Saturday, January 30, 2010

They Teach It In Labour Rooms...

I don't know what happens to a mother prior to her daughter's engagement. All I can say is, my mom has been acting really hyper lately -- she laughs loudly for the weirdest of reasons which ends up with me giving a 'WTH is wrong with you?' look to her.

Another thing my mom is especially fond of nowadays is keeping a tag on how many times R calls me in a day. I used to give her details at first, but then eventually got annoyed with all the record keeping.

Mom : So did R call ?

Me : *Smiles*

Mom : Did R come online ?

Me : *Smiles*

Mom : How many times he called you today ?

Me : *Winks at her*

Mom : Why you not answering my questions ?

Me : *Smiles again*

Mom : AHANGAARI (Arrogant female in Malayalam) ! You don't tell me anything !!!!

Me : *All aware of what's coming up next...*

Mom : You bring kids up with such love and care only to see days like these !!!!

Me : *Really interested in where the conversation is heading...*

Mom : Oh God! What have I done to deserve kids like these ?????

Me : *Eyes wide open now*

Mom : I will join some Ashram one day !!! There at least I will be at peace !!! No use showing love to kids like you !!

Me : Amma, you told last time also you will join Ashram!


After few minutes...

Mom : So.... did R call ?

In between this conversation, I couldn't help but think how influenced moms can be with T.V soaps. Some of the dialogues thrown by them make you go all Deja Vu and you end up thinking where you have heard them before. That's the case with me, anyway! So instead of empathizing with her, I am left thinking 'Where have I heard this one before?'

I discussed this with my dear friend Anu....

Me : Mom was really pissed with me today. She didn't like the way I ignored questions related to R!

Anu : Oh !!!! What all she said ??

Me : (Tells her the same dialogues given above)

Anu : heyyy... my mom also !!!! Dhanya, I think they teach these dialogues in labour rooms...

Hear hear! ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How I Met The Nair Boy

This post is dedicated to all those who were dying to know my story. I didn't realize people were actually interested until I got ragged heavily on Facebook asking me to share it with everyone. So here it is... not exactly a dream story, but something which can turn out to be one in the near future - hopefully!

I always wanted a love marriage. I mean, which girl doesn't? We all are die hard romantics at heart and we all want a DDLJ type of love story to happen in our lives. Though now the trends are changing and girls wouldn't mind a 'Love Aaj Kal' either. ;) The thing is, some people get lucky in feeling that intense passion before marriage whereas for the rest of us, it happens after marriage.

I was hell bent in entering into a love marriage no matter what and I almost got the 'love' part of it but not marriage. Commitment phobia is a big thing nowadays huh ? But of course, I never kept any hard feelings for anything and instead of wasting time complaining, I just decided to move ahead and take the next step that would make everyone happy... yes, including yours truly! I hated the loneliness and I wanted to get out somehow. I basically didn't trust my choice in guys, so I let my parents do it for me. This might make you snort and point fingers at me saying 'This is the modern age, girl! Who goes for arranged marriages nowadays?'. But if you're as highly confused and immature like me who makes the most ridiculous choices in life, I would advice you to let your parents do the potential partner searching too!

The choice was left for me of course - to reject or accept a guy! I kind of misused this option a helluva lot and rejected a good bunch of guys. Everyone was worried to the core - 'Why isn't she liking any guy?', 'Maybe she has a boyfriend!', 'Next time you see any guy, just ACCEPT him... it will work out in the future'. Needless to say, the last advice used to hurt me the most. I used to wonder if these people actually cared for me or not.

Then the day arrived when I actually liked a guy's photos plus details and decided to meet him. On the day he was to meet, I told mom that I wasn't going to wait inside for her and dad to call me and instead I would stand right there by the door to greet him and his friend. I hate this waiting part and I had decided not to do it anymore. Thankfully, my mom didn't object.

The guy entered with his friend and he didn't expect me to be standing right before him so early into the meeting. He was surprised and all he did was give a shy smile and we all were seated in the drawing room. We avoided looking at each other throughout the conversation that happened with my parents. I chatted and smiled more at his friend, and R confessed to me later on that by the way things were going on between me and his friend he had a doubt that I would pick his best friend over him! Anyway, that didn't happen....

We then got our alone time. The conversation just flowed, like never before. What was supposed to be a 10 minute talk stretched to 3 hours. Calls were coming from relatives all over. 'What happened?', 'Did she say no?', 'What are they discussing so much?'. Tension was in the air. R was supposed to leave by 2:30, 3:00 P.M. His train was scheduled at 3:30 P.M. Needless to say, he decided to miss the train and continue talking to me.

I don't know what made me say 'yes' to him. I think it's because of his easy going nature, his childish laugh or maybe coz I was able to be myself with him in no time. Anyway, it just clicked. We both said 'yes' and the whole family was relieved. To tell you the truth - so was I!

If you think I am in love, I am not really! Love doesn't happen in a couple of days or meetings. It grows over time -- and right now, I am just waiting for MY platinum day of love. This post would be incomplete without the video -

"You know, they arranged everything -the meeting, the date, the place.. and we.. we did the only thing we could -- we laughed!"

.... And that's how I met the Nair boy!

P.S : Before you go making those 'sada suhagan raho' comments, let me inform you that I am not yet married! ;) I am going to get engaged this feb though... :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A New Beginning!

... And, so this little prankster's life is going to change big time.

Let us together pray for his peace as well as for him to attain courage, tolerance and patience to withstand me in the future! ;)

Losing your singledom feels funny but I have been waiting to be in a secure relationship for such a long time that even this funny feeling feels right!

Touch wood.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Red Hot Chili Peppers

January is always eventful for me some way or the other. This month had its ups and downs -- was really happy coz of family in the beginning but let down by friends later on. As usual, I am blessed with four angels to bring me up whenever I am downright low - Sum, San, Mads, and a long lost friend who came back just on time, Anu Susan.

I have lost almost 4 friends this month coz of my volatile temper. A temper which I usually keep hidden coz if unleashed it can be as bad as it can get. A temper which I know can make me lose friends as fast as I befriend them.

In a fight, each party will have a different story to tell and prove that they are more right. More often than not, both sides are to be equally blamed and hence I won't revert to a post that says why I am right and the others are wrong. The funny part is that all the people I had fought with are people who I know only through the Internet. Does this mean that we are less tolerable towards people we hardly know? It's easy to get close to such people, but then it doesn't take much to get pissed off at them either.

I got a shower of advices the following day -

'Someone throws you a smile and you befriend them. Why do you befriend people so quickly? You've always been like this and you land up with people who you can't really handle and they end up hurting you.'

'Making friends is fun but all won't care for you as much... so do keep the distance.'

'Don't make friendship with strangers. People you meet virtually don't know how you are and can misunderstand you faster.'

'Why do you trust people so quickly and expect them to understand everything and anything you tell them?'

'Some 'friends' are like that - they stay with you only during your good days.'

Definitely some points for me to ponder on...

On a brighter note, being with family (relatives included) is getting more and more enjoyable. I developed a bond with my cousin brothers which was missing earlier. Now I don't think twice before entering their rooms and waking them up from their beauty sleep. No longer the uncomfy silences when we sit together for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was closer to the girls in the family, but now it's the same with the boys too. This means that I am no longer considered as the outsider -- the NRI -- of the family. That tag has been thrown into the dust bin and I am just their cute little cousin sister now - which feels great!

Other than that, I met up with relatives from Australia after a long time. The best part was convincing this 12 year old that I was actually 25!

'But you look 18!', she said.

Now what more does a girl need to make her day? ;)

To end this with an even more good note, I might have some news for you guys soon. So stay tuned!