Thursday, April 01, 2010

Food and Money

I am heading back to India after two whole months. I shopped like crazy, tried on 100s of clothes out of which I decided to buy only 4 (talk about being extremely picky?), got gifts for fiance and sister dearest, and now I am broke! Well, almost...

I have some more shopping to do tomorrow. Let's see what I can get for 100 rupees! Show me what you've got Dubai! PLEASE!

On another note, It's time for Dhanno to get serious once she reaches India and start that dreadful wonderful activity called cooking! I would like to call myself the cooking monster here -- I know next to nothing! Whenever mummy ji starts teaching me classic Southie dishes, I wander into my own world. In there, I am mixing and matching clothes - "That Black top I got day before yesterday will go with the Capris I got the previous week" and so on and so forth. Only if I was that competent when it came to mixing and matching masalas and vegetables.

I don't want to trouble mummy ji all the time (I mean, more than usual :P) so if you guys are ready to share some of your sureshot secret yummylicious (but SIMPLE) recipes then do it NOW! :D If you're too shy to post em in the comments section - mail me! ;)


  1. hey Dhanno.. evn i startd cookin lately.. :) its kind of fun u knw.. al fries go same way.. so if u learn 1 u can go wit rest.. n for othr gravy kind of curries just put tomato.. it goes well.. :) for quick delicious dish.. onion + mirchi + egg (broken 1) + salt.. it wil b yummyyy... nt sure if u r non-veggies.. :P wil post gr8 tips ahead.. ;)

  2. And they're ALL simple and open to experimentation :D

  3. Hee hee :D I started my cooking ages ago due to this only! Here's a list of what I CAN make, you tell me if you want the recipe:

    1. Moong dal
    2. Pancakes
    3. Choco chip and sugar cookies
    4. Upma
    5. Kadhai paneer
    6. Shahi Paneer
    7. Chhole
    8. Aloo cutlets
    9. Veg burgers
    10. Pizza (with home made sauce)
    11. Baked vegetables and cheese
    12. Corn pulao
    13. Egg curry

    :D :D :D

  4. Hey ggod luck...
    I believe after the marriage ur better half would be the one doin all the dishes...
    So no worries :D

  5. haha... I know exactly how you feel.... I was forced to cook once Amar and I moved in together... But it took me years to finally master it... and im still average... i prefer eating... =) not sure of southie dishes but will mail u some simple recipes soon...

  6. hehehe... have been cooking for like 6 years so i dont think i will have this problem. Will try to mail you some recipes. But cooking is more of an instinct for me than recipe :P.

  7. Hahaha..All The Best with your cooking classes ;) :)

    Takecare :)

  8. oh cooking! something i have to brace myself for too..

    well what am plannin is to keep a hardcopy of a recipe book and download some ebooks [when internet gives away in those oh so important times :P]

    before u learn to cook, dhanno learn how to Cut/slice/chop ;)

  9. you bought four items of clothing and you're broke???? what did you buy?
    and i feel so sorry for chettan the guinea pig. he's got to have a strong stomach eh? ;)

  10. post...Ya true it happens to me too whenever my mom is trying to teach me how to cook...wish cooking was interesting and easy as eating :)...Maybe you should post some easy recipes...what say?:)

  11. cooking and me r jus not meant for each other!! :P Although i m not a bad cook, but i m definitely very moody so i cook only when i m in a mood to do so....hope my guy doesnt read this post. :D All the best for the cooking dear!

  12. So cooking huh? After making my meals for the past 6 months, I must say, it can be fun (at times). My recommendation? Try 'moru kari', it takes < 10 mins to make and tastes awesome. It's a great morale booster when you start cooking. Enjoy!

  13. Hehe dhanno is getting serious with the dreadful activity eh! :P My God dhannooooo All the best! =)

    Cooking is fun actually. After I quite working, I stayed home jobless... and home alone too :) And thats when I venture in the kitchen and make something for myself.

    I'm an expert in cooking maggie! :)
    I can cook for a hundred people also :D :D

    but then I've started off being expert in cooking scrambled eggs, chinese fried rice, making frankies at home and etc! =)

    The rest of the things? Well, microwave zindabad =D :D :D

    See ya >:D<

  14. Hehehe so cute!!!
    I'm ok in the kitchen and think i have a lot of time to actually get down and learn how to cook :P
    Good luck :) :)

  15. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Ha ha :) Enjoy cooking and experiment, even if the first few times are a bit inedible, they are worth it.

    Make raita and chutneys with every Indian menu - everything tastes good with these two :)

  16. Ditto yaar! I am also on a cooking expedition..!!
    Learning ice-cream for the starts..hehe!!

    All d bestttt...once you learn evrything , you can experiment ur dishes on us.. ;-D

  17. Hi ..
    Do you want veg or Non veg recipes

  18. so sad..:9 But ya is the way to a mans heart.Or is it the tummy? Means the same no?? Well i know how to make maggi..need the recipe?? :P:D :P

  19. Dhanya, my plan is way better than all of these folks.

    Get married, and the both of you move in with me. Or take the house across mine.

    see, it's the best, isn't it?

  20. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Check out Mathew's recipes at Although he's a whiz at it, you'll find some that are easy :).

    Btw, I was terrible at cooking too - even today, I shudder at the thought of making food for anyone except me/hubby. But I've realized that even if you can't master the craft, if you've got a tongue that can identify good taste, and a few basic notions of cooking right, you can whip up stuff that'll get you good reviews!

    Get your mum to tell you typically the order she follows when she cooks, and what her fav spices are, and why she uses some of them. Learn to identify these (mustard, coriander, chilli, methi, ajwain, hing, turmeric, tamarind, cinnamon etc), and then get some facts about what flavor these lend to a dish - be more attentive to what you eat. The rest of the expertise, some experimentation will bring in. After all, you're getting a stomach to practice on, for free (err, I mean R's) - so just ask him to keep lots of stomach upset medications at hand..hehe.

  21. Chorry Dhanno.. (hope u dnt mind me calling u that way.. sounds cute.. :D)i dnt have recipes to offer except my best wishes.. :P
    I love the cutting, slicing, chopping, peeling stuff..(hope u know dat well..) Juz learn how to add the right amount of salt to any dish u prepare.. rest evrything falls in place..atleast with moi.. hehe
    Have fun.. :D

  22. Hahahahahha!!! I SO identify with the "escaping to your own world and mix-matching clothes!!!" hi5! :D

    And dont worry, after a few tries you will be all good to go! :)


  23. Treat cooking like a chemistry lab. Works best for me. Don't fret:) Sry have no cooking experience & expertise to share :D Good luck my friend!!

  24. I just delayed commenting on your post because I thot someone wud post a recipe here. :( Me too on the same path na.

    Anyways, there's always internet for at your fingers.

    If you haven't started with vegetables, one advice when cutting onion. Apply a little oil on the knife...the teary effect wud lessen..

  25. Oh gawdddd!!! Cooking!!!

    I'm not going to be giving any advice here!! :D :D

    Though I musta dmit Baldie ka idea mast hai!!

  26. oooo somebody's getting all ready for the BIG day ;)

    good luck hun!!

    and hey, mind sharing some recipes you get with me too? :P

  27. wow!! Luk at the responses!! The world is all set to make dhanno the best cook in town :) al the very best R :D

  28. Pria - *Writes down your tips and tries to learn them byheart* :D THANKS A LOT! Dhanno wants more tips ! Mail meeeee !!! :)

    Ki - Wow man... you're an expert already.. pancakes and all :O :O Gimme pancake recipe no ??

    Jon - Lol... aaah! now THAT would be the day ;)

    Mona - I prefer eating too :D :D Mail me something simple soonn.... :)

    Harini - If I go by my instincts, my cooking would be a disaster :D :D

  29. Satyu - Thanks dear :) I need all the luck I can get!

    Sumi - But you already know lil cooking, no? I know you know how to make refreshing drinks ;)

    Ajai - Thanks a lot for your book! :D I got 4 pieces of clothing that were vairy vairy expensive :D I'm hoping he has a strong stomach... let's pray for him...

    Sagarika - "I wish cooking was interesting and as easy as eating" < BINGO! :D Easy recipes and me ? Sure, will try :P

    Ria - Hmmm... I'm pretty moody too... Guess my situation will be a lil similar to urs :P

  30. Deepak - Ok, first curry I am going to learn will be moru curry :D :D Thanks!!! :) :)

    Esther - Thankkkkssss! Aaah yes the ever dependable microwave... have to remind him to buy one for me :O

    Harini - Damn it... most of u know cooking... :| *Ashamed of myself*

    indianhomemaker - Thanks for the tip! :) Raita and chutneys are easy to make no? Send ur special recipeee... :D :D

    enchantinganki - haha ice cream... I guess I will just buy ice cream from outside... :P

  31. Scarlet Pimpernel - Veg :D Non veg I will learn only two items - Fish fry and fish curry :P :P :P

    Madhu - lol... to his heart I guess... so lame no ? ;) Sure, gimme maggi recipe... anything at all! ;)

    Ramit bhai - :D :D But I don't want to be a burden on your already hectic kitchen life :P

    Shikha - Thanks for the link and tips! Really helpful :)

    Sangitha - lol :) :) Such a cute tip... I am sure if nothing works, this will be the one that surely will ;)

  32. Annie - I hope so :) Cheers!

    Lostworld - Do you know I used to create mini bombs in chem labs ? :D :D I wouldn't dare treat my kitchen as a chem lab...

    Communi - Dang! I did get some mails.. Will post some of em for you soon :)

    Bondgal - Arreeeyyyy! At least give one tip! *Begs* Anything will do :P :P

    WarmSunshine - Thanks a lot :D Sure... will do soon...

    Sawan - Yeah, people have been so kind! *Sniffs*

  33. :) ahaaaa someone is going 2 learn the art of cooking...
    will surely send u sme simple recipes which i experimented whn i started learning.... keep going...

  34. nice one ... keep posting mate

  35. I don't know any cooking and will soon be living alone, somewhere near to where you are

  36. i m presently on italian cooking :) or else i'd love to give recipes :D

    all the best with your cooking :D

  37. Hehe nothing to break ur head about. U knw I was so bad tht I just knew how to make rice & chappattis but my fil taught most of wht he knew. But now with the internet there is nothing to worry abt. Just type the dish and u get 10 AUTHENTIC ways how to make it;-P.

    And heres a secret tip: if anything u make doesnt taste tht great....just add 1-2 tsp of pepper, some lemonjuice and some coriander leaves. Voila it will taste like something from a restaurent;-D. Ummm this is not to be tried on our ozhikaans, thoran & mezhukuparettis;-D

  38. Cooking!!! For a beginner mixed items would be good....mixed fried rice, mixed veg, everything do mixed up :D

  39. DI - Looking forward to ur recipes :)

    Nile - Will do! Thanks for visiting :)

    Pesto Sauce - Oman is it ?? :D Have fun!

    AD - Italian recipes will also do :D

    Nancy - LOL! I was just thinking of using that trick on everything I know and you just spoil it all by saying you can't use it for thorans and mezhukuparattis :D :D

    Quest - lol ;) Point noted!

  40. Anonymous2:03 PM :D

  41. *smirks* at all the comments
    overwhelming response this post got re :O
    i can teach u coffee and tea :D
    but dont hv excess of it :-w bahut peene se ur kids will become dark :-w harini's advice :-w


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