Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why You Should Never Delete Your Blog...

Flashback - Sometime back in 2005

I was back from college and I was bored. And you know how bored people are... they look for ways to entertain themselves! For me, entertainment then was the Internet (still is, sometimes), so I get online, log onto Google and go searching random stuff until some stupid scientific theory I happened to read on some page brings back old memories (read 'old crushes'... ahem). Now you might ask why on earth would scientific jargon remind me of an old crush? Wait.. wait.. I will tell you! Not to panic! Coz he was a geek nerd... a very intellectually tuned person who used to read (I cannot say study... coz he used to read them like a novel) Physics books during break hours. Yours truly used to be attracted to such people. You just have to practically answer every question that the teacher asks and you would have then got my undivided attention. Yes, I was a lil weird that way. No need to point your fingers and laugh at me...

Anyhoo, I got reminded of my crush from school days and I thought of googling him out. That moron must have been completely immersed in his books coz there was nothing there! No social networking site result, no nothing! Oh wait, I did see his name mentioned somewhere in some PDF report which he created on String Theory and I came to know he was studying in some hi-fi college in the U.S. There was one other Google result - where he was being mentioned in his sister's blog.

Seeing the snippet on Google search results, I just opened up her blog and the first thing I notice was a photo of herself with a guy. She was cute, sported short hair and had a huge grin on her face. She stood resting her head on the guys shoulder and looked supremely happy! I went on to read a couple of her posts... and by the end of it, I was just left smiling. She was happy, she was funny, she was completely in love... and she wanted to share her little moments of joy with everyone! I found that really adorable. That was the first time I read someone's blog.... and till date remains one of the most favorite blogs I have ever read. It's funny how things that you bump into accidently have a way of inspiring you completely.

She inspired me to be open about my own thoughts. That there's nothing wrong in writing things that YOU feel strongly about and that others might not agree with. That it's okay to write gibberish once in a while coz it's your own personal space. That it's entirely essential to have fun while you're writing. Now, that was the year I decided to create my own blog - 2005!


I don't know what made her delete off her blog. Maybe she got bored of it, or maybe she wanted to protect her privacy coz there were too many of her pics in there. But that's what made that blog so special - coz she made it personal.

I see that trend continuing nowadays. You build a blog, you get followers, you write awfully nice posts... and you end up deleting it. I, for one, love reading posts that I enjoy, again and again no matter whose blog it is -- any post that brings a smile to my face!

My Reasons On Why You Should Never Delete Your Blog

1. Your posts - no mater, if they're good or bad - hold some kind of memory. Why would you want to delete off those memories forever? They might be unbearable to read today, but tomorrow you're sure to smile and maybe feel a lil silly when you read them.

2. You will be amazed to see how much you have changed when you read the posts later on. It's like you can see for yourself the change that has happened... be it in your thoughts, your beliefs and everything else. I used to be a worry wart, highly moody and anxious...and that can be seen from my earlier posts. I can safely say that I am much more 'cooler' now ;)

3. If you have to, delete few posts that you don't want others to read at any cost... but don't delete the entire blog!

4. Later on, you can just show the posts to whomsoever it matters and you can make things easier for yourself ;) Make people even understand you better! Your future hubby/wife would definitely be interested to know about your past for sure. Oh, did I tell you guys that R reads this blog nowadays? And err... a big welcome to R's friends and family to my blog as well.... *Sigh*

5. From point 4, it's evident that it makes it easier for friends and family to get to know you better too! ;)

6. Be considerate towards your readers. They can't keep running after you, and God forbid they might just get tired one day (how much can we run, really?) and decide to leave you at that.

I have no idea what all this blog must have recorded from 10 years hence. But one thing's for sure... I would grin out wide whenever I come across those posts tagged R ! ;)

P.S : Happy 200th post to me! :)

P.P.S : Thanks to everyone who keep commenting, reading, mailing and scrapping me about my posts. You guys make me feel SPECIAL! :) :) :)


  1. Congratulations Dhanya! I drop by once in a while and I must say I always enjoy myself.

  2. i totally agree with dhanya sometimes it feels so sad seeing my friends deleting away their blog and feels they are leaving forever...all the points are correct whenever i read my previous posts some make me smile and some birthday posts always makes me happy seeing the birthday boy/gal happy :).....blog brings up ur ownself to the world and it gives u new things to talk about...i dont know about others but my blog has given me lots and lots of friends whom i will never forget :)...and friendship never lets u del the blog...if its true enough :)..


  3. That's why I'll never D.E.L.E.T.E. my blog,no matter what.

    A warm welcome to R too ! Hope he liked the Jose video vey much :)

  4. Absolutely, i agree with you word by word.:)

  5. Hey happy 200th post! :) And i totally agree with u as to why one shud not delete his/her blog. But at the end of the day its someone's personal choice whether or not they want to keep their blog or not. I would never want to delete mine. :)

  6. Congrats on the 200th post, and wish you have many more!
    You couldn't have said it better, about not deleting blogs. At most one should make it private for a while, because revisiting always brings back smiles :)
    Ooh, and talking about silliness, my first few blog posts make me cringe, literally! :D

  7. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Dhanno!!! :D :D

    Happy 200th post..

    Keep on blogging!!

    Yeah, never delete a blog.. If you want privacy, just make it private :D

  8. nice post, totally agree with u.. there is no need to delete a blog, its simply stupid to waste all those effort

  9. 3 years into blogging and having deleted my first blog, I can totally understand the feelings shared here. Maybe thats why I imported all the posts into my current blog.

    But I'm never gonna delete the desultory mind because it's a proof of my only passion and reminds me of the good old days.

  10. yay I agree with you.


  11. Dhanno, ha Dhanno, Ha Dhanno RE....

    LOL! I came to ur blog looking for something n I was like how did I MISS this post of hers? Only Later I realised this is the recent update :)

    I totally figured out who ur crush was, I wish I was reading this post at home so that I could laugh without ppl thinking I've gone crazy early in the morning :D

    Happy 200th post Dhanno.. N yes U have come a long way, there r a lot of changes from the Dhanno I know then and the present Dhanno..

    P.S. yes I finally watched Jose' video with the audio on.. It was sweet on his part for the shout out n extremely thoughtful of ur friend to come up with that idea :)

  12. Very rightly said....Infact i strongly feel that if-ever schools introduced a subject called Blogology into syllabus, i am sure your points mentioned would find itself into the pages of the text books and all children would be compulsorily made to mugup there wonderful 6 point theorem....Amen.....No seriously, you have made me change my mind, Khalas-i will never delete my blog.Nice post:D

  13. hey congrats...

    200 posts is a big thing...

    and as you said dont delete ur blog :) at any cost

    even if you delete i have ur posts on my reader...

  14. So true.
    Once I was revisiting my dairy and I found out that I have changed a lot in many ways and some believes which I used to hold so strongly in school days are gone completely.

    I recently started blogging and I was torn between whether I should write personal thoughts or posts of general nature. Still torn but it seems like people think you are talking gibberish when you write personal thoughts. My be now I will write few posts on something which pleases me and not for others.

    If you have time have kind look at my blog too.

  15. Hey dhanya nice blog you have but couting the no of posts from the archive on the right side
    2010 - 11
    2009 - 71
    2008 - 34
    2007 - 41
    2006 - 16
    2005 - 26
    it comes out 199...
    so i'll be waiting for the 200th one..

  16. Happy 200th post dhanno!!! :)
    I read everybody's blog almost regularly..(atleast of those ppl who r frnds with me)
    But I rarely comment..major reason laziness or mood!
    But your posts have always been light and awesome!
    I love reading your blog girl..
    Wishing your another 200 :)

  17. I was one of the people who deleted my blog. :P
    but well I had my reasons.
    nice blog you got though. been here regularly.
    All the besta nd congratulations!


  18. Congrats! And now i am officially following you :P.

  19. i love ur name Dhanya <3
    I completely agree that one shudnt delet their blog. if u trying it hide ur blog url frm some u can make it "accessible by invites only" why to delete??

    yesterday i was reading some post most of mine and some other's blogger and i felt so nice :)
    we fill the blog pages with our thoughts that we cherish, why shud be block that away when u dont feel them any more...

    there are ppl who change their blog link when a phase of their life is over.. its ok to do that but leave some link in our old blog abt the new one or somehw join them under same profile.. right??

  20. Whoa...whoa...200th!!
    gr8 going gal!!:)

    N deleting ur blog is like murdering ur own baby n i'll never commit a sin as heinous as this!*sigh*

    N well ur in-laws reading ur blog..doesn't that send butterflies fluttering inside ur stomach...hehe...My god...u surely are having d tym of ur life, aren't u?

    I wish this love flourishes :)

  21. Happy 200 electros!!! I heart your blaag!

  22. hey dhanya...congrats for the 200th post..I had many blogs before but nvr took it seriously ..but m very serious about my current blog n will never delete it..I like the reasons you gave! :)...

    Finally R knows your blog ha..now we have to wait n see who is this R :P...keep writing..lovely post as always..I started following u on twitter too !

  23. ayyo i will never delete my blog..:0 Too many memories attached to it.

    congrats on your 200th post!

  24. yeah...yeah...
    i m back at the write tym
    dhano wrote her 200th post ...

    gud one...even i feel one shud not delete his/her blog..
    but its ok...dere choice...

    btw FYI i deleted my first blog :|...
    which had 3 post n no comment :P
    i wonder whether blogspot even noticed it lol...hehheeh :P

  25. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Hey Dhanya, congs for 200s.

    You doing a Sachin Tendulkar.

    Deleting blogs is an offence with your own thoughts and expressions. Its like demeaning one's own self.

  26. Yay!! Happy 200th!! 2005? Woah thats long :P
    And yeah i totally agree: never delete your blog. there are just way too many memories attached :)

  27. 200 posts...wow thts double century...Congrats n I completely agree with ur post....blogs r kind of record of ur memorites n they shd not b deleted.. :) :)

  28. Okayyy!!! I somehow feel you wanted certain VISIONARIES to read this post.. :P Sheri..Manasilaayi!!! ;)

    See! how lucky we all are.. :D Good that you went guy searching and fell upon his sisters blog.. :P allengil dhannoo will be in that godforsaken pattikaadu called Ottapalam doing her business,life as usual.. And there would not be ME in ur life!! Ur soo blessed,I tell u.. :P

    Regards to R!


  29. woww 200 posts..Congrats Dhanya. I, honestly love reading your posts :)

    will love to read abt you in future too. I wish you wont stop writing ;)

  30. WOWOW.. happy 200th post Excellent .. You are so right , I played this stunt on my 100th post , saying i am deleting and all and Boy i got so many emails , messages , comments ...

    You are right .. its memories of good-bad-ugly days and also one can see the change that has happened...

    and what do you mean "You guys make me feel SPECIAL! :) :) :)" ... You are special Everyone is special...

    wow 200th post I got a long long longgggggggggggg way to go for that .... :)

  31. :) The blogs we started with, are something that we"ll always remember. I remember some of the blogs that I used to read but have lost them now...

    and u used to like nerdy people who used o answer all Qs?? God knows what wouldve happened if we'd been in the same class :P

    happy 200th post, keep writing :)

  32. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Hmmm, interesting!

    I actually happened to do precisely that which you have argued, or to use a milder word spoken, against and I must admit the reasons are extremely valid. 'fact, I totally agree with you when you say: delete specific posts if you wish, but not the blog. True!

    I deleted mine because it was becoming a little 'compulsive' I thought - not just the writing I mean which has been therapeutic always, but the process - posts, comment etc. Back to blogging again, but on a new space and it is going well.

    Congrats on the 200th! :) And do write many more..

  33. This was a very very beautifully crafted post, with a lesson that many out here might take inspiration from...
    This was a keen delightful read throughout...just like each of the preceeding 199 posts whom it followed,this one too was typical U... just U... and those moments...where yours truly reading this space now and again...ends up in "awwwwwwssss......shooo cute..." and "hmmmm...." etc!
    This space just binds me up to read read read till the post ends... every word, every exclamation mark is being read aloud by me! Bet u on that...

    and the concluding long comments...which perhaps I write ...only and only at "Your Little own world", is so so speacial part of reading u dhanu!

    Tomorrow once I am back from college, U shall be reading a dedication...for this acheievement of 200 blog posts and the creative honest genius in u!

    CONGRATS FOR THE 200TH :) toast to u and R! :) for a bright future...and I feel elated to visualize that...this space shall stay here forvever, so so mature viewpoint dhanu!

    tc! deary...god bless!

    Ur frn

    PS - I miss the bloggers who deleted their blogs whom I read fantatically, that affected even my frequency of postings too somehow... One prominent name is a famous blogger with initial K, and shades of Pink!

    She had immense strength and following, and a marvelous expression...I miss reading her...a lot lot lot!!

  34. 200?? *Looks at u with admiration!* Loved this post for various reasons! Happy Happy blogging :)

  35. I read your blog and never comment... now a days.

    Felt like commenting on this post because I like what you had to say.

    I read my own old posts with such interest, you would think I am reading some other person's work!! :)

    How are u doing?? Love reading all the R related posts!!

  36. Congrates! :)
    Nice post that the views and memories on blog should be preserved.

  37. I so agree with this one...

    I too am one of those people who read their posts again and again and think about how much they've changed over the years.

    I remember I had this thought of deleting my blog once or twice just coz no one commented on my posts and 'someone' whose comments mattered most stopped reading my blog.
    But then I thought...what the heck...why should I write for someone else? I made the blog to express myself, so that I can write abt my own experience.So who cares if people don't comment at least I have a record of my memories on my blog.
    And that's what matters in the end.

    Yeah and its great to accidentally bump into posts that you never intended to find and which end up having a great impact on you! My life changed completely(for the better) after reading a blog that I was not even looking for :)

    God just blesses you through mysterious ways...

  38. never delete the entire thing! for sure :)

    you are right!

    some posts could go but the whole this - i too managed to not delete!

    even though my life is laid bare there but nevertheless!

    happy 200th hunz :) you ve come a long way successfully!

  39. i loved ur blog to core dhanya...god bless u...i read u r engaged...so congratulations for d new life...may u be blessed with a happy married life...

  40. Congrats on your 200 post! That is such a big accomplishment. I absolutely love this blog. This is my first time visiting it and I love what I have read so far. I started my blog 2 years ago and its my baby.

  41. I have to admit that i have myself death with the thought of deleting my blog several times...i am glad i didnt..i luv looking back at my writing and laughing at my own silliness!!
    PS: I enjoy reading ur blog a lot yaar...NEVER stop writing here :)

  42. Ah! This post left me with a warm feeling. Was reading Sameera's blog when this title caught my eye and lo! behold, you have expressed something that I have always thought about. No matter what, I don't think I can delete my blog. It's way too loved by me and I have nurnured it and cannot just delete it on a whim.

    Happy 200th post! May you continue writing no matter what.

    Joy and happiness always,

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Not just blogs, I've observed ppl delete their orkut/fb profiles too on an impulse & then all of a sudden, reinstate themselves a few months down the line.. :) I guess ppl don't know about privacy settings!

  45. ur post are always gud, keep going:)

  46. I agree :D
    no DELETE in my blog too

    btw, nice write up :)
    yep,, its not 200 :(, just 199..

    waiting for 200th post :)

  47. http://19goes20.blogspot.com/2010/05/to-her-own-little-world.html

  48. 1)tell me whenever u update ur blog
    2) tell me whenever u update ur blog
    3) tell me whenever u update ur blog
    4) same as above
    5) :X
    6) R reads the blog!! R reads the blog!! :O :D :D :D yay!!
    7) *shows this post to amithy* silly amithy!! :X
    *hugs ur blog*
    happy 200th!! :D :D
    :) :) >:D< nice post!!

  49. Even i had decided to delete my blog.. but somehow cudnt muster the courage to do so.. like u said they hold precious memories and how can one delete them?!?
    I hardly get time to update my blog regularly (Busy me..lazy me :P) but atleast it has introduced me to some great bloggers like u.. so yay! :D

    and hey congrats on ur 200th post!! :):)

  50. Cna - Thank you so much! :D I see that you have started a blog ;) Keep writing :)

    Hemu - You've said it perfectly hemu! Deleting your blog is like disconnecting from all the people you know... :(

    Anwesa - Yeah he liked the video :D

    Sneha - Thank you for agreeing :D

    Ria - Yeah, totally -- it's a personal choice. :)

  51. Marshmallow - Thank u so much :)

    DI - Lol, I used to cringe too at first :D Now, I just consider them as silly phases in my life...

    Uncommon sense - Yeah... TOO much effort goes to waste :(

    Infidelity - The only thing I regret deleting is my old Orkut profile... I decided I would never delete anything after that :|

    Randeep - :) YAY :D

  52. Sumo - Lol :D I loveeee that song... my new anthem :D Finally you watched the jose video... *phew*...

    ZB - Happy budday ;) I am going to make my own blogology text book and publish these points :P

    Suree - Thanks :) so I can always count on you to backup my posts eh ? :D

    Anand - I hope you have entered personal thoughts on it ;) Will visit soon :)

    Skywalker - but my dashboard says 200. dang!

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. AI - Hey thanks prachi :) Why dont u blog anymore ? please do soon !!!

    Niti - thanks dear :)

    harini - haha.. thank u for 'officially' following me..

    nidz - absolutely nidz! but i dont think a blogger should keep changing his links either ;) like i said, tiring to run around ;) :D

    Jaunty - oh yeah there are butterflies alright :D but now the feeling has sunk in ;)

  55. Shaunaku - oh thankings :)

    sagarika - thank u so much dear... looking forward to ur tweets..

    madhu - you should never! :D thank u dear...

    ams - WOOHOO! Whaate timing I say ;) welcome back :D lol @ 3 posts blog... thats okayy since it didnt record much memories :D

    Chandler - Lol @ doing a sachin. ;) Up and running still :D

  56. Harini - yeahhh that long! does that make me sound old ? :(

    Urvashi - thanks dear :)

    Nikhil - yeah to tell you the truth, I did have u in mind... i have no idea why you keep shifting !!!! my blogroll is filled with ur inactive blogsss...aaargghhh... will visit ur madras central soon...

    An ordinary gal - I will NEVER stop writing :O

    Bikram - 200 is so less compared to other bloggers. Some of em reached their 200 by the end of first year or something :P I am pretty slow :(

  57. I'll try to be truthful - lol... what would have happened ? :D *looks at u innocently*

    Srini - thanks dear.. and hope you stick on to ur new blog :)

    Pulkit - loved LOVED your post dedicated to me... *so honoured* .. you always surprise me with such sweet posts... :) :) can't thank u enuff for that !

    sawan - thanks anil :)

    Zeba - thanks ! :D as long as you find me interesting enuff to read, comments or no comments is a-ok ;)

  58. chandrika - thanks :)

    pj - glad you took that decision instead of deleting off ur blog :) and yup, you get into some things by accident and you end up enjoying them...

    tweety - thanks :) welcome to my blog :D

    myundiary - heyyyy ! first time visitor eh ? i hope this is not the first n last time :D

    simplyninz - thanks so much :D

  59. Susan - thank you susan... glad I didnt disappoint u :D keep visiting!

    lostworld - hah! i did delete off my orkut account once and i am still regretting it :(

    lincoln - thank u so much :)

    moonlite - my dashboard says 200 :( *sob* it tricked me... but oh well, will get the 300th one right :D

  60. pulkit - thankssss :D the best post ever :D :D

    mads - read whenever u get time madso :O *hugs u*

    sangitha - thanks so much dear :) :)

  61. Hey! I was toying with the idea to delete my blog sometime back! Like really wanted to....but my friend asked me to hold on! And I am glad that I dint delete it :-D

    Btw, nice blog. And oh! Even I am a huge fan of Vj Jose! :-D

  62. I so agree with you dear and I can so relate to this after having deleted numerous blogs myself. So far, no regrets, but may be ill in future. Its to see. But yes, memories are always to be treasured, good and bad, who knows when we will need it! :)

  63. Its a WONDERFUL post and I cant thk of a thing to say coz u echo most of wht I wd have said myself;-D

    p.s: so relieved to see somebody who started a blog in 2005 celebrating her 200th post[coz I started mine in 2007 & feel so stupid sometimes when I see tht I've posted just 180 posts and some of my friends who started a yr after me have already crossed 250;-o]

    p.p.s: almost forgot.....CONGRATS;-D!!!!


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