Thursday, September 16, 2010

The God I Believe In…

… I rarely go to temples.

… I have an inner voice which answers most of the questions for me.

… I am a Hindu but I love churches, and Christmas makes me happy somehow. Would you judge me if I said I love Christmas more than any Hindu festival?

… I talk to God more than I actually ‘pray’. Mostly it’s like a conversation inside; a heart to heart talk. I yak – He listens. He gives advice – I listen.

The God I believe in…

… Has always given me what I deserve and what’s right for me even if it’s not exactly what I actually wanted.

… Has calmed me down whenever I cried my heart out.

… Has offered solutions to ALL my problems till now. I am not even exaggerating this.

The God I believe in…

… Made me realize that sitting home jobless for a year was not a bad thing after all even if it nearly drove me mad. If it was not for this break, I would have never found the one work that I am so in love with nowadays.

… Made me realize why the other relationships didn’t work out. The best is always saved for the last!

… Dumped me into situations which I didn’t really like at first but only made me become a better person as time went by.

I am judged because I don’t pray like how usual people do.

I am judged if I don’t visit the temple on my birthdays. Hence, I am sometimes termed as an atheist… which is far from the truth.

I am judged if I question ‘Staying away from temples just coz you’re menstruating doesn't make any sense. If God created us that way, why is it considered unclean and dirty?’

I am judged when I say I love the atmosphere in a church.

I am judged when I say ‘God is one’.

Call me mad, call me crazy...

... But why should I do what other people do, when I feel blessed and happy with the God I believe in anyway?


  1. Hi Dhanya,

    I have a simple funda about praying to god.I don't think God is as petty as humans who tend to think more flowers mean more blessings, or more time spent in front of an idol means more blessings. God doesn't give into favoritism like mortals.

    It matters a lot more if we are good and even if we pray once in a year, we do it with our heart.

    I won't call you mad, because God really is 'one'.Your post echoed many of my thoughts about God :))

    ps: I yak too :)

  2. There are few things people should never bother about:

    1. Other person's spouse
    2. Other person's God
    3. Other person's dressing

    If other people judge you... they don't some basic stuff. =) THWT! ;)

  3. completely agree with your thoughts,,

  4. Ur post is so opening and something faced by many
    But a question I have got is u chose ur way of faith just cos u feel comfortable

    For me u r in the wrong place if u just feel okay with urself.
    A man of faith must see the others as an entity along with him. but thts where we has become a one way relationship!

  5. If one can find GOD within oneself, where is the need to go to a place of worship. God bless you.

  6. I felt like you were writing about me. Though its a lil strange in my case - I tell my Mom, God and I have this love-hate relationship... Tum nahi samjhogi :P :)


  7. Hey ,

    I'm just a reader to your blog , came to it very accidently through my blog reading habbit and jumping from one blog to another..

    And this one is just so very true .. as if i'm reading about my own thoughts...

    Nicely written .. U have put all ur thoughts really nicely .. and the other blog posts in ur blog are just very much fun to read..

    Keep writing :) .. Cya

  8. the best is always saved for the last... i like tat.. :D

  9. being judged as atheist is good.. being a believer is almost stupid

  10. Anonymous3:31 PM

    hi Dhanya...
    its wonderful to know that someone else shares with me the same meaning of God and faith. I was beginning to wonder if i am the only one who feels that way. ..but it makes me feel even at more ease with my God then ever before.After all it is between God and Us and Nothing that others say can change that.


  11. Hey, I'm relatively new to this wonderful blog of yours. Landed here from Madhuries :D

    You know, I used to think only I used to talk to God.

    Like, before doing something , I used to ask him if its ok.
    I usually got negative answers, but then I manipulated those answers to suit myself.

    I still do it.

    Its funny when you know that something you are hell bent on doing is wrong, you never ask God. We never ask ourselves.

  12. I love love love the post!! :D I have questioned the mensuration rule so many times! NEVER has anyone been able to give me a satisfactory answer.

  13. Totally agree with what u hav said here dear.

  14. Beautiful post :)

  15. *Nods vehemently towards the end of the post*.
    Me also doesn't visit temples a lot ..only when i am forced to i go :| but hey god is omnipresent na? :O

    On top of that i dont get the point of chanting shlokas and all unless u know their meaning. :|

    I have my own way of praying too much like urs
    So hi 5 :D

  16. u r ryt.. god is one n evrywhr.. need nt go 2 temples or churches 2 get his blessings.. pour out ur feelings to him n ofcourse hez thr 2 take care of us.. u knw wht.. evn i luv churches lot.. dnt knw y.. n i visit atleast once in an yr.. :)

  17. Dear Dhanu,
    warm greetings to u, reading u after a very long time...had been out of the scene for quite some time now, been bit busy with some studies...
    Loved the new cover pic of the blog... hmmm... marital bliss! ooo! :)
    stay blessed both of you!


    now regarding the post... I relate to a lot of , whats being said here... I can assure u that...You are being heard, by all and some...and the one! :) ur an amazing human being, as I had said always... and it was refreshing to read a tender, non harsh,non bondage approach of divinity,
    take care!
    have a happy life hamesha!

    god bless!


  18. i am just like u..i never go to temples..u know? I even have these bet's and challenges with god...funny no??
    He is within us..:)

  19. When it comes to God I m like you.

  20. omg!! it felt a sif i was reading myself speak ..

    i totally agree on the menstruation thing and i always had the same logic as a child ..
    i am spiritual but not at all religious ... i absolutely love gurudwaras and the sikh culture .. though its a totally different religion ...
    somehow just cant make this religion difference !!

    absolutely loved reading it !!

  21. I felt like u were writing abt me :) i have this relationship with God where we converse and he understands :) .....even i have loved churches forever ....even though i practice once a while but in essence i am more like u and i love it :) and i agree to all ur points :)

  22. Best is saved 4 d lst....
    I lik dat...

  23. Hey Dhanno, its al abt praying, it doesnt really matter, whether we r in a temple or church or in our bedroom, all that matters is give soul while doing it..
    dont worry abt the world, they criticize for a minute, then they will get better things to worry for..

  24. Nice post...liked the last line a lot...
    mera same funda hai bhai >:D<

  25. Nice one ... Seem to agree on most counts :)

    nice blog btw

  26. okay.... done!
    I have a comment on this one already :)

  27. Anonymous12:54 AM

    One God, that's true.
    Most of us have notions of this truth. It takes time and effort, to correct this notion...

    And the turns this relation, between Him the Creator and us his creation, is interesting....

    And the depths and shallowness of communication, between Him the creator and us his creations, is truly personal!


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