Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Secrets Revealed!

... Well, if you can call them secrets in the first place!

I have been tagged by Sameera to list down seven of my secrets which I have never told anyone. This is hard coz of many reasons. To list a few -

1. I am a woman and nothing can stay in my system for a long time. I must have revealed these so-called secrets of mine to one person or the other at some point in life.

2. I am suffering from memory loss nowadays. I forget things way too fast. I call it the 'Quarter Life Crisis'. The point being that there's a high chance that I have forgotten some of my very own secrets!

3. If you think I am going to reveal my crush list, love list, relationship list (yes, they are all different types of lists), then please - exit stage left! (or right, whichever suits you ;))

I will jot them down anyway for all of you, provided that you keep them as a secret too! Pakka promise, no? Ok, here goes...

7 Secrets Revealed

1. The second thing I notice in a person is their hair style. The first being? Their personality. If they act like jerks, then automatically the ignore button is pressed and I don't notice anything else -- including their hair style! If you're a friend with great looking hair, rest assured I must have already asked you to reveal your 'hairy' secrets! ;)

2. I am very very tolerant with friends, strangers, acquaintances but I am a terror to my family members. I feel sorry for them sometimes!

3. I am closer to my mom than to my dad. I have told her almost everything - my heart breaks, crushes, insecurities, problems... almost anything and everything! I think I have inherited my sad sense of humour from her too.... ;) But the best trait I have got from her is her positive approach towards life.

4. I have learnt Carnatic Music for 3 years. This might make you go 'wow' and think that I can sing perfectly, but no... Dhanya likes loves to sing off-tune and loud most of the times! She likes the scared look her singing can bring upon listeners.

5. I love being around happy and wacky people who don't take life too seriously. All of my best friends are crazy in some way or the other! ;)

6. I have had many weird nicknames - 'Cricket' being one of them. And no, I do not mean the sport!

7. I don't take compliments too well. I dunno what to do with them! If 'compliments' were things, I would gladly throw the ones I am getting at someone else. I was considered the ugly duckling in my family when I was young, and now when people tell me I look good I just find that very hard to believe! But rest assured, it does feel nice and I do appreciate them eventually. :-)

Ready to reveal your secrets? Tell me something I don't know about you yet!


  1. Cricket! Lol.. :D

    Wen u said u have learnt Carnatic music something came to my mind! I took violin lessons as a kid.. just 2 or 3 classes..then didn't go for a week or two..went back after that break n they told me sir died! so my violin is still gathering dust! :P

  2. Where does this "Cricket" come from?

  3. tats so sweet :)

  4. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Good good! Well singing off tune O_o.. wanna listen to it !!

  5. Man, those are pretty neat secrets....i wish had some of these myself. TC nice secrets. :)

  6. @ Point 1, hair style??? What will you notice in my bald head then?

    Carnatic music is good. Cricket is LOL.

  7. hahaha..cricket lolzzzz
    well well...to be able to irritate others is a talent only few people have :P

    proud to be ur crazyy frnd :P

    Jai ho ;)

  8. ah! thats one good read...


    here goes my list -
    1 - I missed on 18th and 19th year of my life, and jumped directly from 17th to 20th - if u know what I mean...he he he
    2 - I am addicted to something that one who knows me well would never be able to associate me with, it might come out as a shock someday
    3 - Due to transferable nature of my fathers job,We shifted cities every 3rd yr and this way... people in one place know me as X type of guy while people on the next place knew me as Y type of guy... I has actually Z, which I never revealed to anyone but to two persons till date
    4 - I once wanted to be a treasure hunter. Shit! I feel so childish saying this and more childish in accepting that A part of me, still wants to be one ...oh no! did I said that,
    5 - I recently stole something(which is equally strange and hmm...controversial) from a genral purpose store, to perform a dare! Thank god, I was not caught...
    6 - I havent shared the seventh with 5 of my best friends and have done that with some not so close friends on net and with strangers of gtalk
    7 - I love her

  9. Hey Dhanya,
    Crickettt!!! always buzzing.. :D Congratulations on ur quarter life crisis.. :) Crazy friends,somewhere dun ppl stay away from the criteria?Or is it that u select only such friends.??

    Nice enjoyable post as always.. :)


  10. Lol! Cricket's a good nick! I know just the person whom I can name cricket too :P

    Here's something from my side..whenever I hear the song Dhan te nan, I think of you. It's damn random! :D

  11. 7th wala was damn cute
    and i loved this post. so cute Dhanya :D
    will lift it im guessing...coz i hv nothing to write :-w

  12. these tags are fun to do :)

    keep practicing those vocals :)

  13. Anonymous9:43 AM

    You're so cute :D

    P.S. I've learnt classical music too :D

  14. nice list !! .. though,not as scandalous as i thot it would be !people normally faint when they hear my secrets .. so i'll spare u !! ;-)

  15. he he interesting post!!and cricket is a cool nick name. :P

  16. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Have dangerous secrets which can't be revealed here.

    If anyone wants to know, please give me an e-mail!

    I too can't hold secrets for a long time.

  17. now that uve done this tag...mine is coming out today..well we have some connections there.Read mine to find em out...:)

  18. LOL@Quarter-life-crisis! :P

    Carnatic Music! Wow! :)

    OYE Main bhi crazyyyyyyy hoooon! :D :D :P

    Loved the post! :)

  19. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Hi, cricket!!
    I studied Carnatic music for 3 years, because i was forced by my parents...no use ;)

  20. hmm..interesting..

    *well!!keeping your blog on my radar!

  21. wow so many comments n am late!

    u secretive insaan, good thing i haven trusted u with a secret yet! Jus kiddin! ;)

    i love the unique pics u use on ur blog :)

    i am jus like u at point 2 :D

    btw y do i feel u had written a post on secrets before? was it on fb? it had more points than this.. or mayb am deja vu'in :D

  22. Cricket learnt violin at home. Too shy to even step out of house then.
    Hence, took up violin instead of singing. Lol, no one should hear her voice. Still regrets that it should have been casio instead of violin. Easy go na...na na...

    Hmmm...yep.. 2 type of pears...70 rs, 90 rs. A mix and match da. Cashiers make mistakes too...

    Cancerians are a lil crazy and lazy too...Balme it on others still...

    Org-anizational cross-hairs are tricky ;)

  23. Cheating cheating :((. I was expecting your crush lists, love lists and all other lists :D . I know, I know :P i read your 3rd point but hope always prevails :P.

    A Dhanyaculouis post as usual with pinch of humour and crazy wacky and a fun ride!

    keep writing :)

  24. Uve been awarded!! Check my blog.

  25. cricket is a nickname?


    sorry for being so lost hunz.

    work is totally mad lately!
    missed you!

    btw thanks for confiding in us with ur secrets :)

  26. raaz!!!oh well i bcam a bully with sum of my frnds,once we hid the notebook of a classmate who v hated!!!bad i know :D(PS i have aterrible memory with the past(i dnt remember even nursery rhymes) so i donno if i really did it or saw sum1 do it!)No 1 has revealed theirs ;)

  27. lol @ cricket and wwooww @ carnatic!! quite talented huh?? :P

    i liked the first three points in orange than the rest seven :P u sure have a gud sense of humor :D

  28. O ma Crickettttttttt...... i wud reallyyyyyy love to hear abt hw that name came to u of al...
    hey i guess u should strt ur singing lessons again..... i guess that wud b really nice.. and by the way even i am nt so good at reciprocating to compliments...... its a bit hard to digest u knw....

  29. loved your post...whts up!!

  30. me late in reading ur secrets :P...i am better of not doing this tag :P..:)...merry christmas to u dhanya :)..


  31. Dhaani!!!M gonna call u that from now on...
    And y don't we sing together some day..we'll surely bring the house down...;)

  32. Nandita - Hmmmm! Tragic! Hope it didnt have anything to do with you playing violin ;) :D

    Sameer - From the insect. Apparently, I make a sound that's similar to the one made by a cricket :P

    Meow - :)

    Princess Nuchu - Trust me... you don't want to subject yourself to that torture :D

    ZB - Ahem... someone's being sarcastic? ;)

  33. Ramit - Haha. For such people, I notice their smile next. So you're safe :D

    Priya - Definitely! It's an art to successfully irritate others and that too continuously! ;)

    Pulkit - Waiting to know what number 2 in ur list is all about! You've got me curious :)

    Nikhil - No way! I love happily crazy friends :) They make me happy :D

    Shaunak - Who are you going to give that nickname to? dhan te nan is a song which is being subjected a lot on me nowadays :P Now there's De Dhana Dhan too..

  34. Mads - Thanks re madsy :) Thanks for mentioning me so many times in ur post :-w

    Arv - Why don't you take this up ??

    Ki - Haha thanks :D I wouldn't be surprised.. u know everything!

    Bedazzled - I know I know! But my family also reads this blog. Please understand ;)

    Ria - Thank u :)

  35. Surya kannan - Don't go so hush hush about it. Publish it on ur blog !

    Madhu - Will head to ur blog in a couple of minutes :)

    Dr. Acula - OYEEEEE !!! LONG TIME NO COMMENTS ISHANI JI! :D Yeah, I know ur crazy... how can I not know ? ;)

    Ramya - Hey :| *Thinks she shouldn't have revealed her nickname now* ... same here.. no use at all for me too :P

    An Ordinary Gal - Thanks :D

  36. Sorcerer - :) You sound dangerous there ;) Keeping my blog under ur rader n all!

    Sumi - HEY!! I meant revealing secrets about MYSELF! HMMPH! :P The pics are really hard to get. Have to search a lot to get some decent pics. I have written a secrets post before where I mentioned cerelac n all ;) :D Good memory Sumo! *Impressed*

    Anitha - Heyo! Welcome to my blog :) Thanks for dropping in a comment crazy cancerian ;)

    Aditya - Heheheh! I KNEW IT! My family also reads my blog, Aditya. Please understand ;) Whoa @ dhanyaculouis post... tongue twister that... did you mean dhanyalicious ? :P

    Madhu - Yes yes. I am coming! I am coming!

  37. AD - Hey it's okay! :) No demands at all :) You can drop in a comment whenever ur free!

    San - Naughty girl ;) Yeah, no one else except two or three people revealed some secrets of theirs. But then this is a public place, not exactly suitable for revealing deep dark secrets ;)

    Sawan - Hehehe.. thanks anil !! :) And btw, good to know that my comment to ur post proved useful for you! :)

    DI - Coz of the sound it makes. According to my friend, I sound like that when I am hyper :|

    Chocolate Lover - Thanks :)

  38. Nazish rahman - Thanks :) Nothing much. What's up with you ???

    Hemu - Belated xmas wishes to u too Hemu :)

    Jaunty - Aah, second person to nickname me that! After the song by strings I suppose ? ;) We should definitely sing together some day :D Would be great fun if you sing in the same way I do :P

  39. ankita a.k.a enchantinganki8:33 PM

    hehe..i want to know more nickname of urs.. :-)

  40. i still haven't figured it out! :D

  41. Reading secrets of someone is always interesting, even if you might not quite know the person. Haha... Very interesting I found this post so :)

  42. Nice flow of words and emotions.. Liked it.. No wonder, the reveled secrets made me think about myself..
    Nice one..

  43. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Opulently I agree but I dream the brief should prepare more info then it has.

  44. nice post! :)

    can i steal this for my blog too? i havent nothing much to write.. and this will be a nice filler!!

  45. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Baring secrets this way: I think not easy. So, you got courage. Happy new year 2010!

  46. raapchandoos secrets i say....wow....some guts to reveal all that haan....:P :P :P...*tries rackin his brain fr sounds crickets make n only one remotely close to is my grandfathers fart :P ;-)...u too?? :P*.....happy crazy ppl who dnt take life seriously....hmmmm....damn serious guys like me get stranded at d gate :(

  47. I could relate with a few of your secrets with mine. Particularly with the singing thing and the compliments. Your blog is truly a pleasure to read.

  48. ankita - no way! this is insulting enough ;)

    nandita - :)

    Darshan - Thanks so much! :D

    Jayanta - Thanks :)

    Anonymous - .. And you are ?

  49. Phoenix - Hey thanks raka :) Long time! Will see ur post in a while...

    Kulpreet - Hehe.. thanks :) Happy new year to u too!

    Sandeep - YUCK! CHEE! :P Ur damn serious ? Since when ? :P

    Communi - Hey! Thanks a lot :) Keep visiting pleej :)

  50. And there's Dhaani too...you're a star!!

  51. hehehe, hi5 on having wacky friends :D:D
    they make life loveable!! :D


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