Saturday, October 09, 2010

Reunited... and Some Updates

So after a break of 2 months, R and I are back together again. No, this is not the 'we were on a break!' that Ross kept screaming about in FRIENDS. It's just the same ol' story of long distance relationships not being long distance anymore.

I'm in UAE now and I can hear loud Indian music blasting out from my neighbourhood. It's a mixture of North and South Indian music and boy does it feel good! Everything is in walking distance (as opposed to my place in Kerala where you had to travel for a good 20 minutes to get anything that you require). I love my new apartment which is spacious enough for the both of us. And even better? After nearly 1 and a half years of using a really lame net connection where I had to wait for 5 minutes for a picture to load properly, I'm finally getting to use super fast Internet where an entire video finishes loading within a minute or so. This to a person who literally lives online is pure bliss!

In the next phase of my life, you'll see me cooking. No one ever was dependent on my cooking skills before, but now apparently someone is. I still don't know much when it comes to dishing out stuff, but I hope to God that R doesn't end up getting food poisoned or something ;) R.. it's time for you to be my guinea pig :D