Saturday, May 29, 2010

Those Silly Butterflies...

R : "Did you start a countdown?"

Me : "Huh? For what?"

R : "For our wedding!"

Me : "Nopes, not really"

R : "Why?"

Me : "Too scared!"

R : "Yeah, same here!"

Me : "Why are you scared?"

R : "My freedom is soon coming to an end..."

Me : "Our"

R : "Huh?"

Me : "No more 'I' & 'me' now remember? So you have to say - OUR freedom is soon coming to an end! :P"

Different, aren't we ?

Usually, people start the countdown few months prior to their wedding. Though I am more than comfortable with my would-be, it feels kind of like leaving this world and going to a whole new planet altogether. A new set of people, a new life, a whole new beginning - how can one NOT get scared? I am sure like Sumi, on the day of my wedding, I would look completey dazed. :P

I remember these butterflies making their presence felt in my lil tummy before - usually when I was about to start something new!

Those Hostel Days

I have always been homely. Even at an age when kids were able to adjust without their mothers, I was desperately dependent on my mom.

Then came hostel and initially I was stuck with a very pathetic expression on my face which concerned the warden enough to ask me, 'Are you OK?'. But then on, I went on to love that very hostel. I liked the freedom, I liked looking after my own little space, I liked sneaking into my best friend's room even if we weren't allowed to step out of rooms after 11, I liked handling and taking care of my possessions -- it was a different experience from the usual protected life that I was used to and I quite liked it!

Those Work Days

I couldn't help smiling when I read this post of mine dated back to 2007 - Butterflies In My Stomach.

I was going to start my second job, and guess what? The lil butterflies troubled me so much back then, that I wished wholeheartedly that they would all die never to come back! Well, guess what again? They didn't die like I hoped they would...

.. Now, they are at it again!

I guess the butterflies are going to last for a longer time this time around, until I get used to the new life.


P.S : The wedding date is a little more than a month away from now...


  1. beautifully written.. i have always loved the way u pen down things which is happening around your life.. not many ppl have the guts to do it.. like me... congrats on yr new life.. i am sure good will give u all the pleasure on earth.

  2. Ah!! just a month !! enjoy your freedom :-)god bless..

  3. heyy dhans...I love the new pic on the blog...july 4th is very near ...:) enjoy the butterflies hehe...its a feeling words can't describe...

    I agree with the "US"..Very soon all your sentences going to be US instead of I... U+ME= HUM ..:)

    So happy for u..enjoy this last 1 month of freedom :P

  4. Liked the last line abt the "I" n "U"
    being "we"

    bt do remember dun lose ureself :P
    and let him nt lose himself too :)
    Individuality is something someone loved u keep it :P

    abt the marriage this one month and some dys wud pass away on facebook so soon :P

  5. hmmmmm happy for u :))

    butterflies in stomach shows the mix feelings of happy, excitement and fear...ain't it?

  6. hehe..

    But u know what?? a brand new phase of life awaits u monkey.. a life of togetherness,love,company and absolute bliss!! And R is one person who I think, fits the bill in all ways than anyone else.. :) Pinne njaanokke undallo!! pedikkanda!! :P

    Call me for free advice,sisteraayathukondu njan charge cheyilla.. :P :D


  7. Whoa! Time flies..doesnt it?

    It feels like yesterday when you announced your engagement, and the wedding is here already!

    Dont you worry about the butterflies, they will go away as soon as they realise that thr little Dhanno is in safe hands :)

  8. LOVE the header!

  9. So going to take the big step soon..

    Wish u all the luck and less butterflies..

    Keep us posted

  10. All the best ... I am srue you are going to love it and Have a FAB life .. as long as you both are together and its OURS and not He or me :)

    Hey invite to bheja nahin abhi tak :) he he heh

  11. I can totally understand the feeling...even though my wedding date is no where close but i still feel that few months down the line my life will change forever!!

    Marriage is a life changing experience and i hope it is for the better.

  12. Hey we all wait for good things in life, don't we??

    Enjoy your courtship

  13. loved those images on the header ...mehndi , red bangles ..looks like bliss ..

    all the best for the D day ...have a great life ahead !!! cheers !!!

  14. You always make me smile :)

    Enjoy this countdown!!

  15. Those man butterflies ?? :P All the best dear

  16. Talk and smile a lot with him... that will keep those jitters away :)

    take care mate :)


  17. it will be fine and u will live happily ever after.. don't worry..


  18. countdowns are always fun...:) keep counting..else start one..:P

  19. wedding in July!!!!!!!!!
    congrats in advance...
    enjoy this one month of freedom...
    n about the butterflies...they'll never leave you...they always come whenever we're in a state of anticipation...they may subside from time to time..but they'll emerge again..more stronger than the previous time... cos all our decisions become more mature and bigger...
    but isn't this feeling lovely?

  20. This is my first visit to your blog..Enjoyed reading this post..Liked the way you expressed everything.
    Would like to follow this blog:)

  21. July Madham Vandhal Jodi Serum Vayasu!

    All the very best for your new life. It will indeed be good for a person like you.

    Keep writing!

  22. reading the title I was wondering wht the post was going to be about. but after reading it it brought a smile to my face. :)
    i know there will be butterflies... don't worry... ppl have been getting married for many many years... there's a big risk involved... but generally more ppl are happy married...;)


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