Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Blessed Month

There are phases in your life which make you wonder if you would ever be able to get past through unharmed...

I remember sending frantic messages to my sister last year telling her desperately why I thought I wasn't marriage material. I couldn't find peace anywhere from anyone and I thought the best place to find the comfort I was looking for could only come from me! I stayed aloof for a pretty long time because I didn't want to hurt anyone and most importantly I didn't want to end up hurting myself. Funny how things turned around this year...

Now, at least I am not as hopeless as I used to be. Marriage doesn't scare me anymore. I am not even scared how it would turn out after marriage (due to happen later this year) coz I believe I have met the most patient and understanding man ever possible. I have now realised that soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you.

I have no idea if my platinum day of love had come and gone without me knowing about it but I can't stop gushing....

... when he calls up after having a fight and throws dialogues like these :

R : Busy ?

Me : Uh huh.. what happened now ?

R : Wanted to hear your stupid voice...

Me (Irritated) : Huh ?

R : Kidding! Just called to say that I accept you with all your mood swings, tantrums and frustrations. Love you...

... when he mingles with my family as if they are his own.

... when he buys popcorn, eats more than half of it himself and then turns to me apologetically saying 'Oops! I was hungry'.

... when he throws tantrums and goes kiddish with a 'I won't talk to you again! Nobody cares for me!' but calls me back after an hour or two with a 'So wassup?'

... when he gushes and goes all wide eyed, happy and cheerful when he sees me making me feel as if I am the most beautiful person in this world.

I feel if R and I had met somewhere outside this whole arranged prospective bride/groom meeting, we would have still fallen in love and got married eventually. I don't think anybody else could have handled the volatile me in a better way nor would he have been able to feel so vehemently about anyone else.

Who said Pyaar is Impossible in an arranged marriage?

It has been a blessed month so far -

Feb 7th - My engagement day

Feb 14th - Got my first engagement gift from R - a White Gold ring. I decided to break the ice then and gave him a tight hug. He was quite surprised by this (who said men had to take the first step?) but it did leave him with a huge grin!

Feb 16th - My Nephew was born - Yadharth! Babies are such sweethearts. You can't help falling for them the moment they are born -- those cute expressions, smiles, the gurgles and Yadharth to top it all mistakes my nose for his feeding bottle!

I am in Dubai now enjoying with my sister, family and R! The later part of this month would see me flying off to the place I was born and brought up - Bahrain - for a quick visit. Won't be around for few weeks. Till then, have a more blessed month than me! :)


  1. Congrats once again Dhanya!! May you both have a wonderful life ahead. :) I can understand a part of what all u r going through. I faced similar situations too. Check my journey here:

    and finally the outcome ;)


  2. Yayy! Somebody is dripping in love! :D

    Bless you! :)

  3. Oh my gawwwddd , I lurrrrvvv this.. three cheers to you dhanooo.. :D :D and four cheers to moi aliyan.. ;)

    You are blessed!!! btw,njaanum ee tantrums-um mood swings-um okke sahichu,kshemichu - I ve been coming back as if nothing has happened..Okay?? athu marakkandaa.. :P

    Loadsa love... :))


  4. God bless you and R! Wishing you years and years filled with happiness :)

    And Im so tempted to say... Touchwood :)


  5. That guy must be feeling really proud of himself reading your post...

    Have a blessed life guys!!!

    If Pyaar can vanish in love marriages...then Pyaar can happen in arranged ones

  6. :) it so turned up my happy mood.. :)

  7. Awesome writing! I can feel the feel.
    All the very best for your life! God bless you both!

  8. nice to rad all this..perfect for all those who feel arranged marriage sucks..i guess its the compatiability that counts..:)

    besties girl...i can feel that happiness ryt here!

  9. hellooo..what happened abt the whole family readin ur blog part? or is this 'R' rated now? jus kiddin ;)

    am off on sunday, mayb we can make plans :)

  10. R seems really great. And congrats for everything :).

  11. hmmmmm good to read the sweet expressions..someone is in Love.. and ya babies are always so sweet...they make u smile with their stupid talks..Keep Smiling dear :)

  12. I have now realized that soul-mates are people who brings out the best in you.

    I liked that line.


  13. White gold=-platinum? So was Feb 14th ur platinum day of love? :)

    Nose=feeding bottle? Pinochhio? ;)

  14. Loved reading this...
    Took me down the memory lane some memories came up...

    happy for u hugzz :)

    have a lovely yr ahead :) filled with love :)

  15. Engaged a week before Valentine's day! You're one simply drenched in lovey dovey goodness aren't you Dhanno?
    Arranged marriages can be awesome if there's compatibility. And you got loads of it in both of you!
    Ab Dhanno ki kab aayegi baraat?? :D :D

  16. Wow.. Its love all the way!! :) :) :)

    Cant help smiling and adoring you both.. :)

  17. Don't worry for any thing from now. God is with us :)

    Wish u a happy married life!

  18. Lots of wishes..may your happiness last forever!!

  19. Really nice post... :)
    even i feel like gettin married... khe khe khe... ;)

  20. soooo cute !!! good luck !!

  21. awww soo sweet :)...just awesomely sweet :)


  22. Though I was reading it I was lost in my memories.

    Its beautiful :)

    Congratulations Dhanya :)
    God Bless You Both :)


  23. I loved your post...
    and you have no idea how happy i am for u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    loved the soulmates dialogue u maarofied.
    love u Dhanya Venugopal :)

    p.s- my jiju rocks! :------)

  24. Damn Dhanya!

    You are SO me :D :D

    Congrats :) Wish u loads of happiness...

  25. lovely lovely post :) wish these platinum days never ever dry up. have a romantic life ahead blessed with a dozen of nanna munna kids :)

  26. I am not really sure how have I stumbled on your blog.. You've got a wonderful, colorful blog Dhanya...
    As happiness adorns you this season - here's cheers to you.. Rock on.. :-)

  27. you have been awarded dear...check out my space :)

  28. The 'awesomness' has just begun. =)

  29. awlee! :) may every month from now on be as blessed :D

  30. yay!!! awesome!!
    Im so sooo happy for you! :D
    i just got back to blogging so i havent read the posts in between.. i will now :)

  31. :) Here's a song dedicated for the both of you -- "Do dil mil rahe hai"!!

  32. so happy for u dear!!have fun. :)

  33. This is so sweet Dhanya :-)
    Loved ur post :-)
    God bless !!

  34. Gave you an award on my blog =)

  35. mummmeee!!!! i said, " find a bride for me"

  36. Congratulations on ur nephew's birth, wishing u loads of happiness and...

    God Bless:-)!!!!!!

  37. Abhishek - :)

    Pria - Thanks :)

    Gaurav - Read all the posts! :) Thanks for posting the links here... Could relate to them a lot -- especially the initial posts :D

    Meera kutty - Thankings :)

    Nikhs - Of course ! I haven't forgotten at all.. Thank YOU for that :)

  38. Annie - Thanks a lot !! :D :D

    Jon - Well said ! He isn't aware of the blog and the posts yet! I am planning to surprise him with them later on... :)

    Anupie - Aww !!! Glad to do so :)

    Giri - Thank you! Thanks for dropping by and leaving in a comment :) :)

    Madhu - Oh yes! This post is especially meant for those who are skeptical about arranged marriages

  39. Suma - Yeah ! My whole family reads my blog and I did get ragged for this... but oh, well! ;)

    Harini - Thank u :)

    An Ordinary Gal - This baby hasn't started talking yet ;)

    Randeep - Nice to know you liked the post :D :)

    Quest - Nope, not platinum !!! White gold is gold which is white in colour ! :D lol @ pinnochio... yeah I've got a lot of that :P

  40. Priya - Whoa... Wonder what memories I ignited in your case ;)

    Shaunak - Dhanno ki baraat will come on July 4th! :D U.S independence day... the day when R and I LOSE our independence :P *Sigh*

    Nandita - Thanks :)

    Surya Kannan - Thanks a lot :)

    Anwesa - Touch wood !!!

  41. Anoop - You should then ! ;) Don't let us stop u :P :P

    Bedazzled - Thanks so much dear ! :)

    Hemu - Thanks :D

    Satyu - Awww... :) Glad to know the post brought back some memories of your own...

    Mads - :) :) Now I'll set u up with someone :-w Time for for you :-w

  42. Harshita - Hai na ? ;) :D Finally realization dawnsss :D :D

    Sawan - Dozens of kids ? You've got to be kidding me :D :D

    Himanshu - Thank you so much :D

    Ordinary Gal - Will do soon :D

    Mona - *Relieved* People are scaring me with after-marriage stories ;) About how the romance dies down n stuff... Thanks for clearing that up :D :D

  43. Ki - Thanks dear ! Same to u :)

    Harini - It's okay! I am kind of in between a holiday too now... So I can understand ;)

    lostworld - Haha ! Apt song :D :D Thankssssss :) :)

    Ria - Thanks :)

    Anki - Glad u liked it :D

  44. Kanwalful - Will check out soon :D

    Chriz - She's trying her best I am sure ;)

    Reflections - Thankssss a lot Nancy :D

  45. Love is smething very mysterious, u never knw when n where u r gonna find urs... :)
    Dhannooooo that was a sweet post..
    oh by the way... gals r also romantic.. rite....

  46. thats the magic of love.. be it arranged marriage or any other marriage.

  47. DI - Yup.. gals sure are :)

    Suree - well said ;) :)

  48. Awww :)

    Wish you both all the happiness in future :) and many many platinum days of love :)
    God bless.

  49. aww that was so sweet :) my best wishes to you and your loved ones :)

  50. I don't aww much but AWWWWWWWWWW :) :) :) :):) Congratulations Dhanya, once again! Ohh and Yadharth is just choooooo cuuuute =D


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