Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dhanyamol Internet Service Destroys Google!

...or rather hopes to! =P

So apparently I can see people who appear invisible on gmail. I am blessed with a very 'useful' sixth sense... or a horrible net connection to be honest. Because of this very reason (the second one!), my chat list refuses to load completely and I see people appearing on my list like this -

If you notice the gray dots, only some friends appear on my offline list. Dhanya was flabbergasted when she first noticed this. Why the bloody hell is this happening, she wondered! After loads of thinking (well not so much) she finally had her 'Eureka' moment (thankfully not in the bathtub!)! She went ahead and pinged some supposedly 'offline' people at the moment to test her new findings, and these stupid people replied back!

This new finding resulted in a very very interesting chat session later on -

me: i know a trick how to catch invi ppl... but i dont use it nowadays
works only at places where u have a really horrible connection i guess :D
*evil laugh*

Anu: lol!

me: when i have a really horrible connection, my chat list doesnt completely load...
then i can see those people using invisibility cloak..
i think only i know this trick!
stupid google :D

Anu: lol
give this in paper
u get fame
u will be remembered forever
will come in text books.."dhanya destroyed google!"
new era

me: i will launch new search engine + mail service

Anu: yes

me: dhanyamol internet services

Anu: Dhanyamol Internet Services- "We Will not Work"

me: A chat service where you can chat with only dhanya :) :)

Anu: yes
how to block this service?

... so that's how ladies and gentlemen, the idea of 'Dhanyamol Internet Services' came along!

P.S : Remember. You heard it here first! :D

P.P.S : Yes, I go hyper and crazy at times. Bear with me.

P.P.P.S : If Google sees this -- I am just kidding! Me no create no Gmail competition!!! Don't ban me from using gmail pleez :(

P.P.P.P.S : Any one of you able to see invisible people on gtalk like this?

P.P.P.P.P.S : Simply.

P.P.P.P.P.P.S : Ok, you may leave now :D


  1. Not like this...but there are tricks to let you know if some individual is invi on gmail :D

    I've tried it a couple times :D

  2. Ohh... its not a cakewalk.
    But need the Pidgin software and Google Invisibility Scan Plugin for it...

    You see, everyones not blessed with screwed up connections :P

  3. Thank You for not pinging me, or you could have had another long conversation to post here! :p

  4. lol!! :D That was hilarious. Btw even i can see the invisible ppl on my list.

  5. D.I.S must be getting nervy

  6. i seriously didnt know about this !!!! Thanks .. now i am off to catch invisible guys !!

  7. Question: Why aren't you on my Gtalk list?

    Lazy sister.

  8. oo i see those too and on very super fast net connection! although i never knew the gray dots meant the ppl were invisible! haha

  9. nope..i havent got a clue..:(

  10. lol.. funny!! blessing in disguise!

  11. Yes gal there are ways :P just some tricks :P

  12. Ooooh I would love to be able to do that! But would be superfrustrated by the slow connection. Still, my nosy nature would definitely make the ability to see the invisibles worthwhile. I have used a trick in the past too...something like go off the record then try to chat with an invisible and if they are there it will 'go through' and if not, you will get that message that they are not online and will receive your chat later. Something like has been years...and it sounds like you have a more expert one to enlighten you.

    Haven't commented for a long time, but have to say, love your new profile pic (not the header for it takes away the photo of your super cute husband :D...ok, I do like it apart from puts me in a spring mood)

  13. okk...m i d ONLY one who cant see invisible short, m i d only NORMAL person here?
    dhanyamol internet services, recruit me, pleej!

  14. hehehe.. kool!! :D

  15. I have that software with me...


  16. Ditto.. I too have a horrible net connection at home and i came to know abt this 'catching ppl who claim to be invisible' juz a few months back.. :P i was stupid enuf to reply to a frnd who pinged me.. :D

    And therz one more funny thing.. Most of my frnds who have this super fast net connections do not have the invisible status in their drop downs.. Havnt been able to figure out why.. can Dhanyamol Internet Services help? :P

    Reading blogs after a really long time..PC was dead.. :( Today is his randaam jeevidam.. :P

  17. Ha ha.:)
    Welcome to my blog.

  18. P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S: Nice post !

    btw .. i'll give you a free tip: Just open a chat window with anyone online, click on the "add people for group chat button on the top", if they are invisible and yet there, you would know !

  19. I am toppling from the top and and actually at the top among the grey dots thats me no ?

    stupid google ! yeah Right !

  20. eeeeeeeee im feeding ur fishes after so long \:D/

    arre thats why when im on invi on gmail i ping u and tell, bhai im working, so invi, dont think im having cyber sex with a boy and ignoring u ;))

  21. How to find those people we can lodge a complaint to google..

  22. Omg.. I believe you already are phamous! I rarely am invisible, but when I am, someone or the other pings me.. So these days I stay 'visible' as I don;t want to embarass myself ;-P

  23. Back to your blog after a very long time. Happy to comment :)

    I too have horrible connection at home, next i'll check it.

  24. LOL...dhanyamol.. funny name.. and I guess you should be prepared before wrath of google fall on

    I stay red..busy with a status "not in room" .. people very rarely find courage after that to ping me :D

  25. Lol I have never noticed this!
    And yes I shall remember I heard it from you first :)

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  27. :D nothing better to have a smile on face then reading your chit chat posts :D
    they are infinitely cute and so LOLz , I keep giggling throughout the read :)


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