Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Missing Pages In My Diary...

There are a couple of things I need to record in this blog. Some things that went unmentioned maybe coz I never got the time or maybe coz some other topic would end up getting a higher priority. If I don't do it now, I guess I will never. So here goes...

1. The Jose Covaco Video - A very big thanks to Sandeep Balan for gifting me this video of MTV India VJ Jose Covaco. It was highly unexpected and it made my day, month and almost the whole year! Oh yes, I am a die-hard Jose Covaco fan (No, I'm not kidding) and I was touched a person would actually remember this minute detail to go ahead and make a video for me. Thanks Sandy -- SO VERY MUCH!

2. A Walk To Remember - The first time I and R went for a long walk in Dubai (or any place else, for that matter). I remember telling him all my secrets during that one walk and I felt relieved to know that a person was genuinely interested in what I had to say. Moreoever, he didn't judge me. We talked and talked and we sat down by the road side next to this coffee shop. I think, we sat there for almost 40-45 minutes but never noticed the time passing by. The cute part was that later on the coffee shop attendant offered us two free cups of coffee.

Me : You think he has put something in this coffee?

R : What?

Me : Maybe he's trying to drug us. After that, he might steal our money!

R : Huh?

Me : Do you think we should drink this? I mean, why would anyone give anything away for free??

R (looking at the drink tentatively) : Ok, I will drink it first!

All this while, my mom's sound was resonating inside my ears -- 'Don't take anything from strangers, moley!'. Funny how childhood advices have a way of making their comeback in the weirdest of situations. The coffee was harmless enough, but the moral of the story is that even if a person is being genuinely nice, you end up doubting him/her... and especially if the person is a stranger! ;)

3. Web Marketing Becomes A Passion - Now e-marketing is something which I had started off as a hobby but now I can spend hours and hours on it learning new stuff (thanks to YouTube videos) and researching. 24 hours don't seem enough for me. And I'm glad that somehow all the hard work is paying off. A part of my e-marketing site (which I won't reveal since I need my privacy there) is going to be published into a Social Marketing book. It's nothing big, but feels great to know that something of mine is getting published!

What feels even more great? That I am sitting right at home and earning almost as much as what people are earning working in nearby offices. I'm saying this with pride coz people used to find it hard to believe that you can earn while you're sitting at home... so sorry if I sound like I'm bragging by the end of it all. ;) I'm just very happy. Touch wood.

Dare to be different and if you've enough passion for it, you can set anything right and going your way!


  1. It was so sweet of your friend to make that Jose video :) :)
    And Awwww the walk sounds so cute too.
    and wow you save a lot of traveling then

  2. so very true...we always suspect strangers especially when the person is behaving so nicely in dis cruel world..i loved the last line :)

  3. I saw that video long back and was LOLing for a long time. Thanks to Mr.Balan for posting it on FB.

    Free coffee ? Sounds yum ! And your doubts made it even more interesting !

    Earn-at-home is nice. And its gladdening to know that it really works.

    Good luck bread stall girl(fun intended) !!

  4. Hi Dhanya, have been reading almost all your posts, but didn't drop in a comment...

    But, I had to on this particular post..

    To begin with, you write amazingly well...I suffer from writer's block..hehehe..

    Secondly, you wrote abt working from home...which is so very close to my heart...Ya, I am caught up in a corporate job...I love my profile, but sucks...Just to tell you, you are doing a good job girl...

    Lastly, congratulations for not being single any more :)

  5. nice memories :D, especially the free coffee :P

    and hey, i would like to know more about e marketing, could you shed some more light on it or show useful links regarding it :)

    thank u

  6. ooh congrats!!! :D :D :D

  7. hey dhanu,
    god bless yaar!
    touch wood!
    may u keep smiling always like this...
    and my o my! when someone works hard and then the hardwork pays off in the run...then one do shares it with friends :) thats not bragging deary, thats telling them...that honesty and commitment towards any goal pays off :)

    keep it up dear!
    god bless u and R!
    reading u after a long long time,...
    missed ya!

  8. Today I will LISTEN to this video, I alws think of it only in office Dhannoo n I cant hear him here, but today I will go home n do tht :)

    2 cups of coffee? So sweet Dhannoo.. Maybe he was eavesdroppin on ur conversation n wanted u both to keep goin ;).. Jus kiddin! Kind people do exist! :)

    I can TOTALLY relate with u about 24 hours not being enough.. Sometimes when I am in one of my research and implementation moods, I cant stop until my eyes r too tired and cant take it anymore.. Glad its working out for u, MINT MINT MINT is what I can say! Congrats Dhans! :)

  9. Sweet memories..! :)

  10. I love reading abt U and R...and now that I have seen wat he looks like (very handsome ;)) I can imagine this coffee shop wala likes :)

  11. Dhanya

    Jose...I just love him.. He's so cute.

    And the long walk is really adorable. A million times better than talking over phone. :)

  12. Nice post Dhanya! Btw what s this affiliate marketing all about.. i remmeber u mentioned abt it one of your long ago post.... :P

    BTW people are gettting free coffees , donuts and movie tickets.... why this never happens to me .. sulks :P

    Enjoyed reading

  13. Awh! Su-weeet :)
    I absolutely ADORE jose too!
    Oh and moley is the only Malayalam word I know ..
    And I love throwing it around! :P

  14. nice little moments from life... lol at the coffee one.. kewl :)

  15. R inu Meeshayundo ?
    atukondanu free coffee kitiyathu ennu tonunnu.

    Share some gyaan abt the marketing stuff na...

  16. so happy to see u so much in love!!obviously u dont have time for other things in life. :P Enjoy this phase hun, coz it will never come back. :)

  17. you ve dared to spill it all out and i have dared to get inpired and be different :)

    God willing there is much more pleasure than pain in the ride together with a partner such as yours :) may togetherness and more bond you two for ever!


  18. Hey first time here..

    THe walk WOW.. I remember when I started talking with my Gf ages ago it was like that we would talk for hours and not realise what time it was ...
    and It was nice the attendent gave you free coffee Hope you guys said Thanks to him :)

    E-marketing:- well Well done.. I have worked for this company for 8 years now and I still am dieing to be told I could work from home.. :)

    Excellent Blog ..

  19. I've no clue who's Jose Covaco :-0
    Congrats on your alternate profession. You save so much travel time ..hehe. On a serious note, you must be truly resourceful :) I shall wait to see your name in the news sometime ;)

  20. That video is really good. I wish someone would get be Gilly's Video :P. I dont wanna brag but yeah u can sit at home and earn :).

  21. Harini - Yeah I agree! The Jose Video was one of the best gifts ever :D

    An Ordinary Gal - Thats the problem :| World is such a big bad place to live in... so obviously, how can u trust :(

    Anwesa - Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did :D :D Lol @ bread stall gal. Hey! Maybe I should use that as my next emarketing campaign ;)

    Sophia Ali - Thanks a lot :D All you got to do is drop in sometimes like this and leave a comment... easier for you too.. see you get to congratulate me for MANY things at once ;)

    Shimmer - Sure :D Mail me! :)

  22. Ki - Thankings :)

    Pulkit - Thank god.. I was so afraid it would come out as bragging ;) :D

    Sumo - Did you watch my Jose video atleast now ??? *Glares at you*

    Sameera - Absolutely :)

    Shanu - Lol... me likes too ;) And hopefully he will see your comment without me having to pass it on :P

  23. Communi - Hi 5!! I am not much into talking thru phone btw. But have to do since now it has become a long distance relationship :( *cries*

    Big Omi - Wow... you remember everything clearly :D Impressed! Yeah, I did talk about it long back. Affiliate marketing is marketing products in the online world. It's a vast topic :(

    Orange - Really? You use Moley a lot :D so sweet ;)

    Arv - :) :)

    Sandeep - There you go again ;)

  24. Scarlet Pimpernel - Hahah.. no he doesnt :D :D How is meesha related to free coffee ? TEMME :D :D Sure wouldn't mind sharing gyaan... mail me :)

    Ria - Don't scare me by saying that. It will come back someday no? :(

    Seher - So sweet of you :) Thanks :)

    Bikram - Thank you so much for visiting! :) So hows it with your gf now ? ;)

    lostworld - no idea who Jose is ? *faints* ... and in the news ? hahaha... that would be exaggerating things ;)

    Harini - lol @ gilly's video... :D :D will ask Sandeep abt this...

  25. Its more than awesome for a friend to remember the smallest detail and make such efforts !!

  26. Hey great!!! I wish I could earn from home too :P

    *thumbs up*

  27. cute :D @ coffee =D
    and congrats for the e marketing thing..our dhans ki toh nikal padi >:D< smart aahe...*pats ur head*
    and jose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want an ayushmaan video!! <3
    jose bhi chalega but he is exclusively urs, dhans :O :(

  28. So true, whn it comes to strangers we always hav a doubt in mind no matter hw nice they r to us...

  29. so sweet of ur friend to make the video :)...and yeah never miss this moment in life..all full of love :)..and love readin the talks u have :)..


  30. me wants a free coffee too! which coffee shop? :P

  31. wow! someone actually made that jose video for you!Cool!!!


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