Saturday, February 13, 2010

Opposites Attract?

- He is a non-stop chatterbox. I need my moments of silence.

- He can have non-veg for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I prefer to have it only now and then.

- He hates reading. I love it!

- He goes out of his way to please me. I am more laidback.

- He seems jovial always. I have my mood swings.

I am not the easiest of person to get along with. There were times when I wondered if I should even consider marriage considering the type of person I am -- moody, easily irritated and frustrated, quite spoilt even! But as luck would have it, I have found someone who can deal with my tantrums, my mood swings... in short, a person who can deal with me being ME!

People tell me that the best time is before marriage (during the courtship period) and that after marriage, it's not the same. I think it will be the opposite for R & I. Touch wood.

P.S : I got engaged on the 7th of this month :)

I have time to upload just one pic on blogger. That's me on my engagement day, posing as never before ;)

Special love to Madhuri, Richa and Annie for making me feel so special on my special day !! :)


  1. Happy courtship period...incidentally a week after your engagement you have valentine's day ;)

    and yes the kudi in the pic looks really happy and adorable in a Monalisa type of smile :P

  2. awwwe....touchwood! touchwood! Lucky you are! Enjoy! ;)

    Nice new bright header... :)


  3. thats a lovely pic ..congrats on the engagement !!

  4. Congratulations!!! Have a great life ahead... :)

  5. Everytime I look at this pic I have this insanely foolish grin on my face and a longgggggggg *sigh* :) :)

    Happy for you Dhans :)

    And yeah, Opposites do attract! :) :) :) *blush* *grin*


  6. Congrats dear!!! Looking pretty!!!

  7. so sweet of you, looking very nice in the pic and don't listen to the people...what they say...believe in your own experiences :)

  8. awesome...u look amazing..:) Hope u have a great life ahead..and yeah opposites attract..have fun!

  9. you look gorgeous and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am for you. :)

    I hope you have a beautiful courtship always, that just grows with time! :)

  10. so shweeet...u indeed are looking beautiful... I wish for a lot of love for ya in this time...and time ahead of ya...

    happy engagement and best of luck for future..

  11. Aww you look so adorable. For a minute I thght this was some pic you flicked off the internet.

    Wish you a happy courtship period and a happier married life :)

  12. May you have the happiest times before AND after marriage. Touchwood! GOD bless you both so much :) You look A-mazing in that snap xD

  13. yeh everything seems magical at first

  14. Courtship is awesome,trust me.. :D Pakshe,ente aliyande kalikaalam thudangi.. :((((

    Congratulations... :)


  15. Wowwww!! Congo Dhanya!

    I am so happy for you!!

    Yeah cherish this moment!! :)


  16. how sweet!!i am glad u hav found the one for u. :) God bless you dear.

  17. awwwww... sho shweet..
    Congratulations! :))

  18. must say look good :)

  19. Dhanya..
    Congrats on the courtship period.. hav fun.. cuz u ll neva get such a time after marriage.. khe khe khe.. ;)

    picz nice... :D

  20. Congrats dear... And You look cute in the pic...

    And btw tomorrow is your first Valentine's day with R. Hope you have a fun day.

  21. he can deal with u .. U can deal with him
    i think tht s wht a relation going ..
    Understanding, Trust and love

  22. After seeing the photo, I think it will be safe on my part to say that your wedding pic will be the typical mallu gold-mine pic ;)

  23. Anonymous8:54 PM

    u look beautiful!!!
    congrats n all d best!!!


  24. jst strtd folowin ur blog as i fnd it very simple yet intrstng...leme tell ya..dis pic is cho chweeet!! :) ....

  25. jst strtd folowin ur blog as i fnd it very simple yet intrstng...leme tell ya..dis pic is cho chweeet!! :) ....

  26. Gorgeous picture. You look drop dead stunning pretty. My sweet little sister has grown up!

    Wish you all the luck in your life ahead!

  27. Awwwwww.... u look gorgeous... n u definitely r playin the part of a desi dulhan... woh aankhen... OMG... How do u manage to get this sharmeeli look???

    N belated though it might be, Congrats!!!
    I havent been around for a long time....
    Happy Valentine's Day... But i guess for ppl in love (n for those recently engaged :P) everyday is V day... :D

  28. P.S : " Touch wood "
    Kisi ki buri nazar na lag jaye...

  29. Dhanya, Congrats on the engagement. One piece of advice from someone who's been married for quite some time now - Enjoy the courtship period to the hilt. It is the best period of the relationship.
    BTW - awesome pic.


  30. Well,you look beautiful !

    Congrats !!!

  31. Scribbling here first-time..and I stumbled upon something very personal's wishing you a very enjoyable courtship period!!..and yes, the one thumb rule of mankind is that opposites do attract indeed.

    You look beautiful!:)

  32. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You look awesomely PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Super happy for you!!!!

    Wish you all the happiness in the world!!! :)


  33. He is a non-stop chatterbox. I need my moments of silence::::OMG someone knows me and my wife story...

  34. Thanks for the Reflections.
    May you have a blessed and abundant life ahead!

    God bless you :)

  35. god bless ya dhanya :)..u look gorgeous in the pic :)..we all are so happy for ya :)..

    all the best :)..


  36. Looking gorgeous and you have a very cute smile! :-)

    Congratsss..Have a great life ahead!

  37. I'm so happy for u, Dhaani!!

    May you bathe in mush throughout your life with ur guy!!

    Have a great life ahead!!

  38. Congrats Dhanya...

    Looking absolutely.. beautifu.. :)

    Good to knw abt him....
    God Bless You both of u...

    N guys dont have any other option, they have to pamper the girls and
    to deal with thier tantrums and mood swing...
    i think yeh bimari har ladki ko hai.... hahaha...

    All the very best....
    hv fun

  39. Girl u r looking sooooo pretty!!! Congrats & God Bless!!!!!

  40. Congrats :)!!!

    All the very best for future :).

  41. I have to say this... I just have to... and you HAVE to believe me.... you just HAVE TO HAVE TO HAAAAAAAAVEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOOOOO..... U r the prettiest engaged girl on her engagment day i have EVER EVER seen, n i have attended quite a few engagments!! mwah.... pretty pretty. MashAllah.. Congrats..

  42. Awww... thatch wacsh cho cutech! Nicech!
    Looking smashing in the sari chechi. Rock on... al the best to you and chetan. :)

  43. Hi Dhanya.just came across your blog.Love the way you write.Simple yet nice :)..btw congrats look grt in the pic....Can we get to see the full pic?:)

  44. opposite attracts and they make a great couple too...hope you had an rocking valentines day...

    liked your post:)

  45. You look great! I hope you see some wonderful years ahead =)

  46. congratulations!!!
    you are looking very pretty in the pic..resembling one of my friend:))
    was just wondering..with all your fingers covered with rings, where did you wear the "Engagement Ring"!! ;)

  47. congrats.. following this on FB for a while.. happy for you.. pass your number.. drop it to my mailbox.. would buzz ya for ur wedding at least..

    God bless

  48. Ashish - Yup it was ! :) Had a nice time and got some worthwhile gifts too ;)

    Meera kutty - Thank you so much :)

    Bedazzled - Thanks :)

    Gaurav - Thank you!! :)

    Annie - Hehehe... I'm assuming your special one is the exact opposite to you ? ;)

  49. Sameera - Thank you so much !

    An Ordinary Gal - Definitely! I'm trying to be an original :D :D

    Madhu - Thanks dear :)

    Ki - Your prediction has come true ;)

    Daydreamer - Thanks :) Really sweet of you!

  50. Shanu - lol ! That's a huge compliment :) Thanks so much sweety...

    Ana - Thanks :D

    Uncommon Sense - lol ! you give the most depressing comments ever ;) :D

    Nikhil - Hmmmm :P Adhe adhe...

    Princess Nuchu - Thank u :)

  51. Ria - :) Thank you dear !

    Chocolate Lover - Thanks :D

    Vishesh - Thank u :) :)

    Anoop - Yes yes... thank you.. for scaring me ! :P

    Communi - Yup yup.. had fun! :)

  52. SA - Well said ! I believe the same too :)

    Ramya - Bwahaha... Oh c'mon !!! There's not much gold there. My folks were planning to cover me up with MORE gold but I had to put my foot down ;)

    N - Thank you :)

    yshfn - Whoa ! That's a pretty difficult nickname to type ;| Thank you so much for the follow and the sweet compliment... :)

    Ramit Bhai - Thank you sooooo much ! :D I haven't grown up really even if you think the pic indicates otherwise ;) :D

  53. Lakshmi - Thank you :) So sweet @ kisi ki buri nazar :D :D

    Gaurav - Oh no! Makes me want to skip the marriage part :(

    Anwesa - Thank you :D

    lostworld - Thanks for the visit :) Keep reading !!

    Bondgal - Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!! :)

  54. Ramesh - Hahaha :D Roles are reversed in my case, no ? :)

    Surya - Thank u :)

    Hemu - Thanks so much Hemz... Feels like I am celebrating my engagement online too ! Glad to have so many people to share the good news with :D

    Nandita - Thanks :D

    JA - I hope so too ! Touch wood :)

  55. Pallav - LOL @ bimari. I KNEW IT ! :D So it isn't just me you're saying ? :P Good and relieved to know that !

    Nancy - Thanks a lot :D

    Harini - :D :D THank youuuuu !!!!

    Zeba - Oh my god... I find that hard to believe but since you sound so hyper I will just say that I do believe you... thanks so much for the AWESOME compliment !!!! :)

    AJai - It wasn't a sari... it was a lehenga :D :D

  56. Sagarika - I will try to upload a pic :) Thanks for your compliments and keep reading !:)

    Anamika - Thank u :)

    Kanwalful - Thanks so much :D

    Wishes galore - Lol ! The guy wasn't there for the engagement coz he got caught up at work... The engagement was in old style with no ring exchange.. ring exchange will only be in July :)

    Chriz - Danks :D

  57. Gr8 all the best ya:)

  58. How many times i've told u..when u post, inform me!
    and :) :) :)
    congrats's never too late to love :) im sure its gonna be awesome for u two.

  59. btw..HAAN HAAN opposites do attract :D
    like im attracted to boys n they are attracted to me :P
    ok lame one che :(

  60. congrats and ur pic luks super cool :)

  61. You look great.
    Have a happy married life.


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