Friday, March 19, 2010

How The Kids Are Taking It...

From my last post, you must have figured out how usually adults react after finding you're committed. Well, that's how the adults in my vicinity react anyway! So how well are the kids in my family taking it ?

Kid #1 - My Niece
Age - 8 Years

My niece always wanted me to hook up with someone whom SHE herself would like. I had already mentioned it months back here. It's heart warming to see that she gets along SO well with R. But yeah, she still finds it a lil difficult to digest the fact that now her mad aunt has a fiance.

I kind of made a rule that we (R and I) should hug each other before bidding adieu for the day, no matter who is present. And one fine day, my niece happened to be present alongwith me. We both gave her a wary look and decided to give the goodbye hug anyway. Mind you, it was JUST a hug! Her reaction?

'Yuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkk! Gross!'

I know I'm a lil psycho when it comes to these things, but I insist on a 'huggy' (that's how I say it) even if ADULTS are present. No one in my family is used to seeing hugs, and it was highly amusing to watch their reactions.

Mom (Looking upwards as if asking God to forgive us for our sins) - "Oh! You guys have reached this stage!"
Niece - "There they go again ! Ewwwwwww !!!!!"

Next morning? My niece comes up to me, pouts and says 'no huggyyy?' with a giggle. Great! Now my niece has started taunting me too....

Kids #2 and #3 - R's Nieces
Age - 2 and 7 years

I met R's two nieces few days back. They kept looking at me with keen eyes but weren't sure how to interact with me. After a lil bit of cajoling and cuddling, the ice was broken.

R (to the kids) - 'Now give your aunt a kiss!'

*Kids look at me all wide eyed and unsure*

R - 'Yeah! Go on! Like this... See!'

.... And he plants a peck on my cheek.

*Dhanya in total shock looks at R*

*R grins*

*Dhanya then looks anxiously towards the kids*

*2 year old niece has got one finger in her mouth as if trying to figure out what just happened*

*7 year old niece is blushing almost as much as Dhanya*

*Everyone ends up looking all confused and not facing each other... except R who was still enjoying the moment*

It's just so very amusing to watch the reactions of kids when it comes to welcoming new members into the family. It's not always hunky dory. Jealousy creeps in sometimes when they find out a total stranger is spending more time with their loved one. But the greatest feeling? When we come to know that we can all gel together as one big happy family with loads and loads of such good, funny and priceless moments to share. And boy oh boy, do I LOVE the surety of it all!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spare Me The Pre-Nuptial Advices... and Jokes!

Yes, I am going to get married in few months... but what's with all the advising?

*Yawn* Advice #1 - "Marriage is all about adjustment. Girls should always adjust more, tolerate more, think more, understand more, clean more, sweep more, cook more..." (I hate being a girl sometimes. I truly do!)

*Yawn* Advice #2 - "Don't make your husband spend too much money on you. There should always be a limit!" (WTF? If he's ready to splurge on me, I should let it be no?)

*Yawn* Advice #3 - "Dhanya, don't call him patti, thendi and all that! He's your husband.. your husband parameshwar! The apple of your eye! How can you use such swear words on him???" (*Yawn* My would be... my wish...)

*Yawn* Advice #4 - (From Mr. Pati Parameshwar himself)

R - "Every morning I expect you to touch my feet. I'm elder to you remember? Show me some respect!"

Me - *Gives him a WTF look* If that's the case mister, get ready to fall down each morning!!!!

As if the advices aren't enough, I have to suffer some double meaning jokes from relatives and friends alike...

Mom (giving me a naughty look) - "It seems R wants to get married to you asap. Heee heee heeeeee !!!! What does that mean eh???" (bursts into giggles)
Me - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me - So I went out with R....
Friend - Oooooohhhhh !!! And... ? *Wink*
Me - And I went for a movie with him....
Friend - WOW! Annnnnddd.... ? *Wink Wink*
Me - Then movie finished and we got back home...
Friend - What happened in theatre ehhhhh ??? *giggles the girly giggle*
Me - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know getting married is a huge thing... but really, why make it so embarrassing and difficult? :(