Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jab We Met!

Yeah I know it's coming a wee bit late -- but still -- A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my blog readers !!! :) I can't believe this is my sixth year into blogging and though not as frequent as before, I itch to blog after every few other weeks. So no matter how busy I am, I always look forward to adding another page into my personal online diary. Why? Just so that I can run through the pages several years from now and fondly reminisce about everything wonderful and not-so-wonderful that happened to me over the years. Something priceless -- you've to agree.

2011 didn't start on a great note for R and I -- coz we both got sick and bedridden for a week or so. And then there were some things which we expected, but didn't quite work out the way we wanted. On a good note, my e-marketing payment is at a whole-time high this month. Last month around, I sold off $1000 worth of Amazon products. Coolness no? I'm sure it has something to do with the holiday season -- but the bout of success is something I'm enjoying thoroughly at the moment. Apart from that, I felt for the first time in my life - a minor earthquake. It was so minor, I'm sure hardly anyone would have noticed it. But it was an 'earthquake' after all. I mistook the tremor for a 'strong wind' when the windows trembled for a few seconds. Some others were complaining about how 2011 has been crappy so far for them. How's it going for you?

Anyway , this month has me celebrating one year of something very special (and thankfully, something not-crappy :D). I and R met on this very month last year. Haven't you read 'How I Met The Nair Boy' yet? How time flies! The difference being now I am more comfortable with him than I ever used to be. I mean, I can just walk around in my pyjamas wearing my spectacles, without combing my hair looking like crap -- and there he is, always ready to give me a quick hug and a kiss. Last year, he never got to see me looking like a witch. Nowadays he does. Aaah! The freedom of being married :D

I do not mean that the 1 year of us knowing each other has been all mushy mushy. Far from it actually! There had been loads of incidents when we literally wanted to shoot each other down if possible. The problem is we both are kids at heart who whine and cry if we don't get what we are seeking. But hopefully we'll both mature out of that one day! :)

Oh btw, the heart-shaped dosa is what I prepared few days back for him. Not bad for a first attempt no? :D


  1. Even 2011 started in a bad way for me, Last year I had sent a mail to you, didn't have a blog then, now I do its

    $1000 waw that's a big money. Congrats..

    fight is part of healthy marriage. Wish you all good luck in life..

  2. Congrats on completing an year of knowing each other!

    Keep it going!! All the best!

  3. I love the heart shaped dosa! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  4. I liked the ... "hopefully we will mature out of that one day" .. but is it not the opposite of what you want?

  5. Anonymous10:52 AM

    hey dhanya :)
    I am ur newest follower :)
    heart shaped dosa is cute, I wanna be happily married like u one day:)

  6. Hi Dhanya...

    Happy to see a post from you... makes me feel good at coming back and find some old bloggers still writing :)

    Happy New Year to you too mate...

    Hope you both feel better now... as for the other things... just try to do and enjoy things together and it will be fine :)

    Have a lovely year ahead :)


  7. WE felt the earthquake too. It was worse here in Karachi. Lasted a good five to ten mins. And got more intense towards the end.

    Anyhoo, great to see you and R are doing well. I just got married last month too, so will be joining "A" next week in Bahrain. Three cheers to the good married life. =)

  8. I missed out on ur posts for long :(
    But i love this one and i love the heart shape dosa :D

    1 yr itself is mushy :D glad u enjoying it ....and keep the kid always :)

    And happy new year sweets :)

  9. Its always fun to read such makes me believe in happily ever after! Hope i paint a similar picture post marriage.

  10. aww... heart shaped dosa!!
    How romantic :)
    Happy new year to both of u.. may this year which did not start off too well, bring great joys in life :)

  11. Anonymous5:57 PM

    To begin with, congrats on the 1st sure, more to come..more to cherish!

    I really like your blog, and its little fun! I enjoy reading them, so as keep blogging..

    The 'dosa' looks creative, but with a lot of love as its special ingredient..all the best and..prayers!

  12. Hi Dhanya
    congarts on the anniversary n the heart shaped dosa looks adorable...almost slurrpyyy:-)

    and now I need to go to read how you met the nair boy...
    stay in love n witches actually look cuter than bitches...
    so let's enjoy being them instead:-)

  13. feeling what an earthquake is like, with wide eye staring at 1000$ sale mark on wide screen of your display, stepping into shoes of a women from a girl's, being loved by one who would be with your forever, reminiscing about pages of your online diary, experiencing a new color in every shadow of time.........
    someone is surely LIVING every breath :)

    god bless u!
    stay healthy and wealthy :)

  14. WOW.. a heart shaped dosa??? Pretty creative... I guess we ll have to ask R if it tasted as good as it looks.. ;) Jus kidding.. I m sure it must have been delicious... Happy 'Got to meet each other' Anniversary :) Hope u guys have a great year... Have fun !!!

  15. 2010 was good for me. Got some good things after ages :D

    The dosa was creative ! Happy anniversary to you both ( anniversary of meeting each other :D )

  16. ah tats was a lovely post....wishing u n R lotsa happiness the coming year. heart shaped dosa....i am still struggling with the round shape :P

    BTW, my 2011 so far has been good too....nothing to complain of...fingers crossed.

    so am wondering what emarketing do you do eh...since i am into social media marketing currently, i am curious to know...fill me in.

  17. Hey.
    Dude I am in Karachi, The Earthquake was horrible here. Thank God there's no such damage, Its a miracle seriously.
    Anyways Have a happy life. I hope your 2011 brings a lot of happiness and cheerful moments in your life :) Love!

  18. Awww... love the he(arty) dosa ;)
    Reminds me of the heart shaped pizza i made for ma hubby...

    Since the worst has passed im hoping your year goes superbly well...

  19. i luvd the heart shaped dosa.. :)hpy new yr 2 u too n hpy yr ahead wit R :)

  20. You never cease to amaze me dhanno.. Happy anniversary.. :) huggzz :D


  21. How innovative of you! :)
    Heart shaped dosa n all, eh! Lovely.
    Oh! I distinctly remember the earthquake episode. I was so darn scared that night.
    And Sigh! how time flies.
    Happy 'first sight' anniversary..! =]

  22. Oh I thought thats a heart shaped Omlet u made for R. its always so good to read about u n R.

  23. Anonymous4:35 PM

    dear dhanya....this dosa that uve made its soooooo cute n romantic,but wat is a dosa,uve called it a dosa,i dont know wat it is but i liked it:)

    earth quake was scary shaky nd horrible here in karachi.
    happy married life:)
    do drop by my blog

  24. Why u wanna mature be? :P
    2011 is going great guns despite me still being unemployed n other crap....I sense this is gonna be a great year :) Plus, India will take home the world cup naa :D :D

    Cute dosa and ROFL @ Nidhi saying it looks like omlet *points at u
    and laughs* :D :D

    Cheers to u n jiju <3 :)

  25. Was the quake that strong in UAE? DIdn't feel much here

    Having an arranged marriage can be exciting, its fun knowing a stranger and then spending time totally with him/her

  26. Chuckle chuckle...umm..can kind of identify...ditto ditto :)
    BTW always enjoy reading your posts...they make interesting reads :)...its the first time i write to you ...

  27. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Aww so you just married. Am so happy you got to find love..I don't think arranged marriages workt that well nowadays, and everyone is going for love marriage. Yes every marriage sometimes has problems, but it's good and important to know that you need to work throught the problems to keep the marriage running strong..and always love love and loveeee away! :). Plan to have little running around soon..hope so!

  28. kinni cuuuute!! :)

  29. I agree to almost every point you said.. I guess I might scribble a husbands view point about marriage..
    as always it always good reading ur blog.. infact my friends too have started reading ur blog.. they might come up with queries too for sure..

    happy e-day anyways and advanced happy anivasary too.. god bless u both..

  30. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Really good post!


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