Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Red Hot Chili Peppers

January is always eventful for me some way or the other. This month had its ups and downs -- was really happy coz of family in the beginning but let down by friends later on. As usual, I am blessed with four angels to bring me up whenever I am downright low - Sum, San, Mads, and a long lost friend who came back just on time, Anu Susan.

I have lost almost 4 friends this month coz of my volatile temper. A temper which I usually keep hidden coz if unleashed it can be as bad as it can get. A temper which I know can make me lose friends as fast as I befriend them.

In a fight, each party will have a different story to tell and prove that they are more right. More often than not, both sides are to be equally blamed and hence I won't revert to a post that says why I am right and the others are wrong. The funny part is that all the people I had fought with are people who I know only through the Internet. Does this mean that we are less tolerable towards people we hardly know? It's easy to get close to such people, but then it doesn't take much to get pissed off at them either.

I got a shower of advices the following day -

'Someone throws you a smile and you befriend them. Why do you befriend people so quickly? You've always been like this and you land up with people who you can't really handle and they end up hurting you.'

'Making friends is fun but all won't care for you as much... so do keep the distance.'

'Don't make friendship with strangers. People you meet virtually don't know how you are and can misunderstand you faster.'

'Why do you trust people so quickly and expect them to understand everything and anything you tell them?'

'Some 'friends' are like that - they stay with you only during your good days.'

Definitely some points for me to ponder on...

On a brighter note, being with family (relatives included) is getting more and more enjoyable. I developed a bond with my cousin brothers which was missing earlier. Now I don't think twice before entering their rooms and waking them up from their beauty sleep. No longer the uncomfy silences when we sit together for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was closer to the girls in the family, but now it's the same with the boys too. This means that I am no longer considered as the outsider -- the NRI -- of the family. That tag has been thrown into the dust bin and I am just their cute little cousin sister now - which feels great!

Other than that, I met up with relatives from Australia after a long time. The best part was convincing this 12 year old that I was actually 25!

'But you look 18!', she said.

Now what more does a girl need to make her day? ;)

To end this with an even more good note, I might have some news for you guys soon. So stay tuned!


  1. hopin i am the first to comment...Nice to read that u met people u love this month.It cant get better than that!! And ya,ur questions have got me pondering too...but isnt it a well known fact that only close people actually hurt u.Or shud i say,we let them hurt us..Relationships are complicated at times.especially when we want to keep things simple!

  2. It's the reverse for me. I am growing more uncomfy with the relatives and comfy with my old college pals.

    I have learnt not to trust in any human for anything. I live with the hope that I can live each day gracefully.

    But yes, having good relatives can help you when you are in trouble. They are atleast forced to do it due to obligations. Blood can be thicker than water.

  3. So you say you have got a long nose and we will find your temper at the end of it.... at times

  4. Er... Good news?

    What? Mommmy dearest finally found the Nair boy?

    Good luck!

  5. Always cousins and family are our pillar you know>??? :)

  6. even more good news??? got engaged?? ;)

    hav fun....Dhanya

  7. hmmm..

    I dont have anything to say about your temper :p .

    yeah the advices given by ur friends are true...Dont just trust evryone...

    Waiting for the good news...

  8. So I guess Im not the only one who lost people because of the dreaded 'temper' :)

    n oh ofc! u look 18! sheesh! I thought u already knew that! :P


  9. Hope you're feelin better now Dhanno, we're alws there for u :)

  10. wow cant wait for the good news...lucky u, to look like 18 despite being 25. :)

  11. catching up with long lost cousins is a lot of fun! :D
    especially after you've been labelled a NRI (im in that category tooo :P)
    and about that 12 yr old.. haaha :D thats cute :)

    My 9 year old cousin almost got a heart attack when I told him I was 19, dont know what age he had in mind :P
    loll :D happened last year

  12. Ahhh... so THIS is the reason why... hmm.. interesting.. :) n what do ya know.. the first time I am the first to comment on a post.. :D

  13. waiting for good news and right it's the best compliment for a girl when she considered less than her age..nice post :)

  14. yar.. this is called life...

    the best is ur post ends with beautiful end...hehehe.. :P
    waiting for good news...

    i knw u must be thinking i came on ur blog... kaafi time baad ..but actually i was not blogging...isliye...
    hv a great day...

  15. advises...advises...advises ;-)

    temper is like adding red chillies to the curry...a pinch more n you get the desired effect. It really helps you seperate people who politely ask for water from the ones who abuse n curse. Its a litmus test :P

    18 till u die dhans..take in all the compliements...or like the FB dhongi baba says, yeh unki bewakoofi hain...lolz ;-)

    good news....did the net which was cast wide manage to catch some nair boy? *yeyyyyyyyyyyyyy* do i smell a sadhya n tea cum chicken party in tcr sometime soon...;-)

  16. came again to tell you..
    All gilrs wanted to look like 18 always...

    Kisi ne Jhoot toh nahi bola..do check because we guys and some people are master in that ....

  17. You have good posts on your blog. Enjoyed reading most of them.


  18. actually u look even younger...no doubt....as sandeep says i expect a nair booi in the offing...:)

  19. Anonymous6:08 PM

    You are TWENTY FIVE?!?!??! I thought you are same age as me (22).. Hmmph!

    Awww.. Don't get too angry na, bad for health u see.. approm, u will start looking like 25, really! :(

  20. hmm.. its just the opposite for me! cant stand relatives(who wants to get me married asap like i'm 25 or something :D) but friends are always great! :))

  21. waiting for the good nws ^^
    about the award hmm... it is quite behind the pages :|
    You can find it on archives it is titled as "Awards for all"

  22. bad temper,that can put you into trouble..Yeah.. but dhanno gets angry?I thought she doesn't u know? :O
    nice to know that ur enjoying ur extended vacation down here.But me somehow doesn't feel any bit comfortable putting up wid relatives and all that.And that too,for such a long duration. :X

    I do not like to be answering all those silly god-forsaken queries they throw on u and cannot be nice to them. :)

    Pinne,I know.. :P u were lying aboutn that 12year old kid asking ur age thingy na?Enthina veruthey ee nuna,athum ee ennodu.. :P Rephrase it - it must be, "Ur oly 25?? :O " :P


  23. That 18 thing..same here buddy.. i get it all the time. I'm just hoping to look my age someday. I think 18 is still fair, one of my classmate said that i haven't changed a bit from school days. I so..o wanted to tear apart myself.

    I being the only spinster amongst my cousin sisters, and that makes me out of their league. Now a days I'm more comfortable with the kids.

  24. thoughtful
    still thinking

  25. butterflies are fluttering in my tummy!

    temme temme soon!

    cant wait on much longer ;)

    but i m hoping it will be absolutely marvelous!

  26. I know EXACTLY how u feel! I have lost a couple of 'friends' too which i made through the internet and no one can be the sole culprit. If on a brighter side if internet has made us feel vulnerable it has also given us some friends for life..mads in your case for eg :)
    I have got SUPERB friends through the internet and i think a few fights here n there with the dorks is too less a price to pay for lifetime friends.. so cheer up !!

  27. Anonymous7:10 AM

    I wish not acquiesce in on it. I assume precise post. Especially the appellation attracted me to read the whole story.

  28. anon. ka comment itna funny hai!! :P saala hi-fi english maaring

    u mentioned me, yay!
    but i didnt give u any of those philosophical advices :P or maybe i gave the last quote u mentioned...

    and i have had fights online n offline both... it was easy to resolve things online than offline...surprisingly i gel better with ppl online...
    its true, they send a smiley n u instantly smile back, whereas in real life, if XYZ smiles at u, ur like wtf, do i even know u?

    funny che...the thing we call life :-w
    nahi u dont hv a volatile temper but when u get angry ur like :O scary :D i will never get on ur bad side :-w

    yes u do look 18 !! :D

  29. M all hooked to ur blog to know what's coming up...the news!!!!!

    Have a Jaunty January!:)

  30. tweet wala pic sahi hai :D cute

  31. Madhu - So agree with the last two lines! :)

    Jon - Lol... actually that's the case for most of the people I guess. Really blessed to have an awesome family! :)

    Jon - Oh definitely! WITHOUT any doubt! ;) What are long noses for anyway ? :D

    Ramit - Yeah! Mommy dearest found me a nair boy... a good guy at that :)

    Meow - CORRECT! :)

  32. Anoop - Not yet ;)

    Suree - Hahaha... Come ON! Everyone gets angry once in a while :P

    Annie - :) Thankings!!! :)

    Sumi - Oh feeling better alright ;)

    Ria - New post out already. Thanks for the compliment! :)

  33. Shimmer - It sure is a lot of fun and you know that the relationship is for keeps too :)

    Saseendranpillai - Woohooo :D Look who's here. Silent reader surfaces :D

    Ordinary gal - thanks :)

    Pallav - welcome back! :) nice to see ya around here again... :)

    Sandeep - Litmus test eh ? Couldn't agree more there Mr Balan! ;) Dhoongi baba is so cool n saxie. Would have married him only if he was a nair boy. :P

  34. Pallav - :P Hmmmph! How rude. Door ho jao mere nazron se! :P

    Amol - Thanks :) Keep visiting! :)

    Kaka - Aww so sweet :) Thank u!

    Princess Nuchu - :) :) I LOVE UR APPROM! :D SO CUTE!!!! Thank you for all ur compliments hai ji! :)

    Nandita - LOL! Silent insult to me eh ? ;) 25 or something :P Hahaha... you'll get the torture until u get married ;)

  35. Chocolate Lover - Will check it out soon :)

    Nikhs - Dhanno gets very angry bro :( And those advices are not silly. Actually very true. Phhaaa @only 25 :P

    Communi - I want to look my age too someday! :(

    Sm - Whats so much to think abt ;)

    Seher - You already know :D

  36. AI - :) Well said!

    Anonymous - Ok didn't get a thing you said :(

    Mads - Yeah, didn't know whether to delete it or not. :P Looks kinda spammy :P

    Sorcerer - Thanks :)

    JA - Ur wait is over ;)

    Mads - Thank u che :* >:D< my bamboozle :)

  37. Hmmmm... whatever it is, I LOVE u chechi!!! And I *really* mean it. Let's get offline soon. ;)



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