Saturday, June 05, 2010

You Bring Out The Best In Me

Ever had a feeling where you feel so grateful to a person that it almost chokes you but still can't express those words of gratitude openly or clearly as you want to? I go through those moments now and then when I feel so blessed to have someone like R enter my life.

I am a person who is not used to people telling me that they love me nor am I used to being the center of someone's universe. I feel very surprised now that someone actually can feel that way for me. R keeps all my pics on his iPhone and laptop and stares at them during work hours. His boss caught him once. My first reaction to this was 'huh?'. He THINKS all the guys are staring at me when we go out walking. He tells me I mean the world to him. To all this again I do a 'huh?'. I am not used to compliments and I still don't know how to react to them. He's a Leo and he's true to his sign - a energetic guy with a vibrant personality who finds it very easy to display his affection.

Yours truly on the other hand, has never gone to such extremes. I used to believe that as long as you feel it inside, you don't need to blurt it out. Maybe because I am used to being brought up in a family where you don't hug each other or say 'love you' every other day or so. 'It's all understood so why say it out loud?' is what I am used to.

I am learning how to open up because of him.

He's learning how to calm down because of me.

I correct him when he makes mistakes. I don't necessarily always take his side.

He corrects me when I make mistakes. He doesn't necessarily always take my side.

.. And we are both trying to make each other a better person than what we are at the moment.

The funny thing is months back, we would end up getting hyper pretty easily considering the difference in our personalities. Nowadays, we just seem to sense things out and try to calm each other down in a jiffy. We know what to say to each other and what not to say. We have reached that stage of silent communication where we know what the other is going to say even before saying it.

I am so glad we have reached this stage in our relationship, R. Like you said yesterday, we have changed... and it's for the better! :)


  1. Ah sweet. Good luck! God bless you both!

  2. R keeps all my pics on his iPhone and laptop and stares at them during work hours.

    Awww... Thats so so sweet!

  3. Awwwww bless you. All the be
    st girl god bless both of you happy to read this note

  4. lovely post..:)....superb pic dhanya....I love the way u write about life moments...they r wonderfully best wishes to u n R :) .....

  5. bahara bahara... hua dil pehli baar veyyy...........

    heart song frm movie i hate love story :)

  6. *touchwood* :)

    And I know how that feels, because someone is bringing out the best in me too! :)


  7. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Aww Sweetheart!! Keep Smiling and choking :P

    God bless you both!

    P.S. 27 Days more :D

  8. :'( a touching post :)

    im very happy for u dhans :D *hugs*

    like u , i also have been brought up the same way and dont respond to complements well. :P

  9. Aww such a cute pic! :)

    Am so glad for u both honey, god bless u both :)

  10. Awwwww so sweet! True love :)

  11. ur post abt R reminds me of my RD :">

  12. its so lovely to see this journey [read] this journey of u lovely guys ya..:)

  13. hey....its really great to read this particular blog! I am sooo glad too that u guys have reached this stage of your relationship so soon! God Bless you both and I truly wish you both a happy, prosperous and wonderful married life ahead! :)

  14. I am so happy to see couples around me blossom in love, somehow reminds me of my past yrs in love! :)

  15. Hehe.. no comments!..
    Oh yeah! - Congratz!

  16. a cute pic ! and God bless you both :)

  17. Dhanya, sweet pic. :) Good luck with all the preps this month. Enjoy every moment. Lovely post. Soon there will be moments when you complete each others sentences. And when you will think the exact same thing (which my husband thinks is scary.. ha ha)

  18. Awwwwzz, thats such a chocolatee post.

    Your R reminds me of me when i met my current( have no plans of having one more though) always go overboard, and women act as if nyan onnum arinjilye nama narayana.

    But tats the way it is and supposed to be. I have told my wife 2.2 billion times 'I love you', but she has till date,since 1997( the year jab we met) told me just 6 times. 5 times as if she had no other options left.and 1 time when i was seriously ill.

    Congrats, May you receive more I L U's than there are stars in the arabian desert sky. TC:)

  19. MashaALLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am sooooooo happy to hear you say this :D

    really really!

    and my blessings and prayers for you!


  20. sweet :) wish u all the happiness in the world

  21. Somehow reading your blog always brings a smile on my face. and whats your rashee? :P
    yes even I'm kinda 'if u feel it inside why show it outside types ... but, you guys make a really sweet couple. :-)

  22. Hi Dhanya:)

    First time around:)Me liked!
    Someone brings out the best in me too...this one made me happy:)!
    Thank You:)

  23. a very very sweet post.. its always delightful to read ur posts Dhanya.. Loved the way u ended it.. we have changed... and it's for the better! :)

    God bless u both..take care.. :)

  24. Noice.....very noice....God Bless!!!


  25. Somtime back i did a posting on the goodies of long courtships...seems to be a good idea

    Yea, having a beau wife/gf can be tense... cos wen u go for a walk everyone in the streets except u will be enjoyin the visual pleasure

  26. Ahh.. Touchwood... very touchy and beautiful post...
    its one of the most beautiful phase of the life.... :)
    God bless both of u... :)

  27. so sweet.. gud luck for both!! :)

  28. Its so good to be in love

  29. u say u dont express ur feelings too often but you did a great job here. i dunno but when see two people in love from a distance, this is the stuff no one can see, cuz thankfully, it can only be felt by those two souls. and it is great to know that you are getting to know of this awesome feeling for yourself!!!! (makes me want to have someone like that too..)

  30. Mrutyunjay5:02 AM



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