Sunday, September 05, 2010

Silly Conversations and Birthdays To Remember

Her - “What am I getting for my birthday?”

Him - “My prayers, well wishes and lots of love of course! What else do you need?? I am your gift this birthday! :D”

Her - “Whaaatttttttt ?!?”

Him - “We will celebrate together when you’re here in Dubai!” (I and R are geographically apart at the moment)

And then my heart went ‘pfffttttt’ like a deflated balloon. It was my first birthday after marriage and I really wanted it to be etched in my mind forever. I then thought maybe R doesn’t necessarily believe in the type of romance that I do. Yours truly, like any other girl likes to be pampered with gifts (not expensive ones mind you! Even a single rose or a handmade picture collage would do!) and I was slightly disappointed that R wasn’t showing any interest in my birthday.

His birthday was on the same month as mine (August) but at an earlier date. I love surprising the people I love and decided to send a gift to him in spite of the distance. I searched online for Dubai gift stores and ended up with a particularly good one. No one I knew had ever delivered a gift via an online store before, and I was really skeptical. If the entire thing turned out to be a scam, then it would be an effort down the drain! I decided to go for it anyway coz if he could get a gift this way, then it would be totally worth it, otherwise I could tell myself ‘I tried anyway’. I decided to send him a cake, card with balloons attached. Nothing big, but that’s the amount of balance I had in my PayPal account. I planned to deliver it to his sister’s place coz that’s where he was going to be on his birthday. Everything was arranged and the cake was ordered.

I called the very same Dubai online store people to confirm the delivery on R’s birthday and was devastated when I found out that no one was picking up the phone. The word ‘scam’ kept playing out loud in my head and I swore that I would never purchase a thing online after this. About an hour or two later, I got a call informing me that the cake has been delivered! The relief and joy I went through at that moment can’t be explained in words! Later on I got a call from a very touched and a hyper sounding R who wasn’t expecting any sort of surprises on his day. I absolutely loved the feeling it gave me…

It was after all this that Mr. Hubby told me lovingly that ‘We can celebrate your birthday together when we are in Dubai’. Though a small expectation was there that he would send over something (oh come on! I am a girl! I expect things! :P), I consoled myself thinking everyone need not have the same thoughts on love and romance.

R called me around 12:03 A.M.

Him : “Who was on the phone at 12 sharp ?????”

Me : “Madhuri! She called me up first.”

Him (clearly annoyed that he wasn’t the first to wish me) : “Whatttttt ??? Who told her to call you up first? I should have been first! My net phone card wasn’t working when I tried calling u at 12! So I had to run down and recharge my phone to call you. Anyway… being first or second doesn't matter….”

Me (smiling inside at his cute attempt of consoling himself) : “Yeah, numbers don’t matter. For me, you are only first!”

Even if I didn’t get any gifts, the phone calls at 12 on August 31st made my day for me. I mean, when I receive such love and care, there seems to be no need for gifts and formalities as such. I went to sleep with a happy smile on my face, and I was woken up early morning by my parents who gave me this –

… Flowers and a sweet card -- sent by R of course! :)


  1. Aww, R surely has some romantic sense :) I'm sure it have been the bestest presents you've ever got, no?

  2. Cho chweet :) was gifting 25 gifts for 25 days,for her 25th bday works actualy, remember sending a cake on my nephws 2nd bday,the shop in pune never picked the call,thought its gone but they sent it on risky but worth it.

  3. :) Happy Belated Birthday R....

    May such silly conversations continue forever... :D

  4. sweet. :) The pics prove how good u must have felt. God bless the 2 of you.

  5. happy bday !!! and sooo sweeeetttt of both of u !!!!!

  6. Happy Belated B'day! And that bouquet looks lovely, R did put a lot of thought into it afterall :)

  7. Awww... thats so sweet. It counts as one of the best Bday gifts till date na?

  8. woww.. so sweet!! belated bday wishes 2 both of u.. i wish my bday would have been like this.. :( ofcourse not gifts but wishes at 12 sharp.. even i like that.. :)

  9. That was a very lovely post...belated b'day wishes to u both!

  10. sweet..Guys arent that bad girl..:P

  11. cheesy.. truly made me smile.. god bless u both

  12. The thrill of getting an unexpected gift is something different.

  13. se, guys neva disappoint grls!! :P ofcourse if the expectation makes any logical sense :P

    happy birthday dhanno :)

  14. Awwww.... God bless mate...

    Glad you had a good time :)

    Have a lovely year ahead :)


  15. Happy Birthday D and R!!

  16. Bday surprises from loved ones.. nothing like tat... :) Happy belated bday

  17. Awwww.. bday surprises from loved ones.. nothing like tat.. happy belated bday..cheeseee

  18. What wonderful memories you're making. These things are gonna mke u smile years from now (Talking from experience).

    God bless.

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  20. heyy belated birthday wishes yaar..I always felt guys can't surprise galz..they are very bad at it..but ur R is nt bad ya :) start.m sure he will improve over the years with ur training :P ....

    have many more great birthdays with R dhanya…So now you are married , you have 2 come up with creative ideas for every birthday .haha time to be a creative wife : )

  21. Its my first b'day tomorrow that I am here in Gulf and I don't know what to do

  22. Awww so sweet.. :)
    The flowers look lovely.

    Btw Happy belated bday! :)

  23. hey..nice read

    Keep up the good work :)

    And of course Belated Happy b'day 2 both of u:)

  24. Aww so sweet :) Such a cute bdays :)

  25. awwwwwww <3 <3 so cute!!
    jiju rocks \m/
    yaar obviously he wud hv sent u something!! tu bhi na!!


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