Monday, December 14, 2009

Captured Moments

Pic Courtesy : True Vision

One of the few things that capture my interest almost immediately is great photography. And mind you, I am not talking about pictures where everyone is posing for the camera with a very evident forced smile. Good pictures always come when the person/people in question are least expecting the shots. In such cases, the actual emotions of the person take over and the whole picture comes out fresh and alive.

I am greatly dependent on phone cameras because I don't usually carry my digital camera around (you can call me forgetful too if you want). I love to capture those kodak moments - moments when the smiles flow freely, moments where happiness is reflected onto the person's eyes making them twinkle a lil extra. This has led many of my relatives to cringe whenever they hear the shutter sound of my phone camera ;) Unexpected clicks are not always welcomed by everyone! So be careful!

Do you usually click pictures with your phone cam or digicam?

The above pic was taken when my newly wed cousin got up in a flurry and relief after seeing her husband return back safely after a bike ride (he's still very much a newbie when it comes to riding bikes). The moment he left, all we got to hear from her was 'Hope he didn't fall down somewhere!', 'Hope he isn't driving too fast!', 'The roads are so bad, I hope he's driving safely!'. Somehow I love this pic for the very same reason - coz it speaks so much.

The very first picture you see in this blog is not a posed one either. The photographer was called to do a family portrait. He ended up giving them a plane making kit and while they were at it, he clicked some real gems for them to treasure the rest of their lives. Captured moments of quality family time.

Imagine my surprise when the very same pro photographer (you can find his work at My True Vision and Vision Philms) mailed me earlier this week to say he loved my blog...

Sometimes appreciation can be a bit overwhelming... and more so if they come from least expected sources. So a big thank you is in order for all my friends who take time out to read this blog. You guys make my day almost EVERY day!


  1. Awwww Dhanu,
    that was so so sweet to hear...
    ur blesssed with such people around u who appreciate ur work with true utmost honest and so is ur dedication and wit,as always...on the bloc :)
    tc god bless

  2. umesh5:38 PM

    had a camera once.. damn i miss it now..! should hv taken a photograph of it ..

  3. Wow Dhanno! I love this perspective! And more the pic of Pri, gives the feel of her welcomin him home after his long day at work.. love it! :)

    Btw why u callin me silent reader, I comment in almost all your posts :P

  4. the pic really speaks so much ...ur cousin is so loving hey hubby...

    thanks dhanya..u to make a smile in our life everyday :)..


  5. Me is not great at clicking pics but at times Lady Luck bumps into me :D

    I use cellphone cameras as I don't own a digi-cam :(

    n yeah,pics are cherish..forever....

  6. if u ever come to see my laptop or my phone ..u will find so many amazing moments...

    but I am not a flickr type guy..I keep it for my collections only :D

  7. I rather prefer an actual Digital camera to a phone cam. My phone does not have a cam. I use a Sony DSC W 35.

  8. that shot u took was perfect. i thought it was a scene from a movie!!

    u got a mail from Carlton Mackey? man, i tell u, ur blog is so very popular :)

  9. Just wanted to see what the fuss is all about. You and I have got SO many mutual friends :P Now, that I came here, I see why! Your space is genuinely happening. So simple and yet so lively :D That's it. I'm following you from now on!

  10. Good to know that your like photography also...

    Good pictures always come when the person/people in question are least expecting the shots.

    I totally agree with it! And yeah, the photo of your cousin is good.. One can easily tell the situation it depicts... :)

  11. Dhanoooo... I love any post that talks about photos and photography and cameras :P You know the reason why :P That picture of your cousin riding the bike is awesome. It shows how eagerly she was waiting for him. Too good.

    I am inspired to post some of the pictures I clicked in my phone after i read this post. I'll come up with the post soon babe. And yea I don't like carrying my digi cam with me always, because for some reason I wanna own a SLR camera so that I get some nicest captures. I always click pictures from my phone. Its just 2 MP but captures quite well.

    Will show you the pics soon.

    Keep posting.

  12. i love taking pics of others and of mine too. since my child hood i had been obsessed with camera :P

  13. I love the pic you took! :) connected instantly.

    P.S. one of the ads on your profile is gogle matrimony :P

  14. i like the second pic very much :)
    i could tell the tale without you needing to explain :D

    photograph is something that catches my attention. and its gets onmy nerves to see ppl not knowing how to pose.

  15. The natural-minus-pretense expressions are always more adorable than the posed ones, nahi?
    N if the natural expressions get weird, that's an icing on the cake..:P
    luvd the pic of ur cousin...:)

  16. oh yes i love gr8 pics too!!and the one that u have put up is so well captured. jus awesome!

  17. Candid pics are THE BEST! Unfortunately whenever I come across a good scene to capture, my cam runs out of battery or i forget to take of my loong term goals is to get one of those cell phones that take great quality pics :)

    I think its my first time commenting, but i have read a lot of ur posts and never got to comment!

  18. Hi Dhanya,
    Great post!!! Articulately and precisely written. I recently have started following your blog after Icame onto it from another blog. Hope that is OK with you.


  19. I LOVE photography and exactly like you said, click when they least expect it!
    I got a digicam very recently n now Im always clicking,even lifeless things! I want to become a great photographer one day. :D

    Its a nice pic. Someone waiting for the arrival with anticipation and the relief when you see that someone back. :)

    Aww,your blog is worth a read dear! Love!

  20. i so love this post.Cauz i also love pics...and ya! hate posing for em.NAtural ones speak so much,just the way the pics above!!

  21. wow.. thats a nice read.. its great to hear from someone whom u nevr expected ....

    your blog worth it..

    long way to go...

  22. Yeah.. I am fond of pics too,the ones which DO NOT feature me.. :D Good photography is an art,ur either a master or its just that the person whose foto is being taken must be awesome.. :) like you dhannoose.. :)

    Is it still the same with pri?? :P


  23. nice blog ................keep it going.......
    check out my blog n post comment if u find it interesting......

  24. Hmm.. completely agree to it Dhano..
    Most of the best pics taken are informal unpreditable poses.. i do hav this habit... and thank fully i dont 4get to keep the cam with me.. :)

  25. awwwn. cute!!!!! i love my kodak moments too. like u i am forgetful!! so i have to make do with my camera phone when i prefer my digi cam...

  26. nice work :)!!! i knw i hvent commented on blog lately but is pro fotographer cute by any chance :D

  27. Appreciation is a powerful can get addited to it:-)).

    Ur blog is truly special Dhanya!!!!

    Loved ur can weave so many stories around it. I too love clicking pictures but have gotten adjusted to the fact that I dont have the 'eye'....I almost always carry the camera and only use the iphone when I've forgotten the digicam:-).

  28. umm.. loved ur blog! :)) smiled a lot too :))

    i'm nandita btw, fellow blogger from Kerala. :))

  29. I can never pose for pics...luckily my candid pics turn out nice..nahi toh I wld be left with no pics to show off at all :)

  30. Nice one, it's one of those that tells a story...

    I'm a digicam person (clariphile, as I say it). Phones are for calling, cameras are for taking pictures...

  31. Someone is getting loads of praises!
    I love camera...especially posing in front of it ;-)
    If there is no camera, I pose in front of mirror.
    If there is no mirror, njan viruthe pose kanikyum in front of others. (yes, my malayalam disability does not allow me to complete sentences)
    Good post anyways! :D

  32. Awww... :) This is a cute one..I liked the pic of her is so real and natural...
    Congrats for that mail u received..feels great to be appreciated, naa?
    take care, and ur blog rocks, so thank you for writing in and making our day! :)

  33. Pulkit - And you're one of the few people who leaves behind such sweet comments always! Thanks again, Pulkit! :)

    Umesh - :P Finally sir got time to comment! :)Welcome ji..

    Sumaiya - Yeah you do. Just pulling ur legs coz you missed last few posts I guess :D

    Hemu - Thank YOU Hemu for saying such nice nice things :) :)

    Anwesa - You also use cellphone cameras? Yayie :D Hi five! Arrey they are much better than digicams -- you can never forget to carry them around ;)

    Daydreamer - Yeah, I am not a flickr person either! :)

  34. Ramit - I'm forgetful. I have a digicam but I just forget to carry it around at times.

    Sawan - A scene from a movie? Awww thanks :) Yeah, I got a mail from him. Realized he's popular only after googling and facebook-ing him out ;)

    Anamika - Heyyyy! Hahaha... yeah, I have seen you around a LOT too ;) I will be visiting your blog too in the next couple of days so stay tuned for more action there :D

    Darshan - Thanks for liking the pic! :) It was taken all of a sudden... but glad to know it came out well :)

    Estheru - Hahah! I sure do know the reason why ;) You're always inspired, but you never post. Next you HAVE to post a video on fb or your blog k? *Waits eagerly* :)

  35. Nidz - Lol @ love taking pics of self ;) You're too cute :)

    Ki - Yeah, I can imagine you doing that for Karthik ;) About the matrimony ads, yeah everyone's pointing em out to me nowadays. What can I do? Even Google Ads have started bossing me around now ;)

    Shimmer - :) :) Thanks! That's what photos are supposed to do right? Tell stories. Well, I am not much of a poser... so I think I should never come anywhere near you when you have a cam ... :D

    Jaunty Anima - First of all, great DP! Loved it ! :) About natural expressions going weird, it's okay as long as I am not the one showing em :D

    Ria - Thanks :)

  36. Simplesweet - Welcome to my blog! :) I am still in search of a phone with a good cam. Will let you know when I come across one ;) You're a silent reader huh? Glad to meet one of em. Keep reading! And yeah, comment whenever you get the time :)

    Gaurav - YEAH, I do have a problem with ppl following my blog !!! :D :D Just kidding. I don't mind more followers :) Thanks for everything you said. Really sweet of you :)

    Kaya - My blog is worth a read ? Are you hinting you never read my blog ??? Hmmmph! MEERA! :|

    Madhu - Thanks so much sweetheart! I second everything you said!

    Suree - Yup, miles to go before I sleep ;)

  37. Nikhil - Hahahhaha @ liking pics that do not feature you :D Ende kaaryam korachu angane thanneyaaneee...:D Yeah, it's very much still the same with Pri ;) Long distance relationships are the best man... no time for fighting :D

    Anish - Thanks :) Yeah, will do!

    Devil Incarnate - Aaah! Lucky you. I need someone to remind me :(

    Zeba - *Same pinch* :)

    Kangna - Hahah... yeah, VERY cute ;)

  38. Reflections - Loved what you said about appreciation :) Thank you for all the kind words Nancy !! I think my blog will end up recording a similar life story as yours :) Wow. You own an iphone? Aren't you rich ;)

    Nandita - Heyy! Namaskaram :) Nice to meet ya here. It's always nice to meet fellow Malayalees :D

    Shanu - Show me also your candid pics ;)

    Nesquarx - Lol. I hardly use my phone for calling nowadays ;) :D I think I am an exception to those rules you've made :D

    Ramya - HALOOOO! LONG TIME NO SEE! :) Glad to see ya around.. whazzappening? :) Lol @ everything you said... MISS POSER! :) Missing your nutty posts man... post something soon...

    Mads - Haan, it feels nice to be appreciated :D You toh comment only once in a blue moon but I will take the thanks anyway :D

  39. Another good one Ms. Venu. *Wonders why all ur profile pics n the one used as dp on this blog is posed?? ;-) :P...y restrict yourself to "beautiful" when u can get "Awesome" from ur natural ones :P*

    back to the post...simple as ever...loved the pic...the best part of your writes are that it has its heart in place. A sound head...lot of neighbours...infact its a lil world on its own...keep rockin gal...nadakatte mole dhanye! :-)

  40. n yaa...i use my digicam...make it a point to carry it along...have been left hearbroken with mob pics in the past :-(

  41. nice.
    n you just revived a feelin i used to have.

  42. nice.
    n you revived a feeling i used to have.

  43. You are Tagged! :) visit my blog for more details!

  44. Photos do tell their own stories

  45. I would echo your sentiments and say that a photograph transports us to a different moment in life and if it is real and not fake (as most posed photographs tend to be fake) then it areal reflection of the event and gets more attention from the viewer and has a profound impact sometimes a life changing one.

  46. Sandeep - Profile pics are posed coz no one takes any candid shots of mine :( LOSERS!! :( I am the only one around here who's interested in pics... *sigh*. I know you carry around your digicam everywhere you go -- stephen told me! :D

    Infinite monekys - Yes, go go! :D

    Sameera - Saw n commented :)

    Pesto Sauce - Yup, they do! :)

    Sneha - Well said! Couldn't have put it better myself! :)

  47. Awesome... Guess this one word says it all

  48. stumbled across your blog..

    capturing the moments is pretty tricky..
    I dont know if I could call one of my friend insane or genius (well all geniuses are insane), he took 220 clicks of a street from his balcony just to get it right in its awesome color and shades.

    Cool pics you have .. your pics are not just plain they do have a something to say.

  49. Whoa @ 220 clicks! I dont't think I am that crazy about photography yet! :D

    Thanks for passing by and dropping in a comment :)

  50. Whoa @ 220 clicks! I dont't think I am that crazy about photography yet! :D

    Thanks for passing by and dropping in a comment :)

  51. Awwww.. Sweet pic (the second one)

  52. i wish i could get me a camera right now :(


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