Monday, November 01, 2010

It's a Wonderful Married Life Afterall!

I can't say it was easy at the start, but the good thing is now I'm getting used to the whole new routine. From being entirely dependent on others for my needs, now there's a person at home who is dependent on me for some of his needs. It was overwhelming to say the least at the beginning but now the whole routine has started to sink in just like I hoped it would.

What's Cooking?

My cooking experiments have been a success so far.. or maybe he's just damn good at lying! ;) I find cooking a lil more tiresome as compared to washing or cleaning and like Sumi experienced there were times I just wanted to tear my hair out coz dishing out a decent meal seemed to take so much of my time!

My dad never had much of an appetite so I was quite taken aback when everything I cooked (and which I had thought would last for the entire day) got devoured by my darling husband within a matter of minutes. I have clearly misunderstood a young(?) man's hunger. Yeah, at times I wished he had my dad's appetite :P

Another thing I found out is that you hardly feel like eating the stuff you cook! This makes me seem like a person who has been deprived of food for days at parties and get-togethers where you will see me stocking up food to last for an entire week or so till the next grand party. I researched and researched (not so much!) and apparently other housewives are facing the same problem. Needless to say, much relieved after finding out ;)

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Since I'm the youngest it goes without saying that I'm the most pampered in the family. I have the sweetest mom who keeps serving me something or the other every one hour or so. I have a dad who gets me anything that my heart desires. It's hard not to miss all that when you are away from your parents -- as a newly wed especially. But then that's how life is! I guess 95% of the time we miss our parents when we're away from home and there's very little we can do about it other than let them know that we're doing happy and well in our new little world.

I look forward to talking to them even if it's only for a few minutes or so. Mom always ends her conversation with 'You both are happy no?' and dad is his usual silent (but happy) self usually questioning me about what I cooked for the day etc etc. I make it a point to mail them at 9 PM sharp at night with all details so they don't have to miss out on a thing even if I'm not able to call them for a day or so.

Living-in With The Husband

We are both in the 'knowing each other more' phase right now. We fight, we get on each other's nerves (which is but natural since we're with each other most of the time) and then we make up. Then there were some discoveries -

I found out he sleep talks most of the nights.
I found out that it's more difficult to make him take his cough syrup on time whenever he's sick as opposed to a child.
I found out that he has a big heart. It was cute seeing him check my temperature every now and then when I was sick couple of days back.

This new life is different but I guess I wouldn't have it any other way! :)


  1. I feel so happy reading this! :)

  2. Awww...
    Yea, can kinda totally relate to most of d stuff n sometimes it makes me wonder how i got so lucky with my guy ;) i hav a few ppl who keep scolding their partner and it used to sooo scare me outta my wits... n im glad 'fights n gettin on each others nerves are normal' :D fighting n making up is the best follow up deal you'll ever get...
    Keep smiling gurl...
    n email me all your wedding pics if you can n dont mind ;)

  3. u could'nt have asked for anything better..:) :)

    happy diiwali..irst post wedding one aint it?

  4. This is such a cute post. Congratulations on the cooking experiments - it must be yummy if the husband devours the food in minutes!

  5. Live Long Live Happy...

  6. Its wonderful to read abt ur new life and the best part is that u dont seem to b cribbing abt the changes that have happened. Good to see u happy with R. :) God bless!

  7. Awwwww :)

    I think all men are like that! Babies when sick :P :D :)

    Awwww again :)


  8. Hi Dhanya

    As I was away from blogosphere, I missed your marriage. Congratulations, even though it's quite late to say so.

    Nice to see your happy post-marriage post. And trust me, after some time, cooking becomes so easy. I too took hell a lot of time to cook in the newly married days. :)

  9. Awww u make even the scared kinds wanting to get married...May God bless u always :)

  10. Now, If you think your life has changed, wait till you have a baby....your whole world would topple upside down i tell you.But its a great feeling which i cant tell you in words, how it feels to hold your baby.

    But, my GREATEST advice is that dont even think of a baby until about 3 years after. Dont let others decide when you want to have kids....especially parents who are in great hurry to see their grandchild.Have fun...go on vacations, enjoy the freedom etc....and once you have kids, nothing would be possible until the kid grows up.I say this from experience. We were about to go to Australia ona 9 day tour and there my wife announced that she was pregnant. TC:)

  11. Awwww that was such a cute post!!
    Update more!

  12. Hey, that was such a heart warming post... may you have a very happy life together always :)

  13. First of all, Nice to hear from you :)
    i am reading your blog since your premarriage days :)
    So, good to know you are enjoying and keeping us updated :)

  14. nice 2 hear this.. getting along with cooking n also R.. grt gng ;)

  15. swapna6:43 PM

    dhans, i miss dad and mom tooooo !!! but atleast happy that u are around !!!

  16. As long as you're happy and satisfied with everything I guess everything is hunky-dory. May God ensure your marital bliss even in the days to come. Congratulations on the tangy tuesday pick! :-)

  17. all emotional after reading this...especially the bit about the parents...I can so relate to that...but you lucky girl, have your sis here with you! so that should be a relief at least!
    and yes...I also agree on the part where you have mentioned about the cooking experiments, I usually hate eating what I cook...and ironically my husband also hates it at times..LOL!! :D
    anyways, great to know that you guys are having a good time "knowing each other"..! my love and prayers are always there with the both of you! :)

  18. that's so nice! keep discovering... stay happy and blissful! :-)

  19. Happy to see ur updates..I look almost every other day for ur post...
    You present it such a way words.. i jus love to read ur blog..
    hope u have fully recovered from fever.. enjoy to the fullest...

  20. Sweet! Happy for you Dhanya.. Nice to know you are doing great and enjoying every bit of your married life! *Touch wood*

  21. Cute post. I wish you both a blessed life :)

  22. same here buddy...just can't believe the apetite of men.

    and i'm so much longing to back to my home...

  23. You are learning it the hard way.. Its nice anyways right? All that I wrote on that mail coming true na?? touchwood.. :)

    God bless you Kuttyy.. :D


  24. awww...very sweet.. Had a smile throughout reading this post.. :)
    Glad to know that u have learnt to cook.. :D

  25. Aww... awesome :) god bless!

  26. congrats babe.....wishing u guys the best of everything. enjoy this phase of life....

  27. Sweet !

    P.S.: My mom too does not like to eat what she cooks. Even though she is the best-est cook ever.

  28. Love the way you share such lovely and private moments of your life in such a wonderful way. With each chapter of your life unfolding, your blog is like reading a story book.
    Love you Dhans :)

  29. if u keep posting stuff with so ambivalent narration and femina write up skills :) U would become the most loved female blogger of the era.... :P
    reading this...I have made it a point to forward link of your blog to so many of the "she" creatures I know, who would all, I am sure, will love your blog :)

    end notes -

    * parents are eternal, their love would never fade :) and the happier face u carry when u go back at home or talk to them on phone, the more happiness u would give them

    * cooking seemed a little tiresome to u? :D then I am sure... your husband's love for your cooked food would have given u spectacular fulfilment :) * effort successfully commenced :)

    * knowing your a journey.... a life time is not enough :) and its always good to keep a balance of logic and impulse :)
    the more u would know him, the happier your relation would be :)
    :) god bless

  30. its an absolute awwie!

    beautiful it is! :)


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