Friday, August 06, 2010

Married and Loving It! I Mean That, Really!

Before marriage, people were scaring the shit out of me (pardon the language) by saying things like 'after marriage, all love goes out of the window'. Now with a proper 1 month experience, I would like to say it's all BS (again, please pardon the language). I know it's still very early to say such things but I know for sure that the affection and love for each other is surely growing. If you are a married guy and you think that R would have a different opinion about this, go ask him -- I was very much a bitch before marriage :D Not that I am any less notorious now, but yeah I am trying to be better....

I was more than surprised to see that my in-laws were a far cry from those shown in the movies. I expected a mother in law who would order me around to clean the entire house, cook breakfast/lunch/dinner, massage her legs, and crack dialogues like 'you are not taking care of my boy' from time to time. I expected a serious father in law who would hardly talk to me, sit reading the newspaper all day long and at times request for a cup of chai or coffee. Instead I get a ma in law who pampers me to the core and who sheds a few tears whenever I leave. I get a pa in law who gets me Dairy Milk every other day knowing it's my favorite chocolate, who strokes my hair whenever he passes by and who listens to everything I say with ardent interest. On top of that, my sister in law did everything she possibly could to make me feel at ease when I landed at the place. Blessed, really !

I cried the first time I left for my new home. A lot! This was a bad thing to do coz it just left everyone else sad including my otherwise very jovial bro in law. I was a bit teary eyed when I reached the place too but R comforted me immediately with a hug and a 'If you want, we can go back home tomorrow'. It's not something I would say yes to, but I felt much better after hearing that. The next couple of days were spent adjusting to the new place and I slowly started to gel in. The next time I left my place, I wasn't sad coz I was leaving but by thinking how lonely my parents would be. Like my dad keeps saying 'this is what life is all about...'. I somehow always get petrified thinking that I won't be able to spend much time with them from now on.

But then again, 'this is what life is all about'.


  1. Oh my sweet Dhanya chechi. :) :)
    You are finally married! Remember how I used to ask you from time to time during chats when you are getting married? :)
    You are indeed blessed and I will pray you remain so whole life.

    Love you so so much. Hugs and kisses. :)

  2. Welcome back. You're right Love doesn't go out the window but it does make place for more important things (and yes you will realize that there are more important things). But love does make a strong foundation so every time you wanna kill him just look back at this post. =)

  3. BTW I don't think the stereotypical in-laws exist anymore. I didn't get them either. =)

  4. Hey..Congratsssssss..:))

    You are looking pretty in the pic :) .. Your pic looks like the one we see in jewellery shop advertisement..:)

    You are indeed lucky to get such a nice husband & in laws..aren't u??.:))

    Hmmm..SO love grows after marriage??..will see after I get married..:) ..Have a happy married life ..Enjoy..:)

  5. So nice....and ur R looks very handsome...

    Wish you a very happy life!!!

  6. :)) Enjoy your new phase of life...

  7. wishing you loads n loads n more loads of love in your life!! :)
    let the happiness saga continue for ever :)
    enjoy every min of ur life :)

  8. // 'this is what life is all about'//


    Lovely and wonderful article. I wish you continue receiving your blessinga all thru ur life.

    All the best for you!

  9. :)) I am so happy for you Dhanya.. Now, give us another good news :P I need a company, you see ;)

  10. So good to knw tht u hav got gr8 in-laws. :) And yes marriage gets a bad name coz of the things ppl say about it....which is so not true. Totally depends on how you take it.

  11. Dhanya,

    all i can say is awwwwwwh....inna sweet sasural..heehee.

    ur dad in law gets u chocolates and mum in law drops a tear when you leave...

    u r so..lucky baby...keep smiling..nd keep enjoying married life...

    god bless you..

  12. Oh sweet god!! :) Ellam nallathinaanu.. :))

    So dun ya worry and I know my aliyan is a gentleman.. enne okke poley.. ;) And am sure he ll take care of you in full capacity..pinnentha?? :) And,dun u worry about ur parents U have rightly said,this is also a "phase"..

    Wishing you the best in life.. :)


  13. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Dhanya, I do not know if you watch Hindi TV serials - Have you heard of 'Sasural genda Phool'?? Indeed thats what life is all about!!

  14. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Have you heard of the Serial on Star Plus - ''Sasuraal Genda phool''...indeed thats what life is all about....leaving behind your parents' house and making a new beginning at in laws' place!

  15. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Have a vey happy married life both of you!

  16. awwwwwwwwwwww such a sweet post...congrats enjoying married life!...U look very beautiful in the pic...May god bless you both with lots of happiness...

    Have to wait n c if I will get such in-laws hehe...

    finally welcome back to blogging:D

  17. Congratulations to you !! God Bless you both !

  18. How sweet !

    Yeah,thats how life is !

  19. wow what a lovely post :) and such great parents in law :) ur blessed :)
    God bless u!

  20. hey congratsss.. n welcome bak.. waiting for ur posts..

  21. Dhanya,

    santoshamayittirukkunnathil valya santosham. ;-)

  22. :)

    as always brought a smile on my face.

    would've wished you good luck, but you dont need it :)

    keep writing :)

  23. :)

    Happy for you!! Wish you a long happy married life! :)

  24. wow dhanya :-) feeling so happy for you!!
    God bless you and R :-)
    Would love to hear more about your after life :-)
    Enjoy this new phase <3

  25. Nice to see you back...... :)
    Censorship implemented here?, thought it was out of bounds here :D

  26. Hey Dhanya...

    such a sweet post and every marrid, unmarried shall read this..

    esp the teenagers who worry abt the marriage shall go through this..

    its so nice that u r fne with atmosphere.

    Good wishes to you and your Mr.R..:)

    Take care gal

  27. U can make it girl. Life can be interesting or boring. its all in ur hand!! its ur life, isnt it?

  28. congratulations... i was looking forward to the after marriage post. very happy for you. have a blast. regards to R chettan. :)

  29. Omg Congrats!! You're married!!!!!
    and do in-laws like that really exist? You must be real lucky :) :)

  30. cute..u look good in that header picture...
    enjoy it..hope it lasts forever!

    NO, that was a sweet gesture only!!
    and awwwww @ the post. arre marriage rocks!! its so comforting knowing someone is there for u :D
    mujhe to shaadi karne ka full on shauk ho gaya hai, specially after yours \:D/
    love u dhanna...wishing you and my bestest jiju allllllllll the happiness and gayness in life =)

  32. Wat an awesome post... :) ek dum dil se.. Wish u a happy n peaceful married life..

  33. u look superb (referring to the header ) ...
    n ya u are truly blessed and i guess so are ur in laws !!
    cheers !!

  34. Hello,pretty woman *line marrofies like a shameless roadside romeo* :D

    Congratulations and wish you a very happy married life :D

    U look so nice in the header, Ekdum heroine maafik :D

  35. Was laughing real hard reading your take on in-laws.....beleive me people are never bad, only circumstances challenge them to act differently

    I am glad you are having fun time and enjoying your life in the In-laws house.
    and that your in laws are so sweet and nice people.
    God bless.

    wishing you a very happy married life :)

  37. The bride of the blogosphere is finally back! :)

  38. I want you to blog about the same say in 3-5yrs :)

    Very few people fall out of love, but there are a lot of other things that do creep up with time that can get irritating if not anything.

    After being married for years, I can surely say we are happier as married people, but still you will miss some things that you had when you were single.

  39. Dhanya, so...sooo Happy for u!!! Was thinking of u on and off wondering how everything went off:-)).
    Loved the post!!!! Made me all nostalgic:-))

    And not the least, lovely pictures!!!!

    Wishing U all the best!!!!!!


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