldn't have anything interesting to say other than how irritating my Cyst has become or how cranky the antibiotics make me feel nowadays. Yup, I have bored the death out of few people already talking about the lump and the drug -- but that's just how "happening" my life is at the moment. So instead of indulging in self-pity, I decided to spice up my blog a lil. It has been bland for a long time now, hence I decided to go Red! Like it? No? Go away! :(

I removed some widgets too, and ummm... "awards" which were taking too much space on my blog. If you are someone who had gifted me one of those awards -- I will definitely return them back to you once I figured out just where they are now ! *Looks at you guilt-ily*

Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. welcome back!! :)

  2. Love the new layout...and yess..missed you here as well as on your marketing blog...

    Also get well soon....

  3. looks neat! but scrolling down, some how the widgets looks foreign! take the "feed my fishes" and "other scriblers" if you could let them go.for tweets and feed, you could use text links like the one under pages. just a suggestion :)

  4. Hey Dhanno, welcome back,its been sme time since saw u active and yz :) liked ur new template and hope that u r fine... take care

  5. Hi Dhanya, nice to see you back, after a long time..

    I was remembering you and your post on your married life sometime back, while doing a post for my blog on marriage.

    Good template..:)

    Welcome back and keep posting dear..

  6. Hey, Love the new look of ur blog.. and do keep posting :)

  7. Anonymous12:04 AM

    ooo like the new layout! Hope to read more soon :)

  8. @Sophia - I didn't know my e-marketing blog had readers!!! :O I haven't updated it in a longgggg time! I will try to update it as soon as I can :)

    @Anil - Thanks for the suggestion dear :) I love those fishies too much to let em go. I did contemplate on whether or not to remove them. Let's see...

    Thanks everyone for welcoming me back.. and for liking the template *good u did, else u would have seen the bloody mirchi RED side of me* kekekeke :D

  9. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Suddenly power of the supreme goddess has seemed to awaken in you. Thinking it is expressing itself through the color red.

    It is good to have 'self-pity' sometimes though not always. Let the dark sea flood through and you will emerge on the other side like 'Manasarovar' kind of purity.

    You always had a great blog regardless of transitioning looks. Keep up the good work :)

  10. hey! like the new layout... coming back to blogging after a loooooong time . kinda feels awkward... maybe i need to change my layout too! :-)

  11. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Welcome back, we have been missing your posts..Get well real soon..Hugs to you..

  12. Get (total) well soon :) I like the header that says DV :)


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