Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why You Should Never Delete Your Blog...

Flashback - Sometime back in 2005

I was back from college and I was bored. And you know how bored people are... they look for ways to entertain themselves! For me, entertainment then was the Internet (still is, sometimes), so I get online, log onto Google and go searching random stuff until some stupid scientific theory I happened to read on some page brings back old memories (read 'old crushes'... ahem). Now you might ask why on earth would scientific jargon remind me of an old crush? Wait.. wait.. I will tell you! Not to panic! Coz he was a geek nerd... a very intellectually tuned person who used to read (I cannot say study... coz he used to read them like a novel) Physics books during break hours. Yours truly used to be attracted to such people. You just have to practically answer every question that the teacher asks and you would have then got my undivided attention. Yes, I was a lil weird that way. No need to point your fingers and laugh at me...

Anyhoo, I got reminded of my crush from school days and I thought of googling him out. That moron must have been completely immersed in his books coz there was nothing there! No social networking site result, no nothing! Oh wait, I did see his name mentioned somewhere in some PDF report which he created on String Theory and I came to know he was studying in some hi-fi college in the U.S. There was one other Google result - where he was being mentioned in his sister's blog.

Seeing the snippet on Google search results, I just opened up her blog and the first thing I notice was a photo of herself with a guy. She was cute, sported short hair and had a huge grin on her face. She stood resting her head on the guys shoulder and looked supremely happy! I went on to read a couple of her posts... and by the end of it, I was just left smiling. She was happy, she was funny, she was completely in love... and she wanted to share her little moments of joy with everyone! I found that really adorable. That was the first time I read someone's blog.... and till date remains one of the most favorite blogs I have ever read. It's funny how things that you bump into accidently have a way of inspiring you completely.

She inspired me to be open about my own thoughts. That there's nothing wrong in writing things that YOU feel strongly about and that others might not agree with. That it's okay to write gibberish once in a while coz it's your own personal space. That it's entirely essential to have fun while you're writing. Now, that was the year I decided to create my own blog - 2005!


I don't know what made her delete off her blog. Maybe she got bored of it, or maybe she wanted to protect her privacy coz there were too many of her pics in there. But that's what made that blog so special - coz she made it personal.

I see that trend continuing nowadays. You build a blog, you get followers, you write awfully nice posts... and you end up deleting it. I, for one, love reading posts that I enjoy, again and again no matter whose blog it is -- any post that brings a smile to my face!

My Reasons On Why You Should Never Delete Your Blog

1. Your posts - no mater, if they're good or bad - hold some kind of memory. Why would you want to delete off those memories forever? They might be unbearable to read today, but tomorrow you're sure to smile and maybe feel a lil silly when you read them.

2. You will be amazed to see how much you have changed when you read the posts later on. It's like you can see for yourself the change that has happened... be it in your thoughts, your beliefs and everything else. I used to be a worry wart, highly moody and anxious...and that can be seen from my earlier posts. I can safely say that I am much more 'cooler' now ;)

3. If you have to, delete few posts that you don't want others to read at any cost... but don't delete the entire blog!

4. Later on, you can just show the posts to whomsoever it matters and you can make things easier for yourself ;) Make people even understand you better! Your future hubby/wife would definitely be interested to know about your past for sure. Oh, did I tell you guys that R reads this blog nowadays? And err... a big welcome to R's friends and family to my blog as well.... *Sigh*

5. From point 4, it's evident that it makes it easier for friends and family to get to know you better too! ;)

6. Be considerate towards your readers. They can't keep running after you, and God forbid they might just get tired one day (how much can we run, really?) and decide to leave you at that.

I have no idea what all this blog must have recorded from 10 years hence. But one thing's for sure... I would grin out wide whenever I come across those posts tagged R ! ;)

P.S : Happy 200th post to me! :)

P.P.S : Thanks to everyone who keep commenting, reading, mailing and scrapping me about my posts. You guys make me feel SPECIAL! :) :) :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Missing Pages In My Diary...

There are a couple of things I need to record in this blog. Some things that went unmentioned maybe coz I never got the time or maybe coz some other topic would end up getting a higher priority. If I don't do it now, I guess I will never. So here goes...

1. The Jose Covaco Video - A very big thanks to Sandeep Balan for gifting me this video of MTV India VJ Jose Covaco. It was highly unexpected and it made my day, month and almost the whole year! Oh yes, I am a die-hard Jose Covaco fan (No, I'm not kidding) and I was touched a person would actually remember this minute detail to go ahead and make a video for me. Thanks Sandy -- SO VERY MUCH!

2. A Walk To Remember - The first time I and R went for a long walk in Dubai (or any place else, for that matter). I remember telling him all my secrets during that one walk and I felt relieved to know that a person was genuinely interested in what I had to say. Moreoever, he didn't judge me. We talked and talked and we sat down by the road side next to this coffee shop. I think, we sat there for almost 40-45 minutes but never noticed the time passing by. The cute part was that later on the coffee shop attendant offered us two free cups of coffee.

Me : You think he has put something in this coffee?

R : What?

Me : Maybe he's trying to drug us. After that, he might steal our money!

R : Huh?

Me : Do you think we should drink this? I mean, why would anyone give anything away for free??

R (looking at the drink tentatively) : Ok, I will drink it first!

All this while, my mom's sound was resonating inside my ears -- 'Don't take anything from strangers, moley!'. Funny how childhood advices have a way of making their comeback in the weirdest of situations. The coffee was harmless enough, but the moral of the story is that even if a person is being genuinely nice, you end up doubting him/her... and especially if the person is a stranger! ;)

3. Web Marketing Becomes A Passion - Now e-marketing is something which I had started off as a hobby but now I can spend hours and hours on it learning new stuff (thanks to YouTube videos) and researching. 24 hours don't seem enough for me. And I'm glad that somehow all the hard work is paying off. A part of my e-marketing site (which I won't reveal since I need my privacy there) is going to be published into a Social Marketing book. It's nothing big, but feels great to know that something of mine is getting published!

What feels even more great? That I am sitting right at home and earning almost as much as what people are earning working in nearby offices. I'm saying this with pride coz people used to find it hard to believe that you can earn while you're sitting at home... so sorry if I sound like I'm bragging by the end of it all. ;) I'm just very happy. Touch wood.

Dare to be different and if you've enough passion for it, you can set anything right and going your way!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Food and Money

I am heading back to India after two whole months. I shopped like crazy, tried on 100s of clothes out of which I decided to buy only 4 (talk about being extremely picky?), got gifts for fiance and sister dearest, and now I am broke! Well, almost...

I have some more shopping to do tomorrow. Let's see what I can get for 100 rupees! Show me what you've got Dubai! PLEASE!

On another note, It's time for Dhanno to get serious once she reaches India and start that dreadful wonderful activity called cooking! I would like to call myself the cooking monster here -- I know next to nothing! Whenever mummy ji starts teaching me classic Southie dishes, I wander into my own world. In there, I am mixing and matching clothes - "That Black top I got day before yesterday will go with the Capris I got the previous week" and so on and so forth. Only if I was that competent when it came to mixing and matching masalas and vegetables.

I don't want to trouble mummy ji all the time (I mean, more than usual :P) so if you guys are ready to share some of your sureshot secret yummylicious (but SIMPLE) recipes then do it NOW! :D If you're too shy to post em in the comments section - mail me! ;)