Saturday, January 30, 2010

They Teach It In Labour Rooms...

I don't know what happens to a mother prior to her daughter's engagement. All I can say is, my mom has been acting really hyper lately -- she laughs loudly for the weirdest of reasons which ends up with me giving a 'WTH is wrong with you?' look to her.

Another thing my mom is especially fond of nowadays is keeping a tag on how many times R calls me in a day. I used to give her details at first, but then eventually got annoyed with all the record keeping.

Mom : So did R call ?

Me : *Smiles*

Mom : Did R come online ?

Me : *Smiles*

Mom : How many times he called you today ?

Me : *Winks at her*

Mom : Why you not answering my questions ?

Me : *Smiles again*

Mom : AHANGAARI (Arrogant female in Malayalam) ! You don't tell me anything !!!!

Me : *All aware of what's coming up next...*

Mom : You bring kids up with such love and care only to see days like these !!!!

Me : *Really interested in where the conversation is heading...*

Mom : Oh God! What have I done to deserve kids like these ?????

Me : *Eyes wide open now*

Mom : I will join some Ashram one day !!! There at least I will be at peace !!! No use showing love to kids like you !!

Me : Amma, you told last time also you will join Ashram!


After few minutes...

Mom : So.... did R call ?

In between this conversation, I couldn't help but think how influenced moms can be with T.V soaps. Some of the dialogues thrown by them make you go all Deja Vu and you end up thinking where you have heard them before. That's the case with me, anyway! So instead of empathizing with her, I am left thinking 'Where have I heard this one before?'

I discussed this with my dear friend Anu....

Me : Mom was really pissed with me today. She didn't like the way I ignored questions related to R!

Anu : Oh !!!! What all she said ??

Me : (Tells her the same dialogues given above)

Anu : heyyy... my mom also !!!! Dhanya, I think they teach these dialogues in labour rooms...

Hear hear! ;)


  1. ha ha.. thankfully mine never asked me questions on these lines.. still,funny !

  2. This one is hilarious! ;)

    I started a new blog, do take a look. :)

  3. :)))

    But atleast give answers to the questions Mom asked, here!!!

  4. My mom makes these dialogues everyday and I'm nowhere near engaged!:D

    "There is no point loving kids these days."

    "You got a boyfriend?Details then! "

    "Soon we are going to get you married."

    "Ahangari, you cant ignore my questions like that."

    All that and not a single response from me and mom goes crazy.But never stops at that, same thing happens in a few days! :D

    They sure teach them in labour rooms! Lol :D

  5. Very interesting dialogue. So true too.It reminds me of a tag in an Orkut page about moms - Can't live with her, Can't live without her!!!

  6. ROFL!! :D
    haahaahah, thankully, i have managed to brainwash tv serials from my moms head :D hahaha,

    I'm so glad she doesnt watch them. once every no and then she does, but so does eveyone :)

    But then, there stil are the typical masala movies!

  7. hahah ...its just they care :)...but yeah moms are like wise they keep the tag on the calls and chats :)...

    anyways how many times did R call :P..


  8. wow.. too good..just loved the conversation..

  9. :))...these mom jokes can be a serious threat to tintumon's existence...:)

  10. LOL..I so agree :)

  11. all moms are the same and believe me,their dialogues are fike infinite loop which ends nowhere even after the termination of program and finally make ur system's performance degraded by hanging in main memory and smtimes physical memory too ;)

  12. lol moms are moms :D . Hilarious piece. I should also write sometime about my mom :D bgtw awesome pic :D

  13. Anonymous4:06 PM

    LOL!! yeah!! i always think the same too..when me and my friends' discuss about our moms' dialogue.. and find that they all come up aith same dialogues.. heheh!!

  14. So did R call ?

    lol.... :D

  15. ehehe fun!!njoi!!n keep giving her those smiles :)

  16. lol, no wonder u have such a good sense of humor. people get influenced by the company they keep :D

  17. I think it's different lines depending where ur from... in the sense in bombay i'm sure most moms are influenced by Ekta Kapoor... and sometimes I kinda check if there's some funny background music playing...
    Dhanya be warned you will lose your mind by the time u get married and the few days after will be a blur and then ur like 'holy shitcakes what happened there??'

  18. lol!!this is jus so true. :P

  19. Di Ahangaari! How much you torture your poor mom :)

    Loved her dialogues, oh so dramatic hehehehe

    n what a witty dialogue at the end, thumbs up to Anu :)

  20. rofllllllllll :D LOL
    ur mom is super cute..and i <3 anu!! yo che!!
    haha :D
    i'll also piss my mom off like this when i grow up ;) :D

  21. LOL...remids me of my ammaa!

  22. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Nice humor, but then this is their(Moms) reaction to see a daughter go to somebody else. Its a natural phenomenon and feeling, i guess...

    i mean to say that they feel a bit different when they see their daughter leaving their house something which they are not used to for years.

  23. LOL mothers also want to know u that they can update the fathers;-D

  24. i khow how it is.. mine is more interested to talk to him than i do//lol

  25. Moms will be moms..!!

  26. Moms will be moms..!!

  27. lol...

    amma always used to complain on what we talked for hours on phone.

    So, its typical with all moms...

  28. LOL!!!

    Have seen to movie.. "Because I said so..?" your post reminded me of that!

  29. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Because I said so!!! Wtch it pakka se, you'll appreciate ma a LOT more :D :P

  30. :)
    Lovely header.:)

  31. Anonymous10:40 AM


    I would have answered " family planning "

  32. hehe...congratulations and best wishes for a lovely life with R...

  33. Haha. moms will b moms

  34. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Touched my heart, thank you.

  35. lolz .. and congrats for ahead :) .. how many weeks exactly but?

  36. Chanced upon your blog yesterday and I am truly smitten by your posts - they are so fun and the topics are cool! And this comment on this particular post is for your mom - she rocks :)))

    Keep writing.. meanwhile, I have soooo many more posts to read here!!


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