Monday, December 07, 2009

The Waterfall Diaries

There are times when you want to escape from your normal routine and just try something different. I was getting tired of meeting the same old people at the same old place so I just hinted to dad that we should go visit some place which we haven't seen before. Thankfully, I guess he was as bored as I was and promptly agreed!

At the entrance we see a board - 'Welcome to Athirapilly Waterfalls'

Mom (grinning) - Sounds dangerous. If we are going to land straight into those waterfalls it's a good thing your sis called now.

The car stopped at the entrance, and we had to walk a little to actually see the waterfalls. Dad was all sporty and he walked without any complaint. Ma, as I expected, couldn't help but complain (now I know where I got my complaining tendencies from!).

'Oh! This is horrible! So hot! Tooo hot actually!'

'I can't believe we have to walk over this stony path!'

'Too much distance. This is too much!'

'Next time, I am not coming anywhere!'

'What nonsense is this? Why are the waterfalls so far? I can't believe your dad said yes to this!'

Of course, me and dad just kept silent and nodded our heads to everything she said.

Whilst walking to our destination we had some really good company -

Isn't he cute? ;)

Another common sight was that of lovers who got too touch feely. Mom kept eyeing them from the corner of her eyes and she would end up chuckling. Old women! Geez!

The waterfalls were just breathtaking! I haven't seen one in a long time and just standing there watching it all was just pure bliss for me. Loved every second of it. This is just another reason why you should visit Kerala if you never have!

On our way back, I happened to see this small place with a large board outside which read - 'You can see oriental fishes here'. I went in and to my horror saw all aquariums filled with these small fishes which you can't even see coz of poor lighting.

Me - 'What's that ? Looks like a lot of pipes. Oh wait! Those are sea snakes!!'

Ma - 'Yeah right, those are sticks.'

Me - 'No ma those are snakes!'

Ma (Squinting) - 'Are you sure?'

Me (Squinting more harder than ma) - 'Yeah I guess..'

We stood there scrutinizing the scene for a minute or so and then returned to view the rest of the specimen they had over there -- which was a complete waste of 1o rupees! And I was expecting a Dubai type aquarium and an underwater zoo where you can see sharks, whales and what not through glass barriers. Sumi are you listening? ;) All I got to see were dead(?) sticks snakes.

It was time for lunch and we landed at this cheap looking restaurant which was rather unkempt.

Ma - 'Don't order any non-veg from this dirty place! Eat only veggies!'

Dad (to waiter) - 'One plate chicken curry, please!'

I just burst out into the loudest of giggles ever possible for a girl! The place was so quiet and on top of that my laughter was echoing which made me realize that I can be an embarrassment to myself at times. You might be already knowing this if you have read The Laughter Box in Me!

To sum it up, it was a well needed break! Keralam is indeed God's own country! :)

P.S (Totally unrelated to this post) - I happened to notice a glitch in my comments section since past few days. The dashboard shows a different count for comments as compared to the blog posts plus comments are going *poof*. Do you guys have the same problem ? I googled it out and it seems lotsa others are facing the same thing. If you are, you might want to notify Blogger through the Google forums.


  1. Its nice of u to pen down ur experiences :)

  2. Yeah I don't really write a blog so wouldn't have any idea about commenting troubles! :)
    The waterfalls look scary. And if it has snakes, dead or alive, I'm not coming anywhere near it! ;)
    I'd love to make a trip to Kerala sometime. If only I could get enough vacation time... :(

  3. hmm...the waterfall looks splendid though!!and u were really expecting something like Dubai!? I guess ur expectations are too high then...coz we hav a long way to reach there.

  4. hey i love is from cochin...i have some malayali tinge in me..ive been to a lot of water falls..the fav one bein "tirparappu' Amazing it was...:)Kerela is God own and Gods best country...!

  5. waterfalls are enjoyable always....i have one more on my list before i get out of raipur......:D @ the chicken curry....aas for the couples thing , i am suprised she didnt ask you to get urself a nair guy...:P....

  6. *poof*-ing is happening to me also!!!

  7. kekeke yeah am listenin :D

    this place looks fabulous! y haven u put ur pics? ur post is empty without ur presence dhannooo :)

  8. waterfalls are wonderful :D:D
    and i wish i also could do with a get away from the daily routine that i follow.
    10 rs to see dead sticks/snakes is very very expensive ;) compared to the dubal mall one :P loll :D

  9. lol hehe you have a funny streak inside you ;) . Kerala is the most beautiful place i have ever veen to :). I have been to few places and I agree, they are best for honeymoon trips :P

    Well written :)

  10. Kerala is truly a wonderful place. I have plans to visit soon, maybe this christmas even.

    About the comments section, haven't had the problem yet.

  11. he he he! these small trips just add a bit of pepper in life... na!
    I agree with u, on the scenic beauty of kerala, My cousin went there last year and still his room is full of wallscraps which he took there... he is a photographer and claims it to be the most scenically beautiful place in the country! I have not been there, infact not been to the south of MP ...sigh!! @@
    as always...enjoyed the humourous narration, of which ur a master of!
    :) and U know it... how much I love such posts of urs...

    PS - I have no clue about the glitch u mentioned, but I think u should for once...try the box based comment system of blogger, where u get a separate box popping out for the readers to comment. Its quite an error free, straight and convinient method. I previously had embedded commentin on same page...but readers and frns complained a lot so I altered it to the one I just mentioned!

    PPS - There was a NAIR MATRIMONIAL add in ur adsense window :D Did ya noticed it? Gosh! it made me burst to laughs!!!

    he he he!!

    tc dhanu!
    god bless!


  12. **Ma - 'Don't order any non-veg from this dirty place! Eat only veggies!'
    Dad (to waiter) - 'One plate chicken curry, please!'

    Mammas n Papas are same all over the world :P

  13. Nice post!

    I Love the pikchas!
    Kerala is really a wonderful place.. Green , green reminds of Sri Lanka!

    Your Mom is really so sweet! hahah! Typical (Indian) Mom :D

    and yeah about the P.S. I was facing the same problem, but not with dashboard but with my Blog status gadget.. I juz removed it :P

  14. Every time you write about Kerala.. urge to visit Kerala increases by 50%more.
    All mothers are the same :D

  15. There are many tourist places in India but very few well maintained ones

    And your FB pic looks cute

  16. Lovely pics babe..Love Kerala, have been there a couple of times..and i agree wit ur is very hot there!

  17. R u also from Thrissur?
    Btw didn't u go to Vazhachal? It's just 5 kms from athirapilly n u can get into water there.. athirapilly is supposedly more dangerous tho u can go down n enjoy.. but with parents around all these adventures 'll be a no no :)

  18. does you mother read ur blogs?

    i think she will complain more if she reads all this stuff..

    it good to go for an outing with family...


  19. aha...I will pray for keeping ur parents away from this

    Nice narration,...keep on writing..

  20. "one plate chicken curry please"
    tat rocked :P:D

    and ya the fella who accompanied u ws really cute. Is his name Rahul?? :P

  21. Break eh? Lucky you. Me needs one too.

  22. family outing just rocks :)...nice pics and i can see the enjoyment and excitement u had in those words :)...u have written very well of ur total exp :)..


  23. Nice post Dhanya! I loved the "Chicken Curry" Incident!:)LOL

  24. I have been to many waterfalls but never Athirapally!

    It sure is a pleasure! :)

  25. Btw, no, I don't have that problem. I am a person you know very well. How? :D

    Visit -

    That should tell or keep guessing!

    Love ya :)

  26. @PJ..

    for god sake his name is not rahul, actually we r not sure...may be their parents haven't named him at all..

    I think u should consult any doctor as u r suffering from rahulomania...

    **Take it easy Just for Fun**

  27. Kerala sounds fun.. har saal we make a plan to go there but then no time...

    :) I have seen the waterfall pics in FB and u look cute in them... although the place is a bit scary with all the snakes n monkeys...yiiii


  28. Waterfalls... ahhh!!!!!!! Wow that picture i BEAUTIFUL.. I MEAN BEAUTIFUL......WOW FANTASTIC!!!!!! Nature.. aahh love it!!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  29. V.S.A - And nice of you to read it ;)

    Ramit - They are anything but scary! :| They are so beautiful. Come on... as long as you're not afraid of heights, you will do okay :D

    Ria - Lol. That was a sarcy comment meant for my best friend - Sumaiya aka sumi :) Coz she just visited a Dubai underwater aquarium and I was feeling oh-so-jealous ;)

    Madhu - Dad is from cochin... and mom ????

    Kaka - Hahahha! She was too frustrated coz of the heat and couldn't think of anything else ;)

    Ki - Poofing has poofed for me now :)

    Sumi - Oh there you... my silent reader ;) I have put up pics on fb btw :D

    Shimmer - Hahahahha @ 10 rs being too expensive. I know!!!!! And especially it seems more expensive if you're a kanjoos like me ;)

    Aditya - Yeah, I do have a funny streak. Realizing it now? :O :O :)

    Shaunak - So have you decided whether or not you're going to make a Kerala trip? Christmas is near you know :D (this is when sudden realization hits that I should reply back faster :P)

  30. Pulkit - Thanks a lot for suggesting pop up comment boxes! They worked. But now I guess the other types are working fine coz I got updates from the official blogger forum about it! :) Matrimonial ads are all over my blog!!! :D Obviously, I speak so much about marriage in here they're bound to come up :D Google Adsense is also suggesting 'clean' dating sites btw ;) (Modern world!)

    Anwesa - Hai na? That's what makes their conversations so interesting!! :D

    Princess Nuchu - Thanks for liking the pikchas! I like your display pikcha by the way! :D

    Ekam - Arre! Come here then. You're welcome anytime to Dhanno's homeland :)

    Shanu - Yeah that's the only thing unbearable - it's hot throughout the year! :(

    Dhanya - Yessss! I am from trichur but I stay at Ottapalam :) I have a very good trichur accent btw ;) Parents were too tired after athirapilly, so we decided to stop there itself. Where in trichur are you from ???

    Suree - No she doesn't! :D Exactly why I am keeping her away from my blog :D :D

    Ifthikhar - Yes, I will pray too :) Thanks for visiting! And keep reading :)

  31. Priya - Hehehe. All monkeys resemble Rahul? :P You're too Rahul obsessed Priya kutty. I thought you had enough of that monkey already ;)

    Nesquarx - Demand one then! :D

    Hemu - Thanks Hemu :) Yeah, it was a nice and different experience...

    Rohan S - Hehehhe... thanks :) :)

    Kaya - I know who you are ;) Gochu galli meera :)

    Harshi - Lol!!! Arrey I was just kidding about snakes.. and monkeys won't do anything to you unless you have something munchable in your hands :P :P

    Sameera - Glad you liked it :) A total nature person like me huh ???? :)

  32. Well, I have exams every sunday till 10th Jan. Then I'm on my way to shillong :D
    Kerala will have to wait till summer vacations i guess.

  33. Enjoyed reading this post!!!!

    I tried for ages last week to post a comment here:-).

  34. commenting troubles, nahi ji

    nice post..hats off to ur dad hehe :P
    arre i want to come to kerala :-w marry quickly then i can come n visit :D
    kidding, dont get pissed now :D
    i liked the pic u put up :)
    monkey ka nahi :P

  35. nice nice. write up
    those pics..I like!!


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