Saturday, May 29, 2010

Those Silly Butterflies...

R : "Did you start a countdown?"

Me : "Huh? For what?"

R : "For our wedding!"

Me : "Nopes, not really"

R : "Why?"

Me : "Too scared!"

R : "Yeah, same here!"

Me : "Why are you scared?"

R : "My freedom is soon coming to an end..."

Me : "Our"

R : "Huh?"

Me : "No more 'I' & 'me' now remember? So you have to say - OUR freedom is soon coming to an end! :P"

Different, aren't we ?

Usually, people start the countdown few months prior to their wedding. Though I am more than comfortable with my would-be, it feels kind of like leaving this world and going to a whole new planet altogether. A new set of people, a new life, a whole new beginning - how can one NOT get scared? I am sure like Sumi, on the day of my wedding, I would look completey dazed. :P

I remember these butterflies making their presence felt in my lil tummy before - usually when I was about to start something new!

Those Hostel Days

I have always been homely. Even at an age when kids were able to adjust without their mothers, I was desperately dependent on my mom.

Then came hostel and initially I was stuck with a very pathetic expression on my face which concerned the warden enough to ask me, 'Are you OK?'. But then on, I went on to love that very hostel. I liked the freedom, I liked looking after my own little space, I liked sneaking into my best friend's room even if we weren't allowed to step out of rooms after 11, I liked handling and taking care of my possessions -- it was a different experience from the usual protected life that I was used to and I quite liked it!

Those Work Days

I couldn't help smiling when I read this post of mine dated back to 2007 - Butterflies In My Stomach.

I was going to start my second job, and guess what? The lil butterflies troubled me so much back then, that I wished wholeheartedly that they would all die never to come back! Well, guess what again? They didn't die like I hoped they would...

.. Now, they are at it again!

I guess the butterflies are going to last for a longer time this time around, until I get used to the new life.


P.S : The wedding date is a little more than a month away from now...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Selfish? Yes, I Am!

"You are selfish!"

I have lost count of people who have told me that. The funny thing is I almost always retort with a "Yeah! I am selfish! And you are not?". I seriously have no idea what people intend to do by saying that to me coz -

a. It doesn't hurt me.

b. It doesn't make me sad.

c. It doesn't make me happy either!

d. I already know I'm selfish! :D

... So this dialogue especially leaves me amused, if not anything else. Come to think of it, isn't everyone selfish? We all want to be happy -- isn't that selfish? We all want others to act according to our will - pamper us when we want, be pissed off with certain people when we want... and when that doesn't happen we are sad. Isn't that selfish? I don't know why being called selfish is considered as a bad quality, when everyone IS selfish!

I am sure that almost anyone was able to relate to Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met when she said 'Main Apni Favorite Hoon!'. ;) And why not? Three cheers to selfishness, I say!

P.S : My net is down, and I am using my mobile as a modem nowadays. I can't visit blogs (including my own) as much as I want to coz of this. Some blogs are so difficult to load especially those with Disqus comments! :( Will visit soon! Till then, adios! :)

P.P.S - Post not meant to hurt anyone. Thought this one was long overdue considering that I have been getting this lovely dialogue a lot for the past few years now! :D

P.P.P.S - Dhanya admitting to being a selfish person, doesn't mean she's a dangerous psycho. She will NOT use weapons or hit you if you hurt her. Or will she? ;) :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

Branching Out...

Well, it seemed unfair that everyone had two blogs and I only had one!

So time has come to introduce a completely new blog which I have been working on for the past few days, and which hopefully some of you might find useful -- My E-Marketing Blog. I wanted a space to just rant on and on about what all I know about e-marketing and the stuff that I found useful. I wouldn't even dream of doing that here -- so why not create a new blog dedicated entirely for the purpose? And unlike some people 'assumed', I am not creating this blog to mislead people into buying stuff from my actual e-marketing website. In fact, you won't even get to see my sites or products there -- coz I don't want to advertise them! That would be entirely selfish on my part to actually mix up work with friends.

For a long time, I wanted to create a useful, informative space which might benefit someone one way or the other. The new blog will be serious but still personal in a way. Hope you enjoy it!

Click on the picture below to access the new blog...

Special thanks to Sumaiya, Naseeba and Ramit for encouraging me to put up this new blog.