Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dhanyamol Internet Service Destroys Google!

...or rather hopes to! =P

So apparently I can see people who appear invisible on gmail. I am blessed with a very 'useful' sixth sense... or a horrible net connection to be honest. Because of this very reason (the second one!), my chat list refuses to load completely and I see people appearing on my list like this -

If you notice the gray dots, only some friends appear on my offline list. Dhanya was flabbergasted when she first noticed this. Why the bloody hell is this happening, she wondered! After loads of thinking (well not so much) she finally had her 'Eureka' moment (thankfully not in the bathtub!)! She went ahead and pinged some supposedly 'offline' people at the moment to test her new findings, and these stupid people replied back!

This new finding resulted in a very very interesting chat session later on -

me: i know a trick how to catch invi ppl... but i dont use it nowadays
works only at places where u have a really horrible connection i guess :D
*evil laugh*

Anu: lol!

me: when i have a really horrible connection, my chat list doesnt completely load...
then i can see those people using invisibility cloak..
i think only i know this trick!
stupid google :D

Anu: lol
give this in paper
u get fame
u will be remembered forever
will come in text books.."dhanya destroyed google!"
new era

me: i will launch new search engine + mail service

Anu: yes

me: dhanyamol internet services

Anu: Dhanyamol Internet Services- "We Will not Work"

me: A chat service where you can chat with only dhanya :) :)

Anu: yes
how to block this service?

... so that's how ladies and gentlemen, the idea of 'Dhanyamol Internet Services' came along!

P.S : Remember. You heard it here first! :D

P.P.S : Yes, I go hyper and crazy at times. Bear with me.

P.P.P.S : If Google sees this -- I am just kidding! Me no create no Gmail competition!!! Don't ban me from using gmail pleez :(

P.P.P.P.S : Any one of you able to see invisible people on gtalk like this?

P.P.P.P.P.S : Simply.

P.P.P.P.P.P.S : Ok, you may leave now :D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The God I Believe In…

… I rarely go to temples.

… I have an inner voice which answers most of the questions for me.

… I am a Hindu but I love churches, and Christmas makes me happy somehow. Would you judge me if I said I love Christmas more than any Hindu festival?

… I talk to God more than I actually ‘pray’. Mostly it’s like a conversation inside; a heart to heart talk. I yak – He listens. He gives advice – I listen.

The God I believe in…

… Has always given me what I deserve and what’s right for me even if it’s not exactly what I actually wanted.

… Has calmed me down whenever I cried my heart out.

… Has offered solutions to ALL my problems till now. I am not even exaggerating this.

The God I believe in…

… Made me realize that sitting home jobless for a year was not a bad thing after all even if it nearly drove me mad. If it was not for this break, I would have never found the one work that I am so in love with nowadays.

… Made me realize why the other relationships didn’t work out. The best is always saved for the last!

… Dumped me into situations which I didn’t really like at first but only made me become a better person as time went by.

I am judged because I don’t pray like how usual people do.

I am judged if I don’t visit the temple on my birthdays. Hence, I am sometimes termed as an atheist… which is far from the truth.

I am judged if I question ‘Staying away from temples just coz you’re menstruating doesn't make any sense. If God created us that way, why is it considered unclean and dirty?’

I am judged when I say I love the atmosphere in a church.

I am judged when I say ‘God is one’.

Call me mad, call me crazy...

... But why should I do what other people do, when I feel blessed and happy with the God I believe in anyway?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Silly Conversations and Birthdays To Remember

Her - “What am I getting for my birthday?”

Him - “My prayers, well wishes and lots of love of course! What else do you need?? I am your gift this birthday! :D”

Her - “Whaaatttttttt ?!?”

Him - “We will celebrate together when you’re here in Dubai!” (I and R are geographically apart at the moment)

And then my heart went ‘pfffttttt’ like a deflated balloon. It was my first birthday after marriage and I really wanted it to be etched in my mind forever. I then thought maybe R doesn’t necessarily believe in the type of romance that I do. Yours truly, like any other girl likes to be pampered with gifts (not expensive ones mind you! Even a single rose or a handmade picture collage would do!) and I was slightly disappointed that R wasn’t showing any interest in my birthday.

His birthday was on the same month as mine (August) but at an earlier date. I love surprising the people I love and decided to send a gift to him in spite of the distance. I searched online for Dubai gift stores and ended up with a particularly good one. No one I knew had ever delivered a gift via an online store before, and I was really skeptical. If the entire thing turned out to be a scam, then it would be an effort down the drain! I decided to go for it anyway coz if he could get a gift this way, then it would be totally worth it, otherwise I could tell myself ‘I tried anyway’. I decided to send him a cake, card with balloons attached. Nothing big, but that’s the amount of balance I had in my PayPal account. I planned to deliver it to his sister’s place coz that’s where he was going to be on his birthday. Everything was arranged and the cake was ordered.

I called the very same Dubai online store people to confirm the delivery on R’s birthday and was devastated when I found out that no one was picking up the phone. The word ‘scam’ kept playing out loud in my head and I swore that I would never purchase a thing online after this. About an hour or two later, I got a call informing me that the cake has been delivered! The relief and joy I went through at that moment can’t be explained in words! Later on I got a call from a very touched and a hyper sounding R who wasn’t expecting any sort of surprises on his day. I absolutely loved the feeling it gave me…

It was after all this that Mr. Hubby told me lovingly that ‘We can celebrate your birthday together when we are in Dubai’. Though a small expectation was there that he would send over something (oh come on! I am a girl! I expect things! :P), I consoled myself thinking everyone need not have the same thoughts on love and romance.

R called me around 12:03 A.M.

Him : “Who was on the phone at 12 sharp ?????”

Me : “Madhuri! She called me up first.”

Him (clearly annoyed that he wasn’t the first to wish me) : “Whatttttt ??? Who told her to call you up first? I should have been first! My net phone card wasn’t working when I tried calling u at 12! So I had to run down and recharge my phone to call you. Anyway… being first or second doesn't matter….”

Me (smiling inside at his cute attempt of consoling himself) : “Yeah, numbers don’t matter. For me, you are only first!”

Even if I didn’t get any gifts, the phone calls at 12 on August 31st made my day for me. I mean, when I receive such love and care, there seems to be no need for gifts and formalities as such. I went to sleep with a happy smile on my face, and I was woken up early morning by my parents who gave me this –

… Flowers and a sweet card -- sent by R of course! :)