Saturday, January 23, 2010

How I Met The Nair Boy

This post is dedicated to all those who were dying to know my story. I didn't realize people were actually interested until I got ragged heavily on Facebook asking me to share it with everyone. So here it is... not exactly a dream story, but something which can turn out to be one in the near future - hopefully!

I always wanted a love marriage. I mean, which girl doesn't? We all are die hard romantics at heart and we all want a DDLJ type of love story to happen in our lives. Though now the trends are changing and girls wouldn't mind a 'Love Aaj Kal' either. ;) The thing is, some people get lucky in feeling that intense passion before marriage whereas for the rest of us, it happens after marriage.

I was hell bent in entering into a love marriage no matter what and I almost got the 'love' part of it but not marriage. Commitment phobia is a big thing nowadays huh ? But of course, I never kept any hard feelings for anything and instead of wasting time complaining, I just decided to move ahead and take the next step that would make everyone happy... yes, including yours truly! I hated the loneliness and I wanted to get out somehow. I basically didn't trust my choice in guys, so I let my parents do it for me. This might make you snort and point fingers at me saying 'This is the modern age, girl! Who goes for arranged marriages nowadays?'. But if you're as highly confused and immature like me who makes the most ridiculous choices in life, I would advice you to let your parents do the potential partner searching too!

The choice was left for me of course - to reject or accept a guy! I kind of misused this option a helluva lot and rejected a good bunch of guys. Everyone was worried to the core - 'Why isn't she liking any guy?', 'Maybe she has a boyfriend!', 'Next time you see any guy, just ACCEPT him... it will work out in the future'. Needless to say, the last advice used to hurt me the most. I used to wonder if these people actually cared for me or not.

Then the day arrived when I actually liked a guy's photos plus details and decided to meet him. On the day he was to meet, I told mom that I wasn't going to wait inside for her and dad to call me and instead I would stand right there by the door to greet him and his friend. I hate this waiting part and I had decided not to do it anymore. Thankfully, my mom didn't object.

The guy entered with his friend and he didn't expect me to be standing right before him so early into the meeting. He was surprised and all he did was give a shy smile and we all were seated in the drawing room. We avoided looking at each other throughout the conversation that happened with my parents. I chatted and smiled more at his friend, and R confessed to me later on that by the way things were going on between me and his friend he had a doubt that I would pick his best friend over him! Anyway, that didn't happen....

We then got our alone time. The conversation just flowed, like never before. What was supposed to be a 10 minute talk stretched to 3 hours. Calls were coming from relatives all over. 'What happened?', 'Did she say no?', 'What are they discussing so much?'. Tension was in the air. R was supposed to leave by 2:30, 3:00 P.M. His train was scheduled at 3:30 P.M. Needless to say, he decided to miss the train and continue talking to me.

I don't know what made me say 'yes' to him. I think it's because of his easy going nature, his childish laugh or maybe coz I was able to be myself with him in no time. Anyway, it just clicked. We both said 'yes' and the whole family was relieved. To tell you the truth - so was I!

If you think I am in love, I am not really! Love doesn't happen in a couple of days or meetings. It grows over time -- and right now, I am just waiting for MY platinum day of love. This post would be incomplete without the video -

"You know, they arranged everything -the meeting, the date, the place.. and we.. we did the only thing we could -- we laughed!"

.... And that's how I met the Nair boy!

P.S : Before you go making those 'sada suhagan raho' comments, let me inform you that I am not yet married! ;) I am going to get engaged this feb though... :)


  1. such a maturely written post !! so true that love doesn't happen in a few meetings.. good luck with falling in love with u r nair boy !

  2. Lovely! Lovely!

    Good luck chechi! Muah! :)

  3. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Good luck and have a good life with the dude.

    story well told :)

  4. yeah I get the drift... you want your marriage to be "arranged love marriage"...

    you want to fall in love and then have the you are taking your time :)

  5. same story with me too. just that we didnt have the time to talk for 3 hours. He came almost at 7 in the evening.

    Liked the last para. Same feelings here. Me too waiting for my platinum day of love.

  6. All the best for a happy and joyous future ahead.

  7. awwwww soo sweet :D
    cute story, very realistic :D

    i dont know what to say... all the best?? no no.... live hapily ever after :D ah no thats too fairy tale'ish

    hmm.... oh what ever! Hope You and the Nair boy get along well with a life full of smiles and laughters :D

  8. Wow. Good luck sweet lil sis. Now we want pictures too!

    And I'm not on FB, so I'll just pester you here! :)

  9. thts the right way...

    regarding love, it just happens thts y they have all the chemicals inside us..

  10. first one third story was like me talking! in fact i think every one can identify at some level bt i m happy u found your guy :)
    Stay blessed dhanya !

  11. maarakam!!! :D paavam ente aliyan..ini oru jeevithakaalam muzhuvanum sahikande ?? :O :(


  12. Ahh.. meri toh aankhein bhar aayii khushi main! :P

    Simple post and I liked the way you admitted that love needs to grow!

    All the very best for your relationship!

    P.S.: Shaadi k baad, sada suhaagan raho beti!

  13. ads in your boys is advertising nair grooms... :P

  14. uve so got a PHEW outa my lips...and being a partial mallu...nair thing so its just too exciting for me...ATB for the D day..whenever it come.and do post in his pics after u guys r married...would love to see em..:)

  15. loved the video and the post too...very nicely written.
    You have been awarded...check out previous post in my blog :)

  16. hey...congrats... tat was so nice of u.... hehehe... :)

    n al the best.. :)

  17. So kind of arranged love .eh?

  18. until u force urself into love..arrange marriage is good too...
    it's abt opinions..some pl who r die hard romantics end up in an arrange marriage and love being in it...
    somehow..i feel where ter's love ter's a way...

    juss wait to fall into the deepest n sweetest of all wells ;)

    love :D:D

    love ya..thnx for sharing :)

  19. Thats a real sweet story.
    Wish u a wonderful time ahead.

  20. how sweet!!i am so happy for u gurl. Wish u both all the best. :)

  21. Aweeee!!

    Thanks for sharing darling!!

    I liked the part u said "I was able to be myself with him in no time"

    All the best my dear :)

    Take care!!

  22. Ahhh!! I just love that video :)))

  23. Happy for u and ur elusive nair boy! :)

    Wen do we get to know his name?!

  24. Such a sweet post.
    Maybe you can give in your love story at Nicole's "It's a love story" project. Her blog is
    Good luck with your Nair boy! :)

  25. he he he....this is far more interesting than my incomplete story dhans ;-)....happy for u daa :-) :-)

  26. sweet and nice. And since none of it sounds fake you get my vote for the 21st century gal :)
    congrats for the sagai.

  27. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    This is HUMUNGOUS!!!!!


    And he missed the train for you!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

    Really really really happy for you. :) :) :)

  28. Dhanya, you know what, I WAS actually dying to know! :P ;-)) And OH.MY.GOD!!! he decided to miss his train just to talk to you at the first meeting itself!!! Wowww Dhanya, that is SO romantic :))) and LOL@his doubts. I don't know about others, but I find arranged marriages VERY romantic!! :"> :)) crsly!!! :D All the best to you, Dhanya! :-))

  29. thats really sweet yaar!

    You know i am a supporter of arranged love marriage as well...the only thing that scares me to death is the cup, saucer, coffee, the slow walk etc for the pennukanal...i am glad you got to avoid all those formalities and awkwardness!!

  30. hey bestta luck for the future
    this was indeed sweet..

    p.s was just passing by

  31. congrats dhanya :)...the lucky nair boy :)...

    so happy for u ..the sunday is getting better and better as i am going through all the blogs :)..


  32. omggg! so cuteeee :)
    and i loved 'you know, they arranged....laughed'

    all the best!
    and may u have a rocking married life!


  33. AWWW. yu getting married?I am have broken my heart. this happened before too,when i heard that Madhuri Dixit has got herself married. You too brutus-sses...JUST KIDDING

    aCTUALLY ARRANGED MARRIAGE ROCKS...My friend from Delhi is getting married next month and he hasnt seen the girl yet.just photographs.Actually he is going to see his wife only on the first night.when the ghungat is lifted.Surprise-surprise.

    Love marriage kills all start fighting from the day1. Atleast it happens only after few months in arranged marriage.TC...Have a great engagement. :)

  34. Love the term The Nair Boy Dhannooo..

    How does he feel with all the attention? heheh

    love the new tag R too!

    Happy for u sweetheart.. May everything go well and blessed from now :)

  35. that was so cute. enjoyed reading it.

    there seems to be some kind of spark between the both of you. and i think that's extremely important. i'm sure you guys can take it from there.

    all the very best. nairs4ever. ;)

  36. After reading this i won't say sada suhagan raho, coz u r nt married yet, but i was about to say something weird ..which again i wont say :P

    I think i will end up having an arrange marriage too FB says i will get married at the age of 32, so 10 more years for me


    okay Nair boy mubarak ho :)

  37. Loadz n trucks full of luck Dhaani!!
    I'm happy for you!!:)

    Hope it's a dream story in the making!!:)


  38. Nairs4ever sounds so cute
    now @ post..sooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee. i imagined the whole scene... :D
    friend ko mai le lu please? :D
    and he is so super duper cute!! i love my jiju !! will support him now. *disowns u*
    i mean soooo cute he missed his TRAIN for u!!!!
    he didnt even know if u wud say yes then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *jumps with Dr Acula*
    congrats dhanno >:D<
    p.s- i still love my jiju more than i love u.
    btw i loved the candid way u admitted ur not yet in love. i mean ur really really really slow while falling in love, arent u :O

  39. felt like some one was blushing all way :P lol. I liked the part were he missed his train to talk to u :P naice :D okies, now that we know the story, when are we getting introduced to this Elusive nair boy?? :P

  40. Aww cho chweet..missin his train for u happy for u babe..u deserve all the happiness in the wrld :)

  41. great narration
    thanks for sharing the story

  42. So he is a high profile nair groom? Google ads says so


    Free family tree
    Discover your roots. Find ancestors and relatives around the world

    Good Luck.... :)

    Ads are fun when the bells chime ;)

  43. Cool, Dhanya. I wish that the little time left "before engagement" and "between engagement and marriage" will make your togetherness for life more n more lovable, cheers :)

  44. Oh my god... poor Nair boy... I read the post on your temper... *shiver*

    Jokes apart... wish you all the best for a brilliant lifetime with the Nair boy mate...

    Have a good one.. cheers...

  45. O WOW Dhannoooo... finallyyyyy it happened... congrats dear.. i am soo happy 4 u..... finally u made ur choice..
    :( i am stil nt really ready 2 meet my nair boy...

  46. WOW!! You met your nair boy????? :O
    LOL every time the arranged marriages talk comes up anywhere you're the first person I think of.. :) after reading your nair boy post :D
    and i want to know his name !!!!!!!

  47. and inshallah it will be for ever and always :)


    i m so so soooooooooooooooooo happy for you !!!

  48. Lovely .. and nice video

  49. God bless u girl!! :) m so so happy fr ya!!the prettiest girl on blogosphere is getting engaged..;)
    love u a lot!!!
    HUGSsss :)

  50. another bites the this world of cynicism,enjoy when all the moments

  51. Lovely narration. Evoked nostalgic memories - can't believe that things happen the same way even now.
    Wishing you a happy married life.
    All the Best

  52. Very lovely post.. All the best..

  53. congrats :)

    and very good luck...

    I will pray for u to get love after succumbing finally under pressure :D...

  54. wow dhannu. I wonder hw u decidede in tht three hours..
    may b those films line true. Bhagwan ek ishara karta n u will knw who is the one for u.. congates. Engagement date out???

  55. Anonymous7:00 PM

    If ten minutes of talking stretched to three hours, and the calls and reminders couldn't put an end to it, then that platinum day is not too far :)

    My warmest wishes to you both :)

    By the way, you didn't say anything about what did you talk about?

  56. Anonymous7:00 PM

    If ten minutes of talking stretched to three hours, and the calls and reminders couldn't put an end to it, then that platinum day is not too far :)

    My warmest wishes to you both :)

    By the way, you didn't say anything about what did you talk about?

  57. Anonymous8:39 PM

    aww dhans!!! congrats!!! :)

    love toh ho hi jaayega, the fact that you've made such a big decision shows you're ready :)

    date aa gayi kya? mine is 11th march :P

  58. hello there!
    i'm just someone who randomly reads blog frm here n there.
    but after reading urs, i've this sudden urge to leave a comment as i feel i can easily relate to ur guy.
    its not coz i had any similar exp - dats yet to happen in my case; its coz i don't know u which makes it very easy to take the boy's perspective...
    and 4m dat angle, i just wanted to tell dat the post was thrilling to read!!!

  59. Hopeless romantic - Thanks a lot :)

    Bedazzled - Mature ? Really ? :D Thanks dear :)

    Meera - Muahz. Thank you Meera Kutty :)

    Chandler - Thank you :)

    Ashish - Lol... yeah "arranged love marriage" would be right! :D You have put it correctly - I want to fall in love before the ceremony ;)

  60. COMMUNI - When did you get married ?

    Sneha - Thanks! :)

    Shimmer - Hahaha... thank you so much for all the kind words! Means a lot to me :)

    Ramit bhai - Pictures ? I am not sure whether I intend to turn my blog into a photo blog :D but let's see ;)

    Uncommon sense - Yeah you're right. Talk to the person more than necessary, and the chemicals work their magic anyhow I guess :P

  61. AI - Glad you could identify with it! Thanks Pra :)

    Nikhs - Yeah, paavam ur aliyan... now he has to suffer u on FB too ;) He needs more prayers now :D :D

    Abhinav - Arrey wah! You finally commented on my blog :) Second time is it ? :) Thanks for the wishes ji... means a lot! Lol @ the P.S. I wouldn't have it any other way ;)

    Vishesh - Like I said before, they want me to keep my options open... STILL! :D

    Madhu - Will do dear! The big day is still a couple of months away. So guess you have to wait :)

  62. An Ordinary Gal - Will see your post soon! Hopefully tomorrow :)

    Anoop - Thanks da :D

    Jon - Yup yup :)

    Priya - Not always. I used to think the same way too but love always needn't have a way -- sometimes the way gets blocked ;)

    Shas - Thank u :)

  63. Ria - Thank u dear :D

    Anwesa - Thanks :)

    Girlie Stuffs - Thanks! The Video is just awesome isn't it ? :)

    Nandita - Lol. Let some info remain private ;) :D

    Sandeep - Yeah right! Your story takes the cake anyday Balan! Damn... I wish I had a story like that :D So funny and amusing! :D

  64. I'll try to be truthful - Thank you SO much! :D Very sweet of you to say that...

    Bondgal - Hahaha.. you sounded like Annie there! OMG OMG OMG ;) Thanks so much dear :D >:D<

    Dr. Acula - Hehehe... you find arranged marriages romantic ? whoa... what's the world coming to ? :P But it's good to know you do :)

    Ninz - Hahaha... yeah, I said a firm NO to such formalities this time around :D Can't stand it!

    committed to life - thanks for passing by :) pass by more often now ;)

  65. Hemu - Awww thank u :) Lots of good news floating around this Jan eh ? :D

    Scarlet Pimpernel - Thank u !

    Orange - Thanks a lot dear :D

    ZB - Ahem... heartbroken n all ;) WHOA @ UR FRIEND'S CASE ! Now THAT is scary. I swear... I dunno how he agreed to this :O :O :O

    Sumi - Thankkkkkssss :D :D Pssst... he doesn't know about this blog yet :D Let him continue wooing me, this post might spoil all the fun :D :D :D

  66. Randeep - Thank u :)

    AJai - Hmmm... yeah I guess there is some kind of spark :) Touch wood! Nairs4ever!!! :D

    Petero - Lol... anyway thanks for telling me beforehand (you know what). I guess I wouldn't have wanted that comment on my blog! Rofl...

    Jaunty - Thankkkk uuu :) Touch wood @ dream story in the making...

    Mads - Arrey.... first you walk with umbrella behind your jiju and now you disown me ????? :O :O I cannot suffer all this torture!!!! :( :( Jokes apart, thanks Madsy Podsy :* Lubbb you...

  67. Sawan - Yeah right @ blushing. See the post properly - the guy blushed !:P Not me :D :D

    Shanu - Thanks sweety :)

    sm - glad u liked it ! :)

    Quest - Oh... started showing family tree eh ? The ads are fast forwarding into the future now :O

    Kiran - Thank u :) Just the words I need to hear. Thank u so much :)

  68. The Idiot blogs - Haha! I only bark, I seldom bite ;)

    DI - You will be ready when it's time :)

    Harini - Hahaha... thats sweet :D At least something reminds you of me, even if it's arranged marriage :P Let some things remain private... you can call him R for now ;)

    AD - Thanks sweety! You're in my prayers now :) Mwahz.

    Vinay - Thanks :)

  69. Swati - THankooooooooo! :D I hope you're happy now that I revealed the story ;)

    soin - :D that was a diff comment... thank you, I guess ? :P

    Vikram - Thank u :) Yeah, it does happen the same way even NOW! :D Mostly in South I guess...

    Never Ending Memories - Thanks :)

    Daydreamer - Lol.. not pressure... read carefully - I said I had the option of accepting or rejecting a guy ;)

  70. Nids - We were in contact for a month before the meeting :) Yup engagement is in feb... :D

    Indianhomemaker - Thank you so much :)

    ki - congrats to u too! :D

    Mohan - hey thanks for visiting and leaving behind a comment! glad to know u liked the post... lol @ thrilling... sounded like a suspense novel huh ? :D

  71. Dhanya, I JUST landed on your blog. This is great news. Congratulations!!!

    And I love your blog. Will be following it. =)

  72. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Hopeless Romantic? - Check.
    Belief in finding love like in DDLJ? - Check.
    Finding a good Nair boy to get married to? - Check.
    Relief after the "YES"? - Check.

    :)... in case you're wondering. that was just my personal list on how many similarities I found in this post to my own story. I always thought I'd get married only after finding love. I did actually, even though my hubby and me really met thru an arranged marriage process first. Turned out that my platinum day of love came a few days before the engagement itself... and it was probably in the funniest way, esp. because we both were separated by a few countries. Nevertheless, its a wonderful feeling.

    I'm sure that your platinum moment isn't too far away either. Enjoy yourself... the journey to marriage is an amazing one. Best Wishes for a happy married life :).

  73. I came across this video and just had to share it, cause this kinda goes along with my previous comment!

  74. I too was wondering if u were going to put it up.....wonderful, simply wonderful.
    "If you think I am in love, I am not really! Love doesn't happen in a couple of days or meetings. It grows over time -- and right now, I am just waiting for MY platinum day of love."
    Loved this bit. Wishing U the very best Dhanya!!!!!!


  76. You should visit my blog...have written about the whole arranged marriage thing and my take on it. ur blog is a lovely read. keep it up.

    pls. visit

  77. First of all..
    Hearty Congratulations Dhanya :)

    Im really very happy for you :)
    And the ad..its awesome.. too gud. :)

    All The Best :)

  78. @Dhanya - suspense was dere till u both said 'yes'..he he
    but this novel wud fall more in the romantic genre...

    btw, i was working on a short story at the time of this post and
    must confess that ur post kind of gave me an idea for the climax,
    thought of telling u dat its complete and available @

    PS: it's my maiden attempt, so plz be warned..:)


  79. first visit...lovely post..very very sweet and realistic

  80. i was searching for the "pennukanal" in bloger. somehow landed here. Well, since the engagement is on feb, you will get enough and more time for a love song :). May god bless you two and the life may give you all the pleasures it can offer.

    Do well in life.

  81. BRAVO! Simply amazing! :)

  82. Call me crazy but I am a die-hard fan of the arranged marriage set up. I mean not the whole boy meets girl and either of them says not. Repeat. But the one time thing where you meet the guy. You like the guy. The Guy likes you and things fall into place. Somehow there's an innocent romance in that. Congratulations and all the very best.

  83. wow that was so beautiful :) especially the ad :)

  84. I can actually visualize.. When my sis was rejecting proposals for her marriage, even my dad used to worry & mom always used to tell - why she shouldn't have rejected the guy.. Seeing your post I feel, it happens with most of the girls during arrange marriage.

    Coming to your would be hubby- He seems to be loving ....You are really lucky... No doubt you will fall in love before marriage itself..:D

    God bless .. May you always remain happy !.

  85. Awww... I didnt know this... Jus found your blog n saw the story... :)
    God Bless...

  86. such a sweet post...
    awww...happily ever after is reinstated n how:-)
    see how nature works to do best what we fear in doing ourselves:-)

    loved reading this:-)

  87. I love this Platinum Ad... very well targeted no?

  88. I love this Platinum ad... very well targeted no?


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