Monday, November 15, 2010

One Weird Combo!

One of the things that amuses me no end is the new food combinations my husband comes up with. Come to think of it, there's nothing weird really! He just likes having non-veg with everything including idli! Idli and chicken curry anyone? :-)

He finds my having yoghurt and 'thoran' with chappatis kind of odd. So I guess I have strange eating habits too.

Temme about your weird food combos! Maybe I can try 'em out when I'm bored of food and eating (yeah, that does happen sometimes!) ;)


  1. Girl chicken n idly is very famous in my non veg eating family ;)
    roti with curd n sugar
    rice with any curry n curd
    oats with pickle
    rice n sugar

  2. I dont find having curd with chapati weird in anyway! :P But yeah idli and chicken is weird for sure.

    Ok my weird combo is having bread with milkmaid on it, biscuit with a layer of jam or butter on it. :D

  3. HEy up there in kozhikkode meen curry is staple diet for breakfast!!

  4. well..have u tastes coke with ice cream..or upma with curd..:) that makes the yucky upma taste good!

  5. I think eating idlis with non-veg is pretty common in Tamil Nadu and so is eating yoghurt+thoran+rotis. All of us devise our own ways of combining different food items. My sister has to dip her biscuits in whatever she is drinking, be it hot water, green tea or even juice! Now that is way too odd for me. It is a bit yucky as well :)

    Enjoy your food and shock your taste-buds.

    Joy always,

  6. Idli and chicken curry? wow, thats totally new! You know what, even your cousin brother has weird food combos like these..have you heard of puttu and chicken curry?? if not, then try it!! well...i hated it though!:P

  7. I used to have idli and chicken curry... it's not that weird.... after all idlis are made of rice right =)

    And u haven't seen anything yet.... Amar used to have lunch like this... piece of cake, dal and rice, then a piece of fruit, then some veggie then another piece of cake or something... i used to think i married a madman but I've finally put it down to the Punjabi digestive system... It is not something to be under estimated...

    Thank god kuch sangat ka asar hua... we now leave the fruit and sweets out of the main meal... =)

  8. 1. Next time, mix the yoghurt and thoran together and have with chappatis. It will take away the 'sookha'ness if the thoran happens to be dry!

    2. Try idlis with 'theeyal'. Yummy! :)

    3. Bread with matar paneer.Delectable!

    4. Chappatis and jam spread.

    5. Mashed bananas filling inside bread slices.

    Does these sound weird enough? Well, I've tried each one of them and they aren't as weird as they sound. You may try them out! They are actually simple and quite tantalizing to the taste buds. There are more, will share when i remember 'em!! Happy eating!:D

  9. Idli and chicken curry is a great combo. Dosa (or Dosha to my mallu tongue) and chicken curry is super too! I will keep updating as and when I remember some!

  10. A bowl of shredded Bread, Yogurt and Honey! Sounds weird but tastes great :D

    PS - what is thoran?

  11. A bowl of shredded bread, yogurt and honey, sounds weird but tastes delicious!

    PS - what is thoran?

  12. bread and fried fish
    appam and chicken/mutton

    aalu bhujiya mixed with ketchup inside two slices of bread :P
    corn bread and just butter :P

    I know there are more :P cn't thnk of it nw ;)

  13. Apple + red chilly chutney
    Curd rice + Grapes & Banana
    Curd rice + Cadbury's gems
    Butter Naan + Sambar

  14. idli with chicken curry -me too me too.
    thoran with roti - me too me too.
    dosa with meen curry -game for it?
    dosa with beef ulathiyathe?

    ive even had roti with sambar [thnx to the sodexo couter at infosys, they dont give sabji for the roti, i have to use sambar given with rice] :O

  15. Ok, this one is very weird :
    I used to cut tomatoes in half and put ketcup and Bikaneri Bhujia Sev over it...used to call it "tomato bomb" hehehe...Don't try it! :D

  16. Hmmm.. thats lovely food habits...
    i hav lot of ppl experimenting with food... my best trial was garam gulab jamun with ice cream n hot paratha with hot jaggery syrup...

  17. No, infact weird combination are the IN thing.I too love Idly with chicken/fish curry. In fact Idly tastes better with non veg dishes.Idly with molagitta mathi(sardines) curry tastes awesome.

    these days restaurants serve you even masala dosas with chilli chicken-chilli paneer or manchurian stuffed inside.

    We make dry coconut chutney at home and mix it with olive oil for dosas. Tastes Great.

    Last friday, my wife and me tried Indian style Pasta( with shrimp and egss and masala) left over from previous night, stuffed inside a Dosa. It tasted great. We are thinking of patenting there is no such thing as weird combination.enjoy the taste and forget the rest...TC:)

  18. wow i like the cute aahe...

    my weird hostel, once we mixed the so called daal with the so called curd and mixed pickle in it....
    and it turned out to be tasty :D

  19. Curd with roti is common. :)

    I guess I have no weird combos. :(

  20. Try bread with pineapple.. yummy :)
    Btw, I love roti with curd and thoran.

  21. Idli+Aloo Matar curry - I packed it for my school once. A friend rolled her eyes and I scolded her. Now I laugh at it.

    Paratha + Ketchup - My cute lil' sis ate this when she was in kindergarten.She has a long list in fact :
    *Horlicks +coffee together--Beat that !
    *Maggi -just boiled- no tastemaker in it (Yuck !)
    And lots more...will add up as I recall.

  22. I love experimenting with food items, too. From replacing yogurt with Vanilla icecream, and what not. Too much inspiration, you may say.

    But honestly, ANYTHING with chicken curry is a great combination. :D

  23. Bhujiya and sauce is awesome and so is Wai wai and Rice.

  24. I totally support chicken with idili or in fact anything !!!

    Weird food combos include:
    1. ladoo and chutney
    2. Rava Upma and Kadla (awesome but)

    hmm yea these are what i can say from the top of my head ...

    let me know if you try any :D

  25. Reminds me of a movie scene where the hero has idly and beer :D... guess everyone has their own quirky combo. Mine -pappad and pickle, curd rice and jam[mixed fruit to be specific :)]

  26. roti + mango pulp ^_^ nt me.. my roomie does this :P

  27. well for me chicken goes with anything .. i am a SHUD NON VEGGIE :)

    roti, dosa, rice, bread anything my combinations are really funny :)


  28. i m starting to make a note of all this - i can hardly wait to try it all out!

  29. Keema Macroni try kari hai?

    its very easy to make....
    includes frying with beer :P

  30. not too much of a foodie me... :P
    the first wierd combo that ...I love and everyone around me fails to make sense to is...

    rice + lady fingers :)

    I love it... chawal bhindi.... have it all the time

    but its actually...chawal dal, chawal chola, chawal razma that are popular cuisines.... :P and never bhindi

  31. Anonymous11:51 PM

    From an experience, not mine, but someone i know

    Raw meat together with ignorant's aloofness...
    Beat that !!

    [okay the other person was hungry, and it was a foreign country]


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