Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Last Post Before The Big Day !

... No, I am not going to commit suicide or anything. Sorry to disappoint you if you thought (and felt good about it) otherwise :D If you don't know what I am talking about, check out the new header you losers !!!!!

At this point, I am in a very weird state of mind where I can't believe that my marriage is up in a couple of weeks. Every morning I wake up and wonder if this is actually my life coz I always thought I would be single, unloved, with lots of pimples (irrelevant to post but I want everyone to know that I am having a clean and clear face at the moment in spite of having junk food continuously for the past one week or so), returning back from work to an empty apartment and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the rest of the day. Now that people was a vision I used to have of my own future. Very pathetic and depressing I know. It didn't seem so bad then but I am glad I have been proved wrong.

I have been completely busy in enjoying every moment of the pre-wedding preps. Here are some fun moments -

The Funny Bro-in-Law

The day we went for my wedding saree shopping, my bro-in-law was looking around to buy a saree for his mom.

Sales Woman : "Saar, you looking for a saree with stones ??"
Bro-in-law (grinning) : "Naah, no stones.. mom already has stones.. in her kidney.."

"Eat Eat My Child... How Thin You Are"

Aunty no.1 - "Dhanya, eat more... so thin you are... you won't look good in saree"

Dhanya goes into next room...

Aunty no.2 - "You have gained weight.. good very good... you will look good in saree now"

Aunty no.3 (looking at me from head to toe) - "No no.. she has not gained weight.. she has grown tall"

Any chance of people gaining height after they hit their mid twenties? Please say it's possible...

The Subconscious Sixth Sense

Do you know that I am a very good listener? I will listen to you even if you talk to me while I am asleep. No, really! People who talk in hushed tones about anything secretive thinking I am asleep should run for cover now. Coz I have this sixth sense that wakes me up whenever the discussion turns towards me or anything that is important to me. Cool no? :D My mom knows this and she actually talks to me, when I am sleeping, in a voice she would use for anyone who is awake - "Dhanya I am going out, do you want something?". Dhanya without opening her eyes then tells mom to buy 'chicken burger with fries' or 'fried rice' or 'biriyani'. Funny how I always tell her to get me food. No, I am not a glutton :(

Things I overheard when I was sleeping -

One aunt to another - "She's not actually so thin, no? Look... her butt is big"

One aunt to another - "I didn't like that jewelry oppol (my mom) got for Dhanya.. so old-fashioned and outdated...". The funny thing is hours later when my mom asked these aunties how the new jewelry looked, their reaction was - 'Wow! Too good oppol.. too good!'. Only if they knew, I knew... *evil laugh*

"Do You Know Malayalam?"

Because of my wedding preps, I end up meeting a lot of new people. I answer their numerous questions in Malayalam and after half an hour or so, they turn to my parents and ask them - 'Does Dhanya know Malayalam?'. In what language was I talking till then? Chinese? Somehow if you have been born and brought up outside your home country it is assumed that you don't know how to read or write your language properly.

...Or does my Malayalam sound like Chinese to strangers? :O

Stop Confusing Me!

Mom (to me) : "Nice hairstyle! Do your hair like this for your marriage okay?"

Mom (to me the very next day) : "Such a cute hairstyle. Yesterday's hairstyle was not nice. Do like this for your wedding, okay?"

Lesson learnt : If you ask for suggestions from my mom, you are bound to get confused.

My Mom Is So Jokey!

I was getting my eyebrows plucked at a beauty parlor and my mom was scanning the other people who were in the room. One girl was getting her hair straightened (the straightener was set to about 230 degrees C) and she was busy admiring herself in the mirror when -

Mom (to the beautician) - "Oh my god! Look at all that steam! Her hair is getting burnt!"

The girl looks horrified and the beautician spends 2-3 minutes convincing her that everything is a-okay! My mom then grins at me like a sly lil fox.

Mom (again to the same beautician) - "No wonder you have become dark. All that steam from the straightener has made you black. You people should get yourselves a mask or something. But then hot steam is good in a way. Even if you become dark, your skin will become clear. Btw, have you burnt any girl's hair with that thing ? (pointing to straightener)"

Me (deciding to join in) - "You think they will tell us even if they did?"

Girl looks shocked again and beautician doesn't know what to say whereas the rest of the people giggle. I doubt if they will ever let us enter that place again...

That's all folks!

Will see you all after marriage. I am on a month long vacation and I am going to miss 'My Own Little World' for sure.

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Adios till later next month!

Pray for R and D (that would be me :P)!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

You Bring Out The Best In Me

Ever had a feeling where you feel so grateful to a person that it almost chokes you but still can't express those words of gratitude openly or clearly as you want to? I go through those moments now and then when I feel so blessed to have someone like R enter my life.

I am a person who is not used to people telling me that they love me nor am I used to being the center of someone's universe. I feel very surprised now that someone actually can feel that way for me. R keeps all my pics on his iPhone and laptop and stares at them during work hours. His boss caught him once. My first reaction to this was 'huh?'. He THINKS all the guys are staring at me when we go out walking. He tells me I mean the world to him. To all this again I do a 'huh?'. I am not used to compliments and I still don't know how to react to them. He's a Leo and he's true to his sign - a energetic guy with a vibrant personality who finds it very easy to display his affection.

Yours truly on the other hand, has never gone to such extremes. I used to believe that as long as you feel it inside, you don't need to blurt it out. Maybe because I am used to being brought up in a family where you don't hug each other or say 'love you' every other day or so. 'It's all understood so why say it out loud?' is what I am used to.

I am learning how to open up because of him.

He's learning how to calm down because of me.

I correct him when he makes mistakes. I don't necessarily always take his side.

He corrects me when I make mistakes. He doesn't necessarily always take my side.

.. And we are both trying to make each other a better person than what we are at the moment.

The funny thing is months back, we would end up getting hyper pretty easily considering the difference in our personalities. Nowadays, we just seem to sense things out and try to calm each other down in a jiffy. We know what to say to each other and what not to say. We have reached that stage of silent communication where we know what the other is going to say even before saying it.

I am so glad we have reached this stage in our relationship, R. Like you said yesterday, we have changed... and it's for the better! :)