Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello 2010!

Dear 2009,

You've had brought with you a whole lot of happiness and a little bit of sadness, made me smile those never ending smiles and made me cry a little bucket (and I assure you it was a teeny weeny one) of tears. But you know what? The best thing you taught me was to take everything in my stride, which is the reason I can say confidently and with much surety that I was happy for most of this year!

5 Lessons Learned

1. Never to take anything in life too seriously. If you feel like saying up next - '... coz you will never get out of it alive anyway', I wouldn't stop you! ;)

2. How much you do for anyone can never ever be enough, so limit yourselves! - This has proved helpful for me, and I know some others who can use this pointer to avoid further disappointments.

3. Listen to your instincts - They're ALWAYS right! - Well... a woman's instincts are more powerful, so I dunno if the same philosophy would hold true for guys ;)

4. Be around more with happy people - Trust me, it helps a lot! But that doesn't mean you dump your friends when they are in need.

5. Learn to love my blog and life will love you....







Okay, the last one was a joke. I wasn't getting any fifth pointer! :(

Philosophy and jokes apart, hope you guys have a blessed 2010! May all the seasons next year bring you truckloads and truckloads of happiness and may all of your dreams be fulfilled...

Happy New Year 2010!

Signing off,
With much love...

P.S : Don't forget to wish me too! I am off for few days to spend quality time with family and relatives. Will see you when I get back. And please feed my fishies while I am gone no? Miss me.. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Secrets Revealed!

... Well, if you can call them secrets in the first place!

I have been tagged by Sameera to list down seven of my secrets which I have never told anyone. This is hard coz of many reasons. To list a few -

1. I am a woman and nothing can stay in my system for a long time. I must have revealed these so-called secrets of mine to one person or the other at some point in life.

2. I am suffering from memory loss nowadays. I forget things way too fast. I call it the 'Quarter Life Crisis'. The point being that there's a high chance that I have forgotten some of my very own secrets!

3. If you think I am going to reveal my crush list, love list, relationship list (yes, they are all different types of lists), then please - exit stage left! (or right, whichever suits you ;))

I will jot them down anyway for all of you, provided that you keep them as a secret too! Pakka promise, no? Ok, here goes...

7 Secrets Revealed

1. The second thing I notice in a person is their hair style. The first being? Their personality. If they act like jerks, then automatically the ignore button is pressed and I don't notice anything else -- including their hair style! If you're a friend with great looking hair, rest assured I must have already asked you to reveal your 'hairy' secrets! ;)

2. I am very very tolerant with friends, strangers, acquaintances but I am a terror to my family members. I feel sorry for them sometimes!

3. I am closer to my mom than to my dad. I have told her almost everything - my heart breaks, crushes, insecurities, problems... almost anything and everything! I think I have inherited my sad sense of humour from her too.... ;) But the best trait I have got from her is her positive approach towards life.

4. I have learnt Carnatic Music for 3 years. This might make you go 'wow' and think that I can sing perfectly, but no... Dhanya likes loves to sing off-tune and loud most of the times! She likes the scared look her singing can bring upon listeners.

5. I love being around happy and wacky people who don't take life too seriously. All of my best friends are crazy in some way or the other! ;)

6. I have had many weird nicknames - 'Cricket' being one of them. And no, I do not mean the sport!

7. I don't take compliments too well. I dunno what to do with them! If 'compliments' were things, I would gladly throw the ones I am getting at someone else. I was considered the ugly duckling in my family when I was young, and now when people tell me I look good I just find that very hard to believe! But rest assured, it does feel nice and I do appreciate them eventually. :-)

Ready to reveal your secrets? Tell me something I don't know about you yet!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Captured Moments

Pic Courtesy : True Vision

One of the few things that capture my interest almost immediately is great photography. And mind you, I am not talking about pictures where everyone is posing for the camera with a very evident forced smile. Good pictures always come when the person/people in question are least expecting the shots. In such cases, the actual emotions of the person take over and the whole picture comes out fresh and alive.

I am greatly dependent on phone cameras because I don't usually carry my digital camera around (you can call me forgetful too if you want). I love to capture those kodak moments - moments when the smiles flow freely, moments where happiness is reflected onto the person's eyes making them twinkle a lil extra. This has led many of my relatives to cringe whenever they hear the shutter sound of my phone camera ;) Unexpected clicks are not always welcomed by everyone! So be careful!

Do you usually click pictures with your phone cam or digicam?

The above pic was taken when my newly wed cousin got up in a flurry and relief after seeing her husband return back safely after a bike ride (he's still very much a newbie when it comes to riding bikes). The moment he left, all we got to hear from her was 'Hope he didn't fall down somewhere!', 'Hope he isn't driving too fast!', 'The roads are so bad, I hope he's driving safely!'. Somehow I love this pic for the very same reason - coz it speaks so much.

The very first picture you see in this blog is not a posed one either. The photographer was called to do a family portrait. He ended up giving them a plane making kit and while they were at it, he clicked some real gems for them to treasure the rest of their lives. Captured moments of quality family time.

Imagine my surprise when the very same pro photographer (you can find his work at My True Vision and Vision Philms) mailed me earlier this week to say he loved my blog...

Sometimes appreciation can be a bit overwhelming... and more so if they come from least expected sources. So a big thank you is in order for all my friends who take time out to read this blog. You guys make my day almost EVERY day!

Monday, December 07, 2009

The Waterfall Diaries

There are times when you want to escape from your normal routine and just try something different. I was getting tired of meeting the same old people at the same old place so I just hinted to dad that we should go visit some place which we haven't seen before. Thankfully, I guess he was as bored as I was and promptly agreed!

At the entrance we see a board - 'Welcome to Athirapilly Waterfalls'

Mom (grinning) - Sounds dangerous. If we are going to land straight into those waterfalls it's a good thing your sis called now.

The car stopped at the entrance, and we had to walk a little to actually see the waterfalls. Dad was all sporty and he walked without any complaint. Ma, as I expected, couldn't help but complain (now I know where I got my complaining tendencies from!).

'Oh! This is horrible! So hot! Tooo hot actually!'

'I can't believe we have to walk over this stony path!'

'Too much distance. This is too much!'

'Next time, I am not coming anywhere!'

'What nonsense is this? Why are the waterfalls so far? I can't believe your dad said yes to this!'

Of course, me and dad just kept silent and nodded our heads to everything she said.

Whilst walking to our destination we had some really good company -

Isn't he cute? ;)

Another common sight was that of lovers who got too touch feely. Mom kept eyeing them from the corner of her eyes and she would end up chuckling. Old women! Geez!

The waterfalls were just breathtaking! I haven't seen one in a long time and just standing there watching it all was just pure bliss for me. Loved every second of it. This is just another reason why you should visit Kerala if you never have!

On our way back, I happened to see this small place with a large board outside which read - 'You can see oriental fishes here'. I went in and to my horror saw all aquariums filled with these small fishes which you can't even see coz of poor lighting.

Me - 'What's that ? Looks like a lot of pipes. Oh wait! Those are sea snakes!!'

Ma - 'Yeah right, those are sticks.'

Me - 'No ma those are snakes!'

Ma (Squinting) - 'Are you sure?'

Me (Squinting more harder than ma) - 'Yeah I guess..'

We stood there scrutinizing the scene for a minute or so and then returned to view the rest of the specimen they had over there -- which was a complete waste of 1o rupees! And I was expecting a Dubai type aquarium and an underwater zoo where you can see sharks, whales and what not through glass barriers. Sumi are you listening? ;) All I got to see were dead(?) sticks snakes.

It was time for lunch and we landed at this cheap looking restaurant which was rather unkempt.

Ma - 'Don't order any non-veg from this dirty place! Eat only veggies!'

Dad (to waiter) - 'One plate chicken curry, please!'

I just burst out into the loudest of giggles ever possible for a girl! The place was so quiet and on top of that my laughter was echoing which made me realize that I can be an embarrassment to myself at times. You might be already knowing this if you have read The Laughter Box in Me!

To sum it up, it was a well needed break! Keralam is indeed God's own country! :)

P.S (Totally unrelated to this post) - I happened to notice a glitch in my comments section since past few days. The dashboard shows a different count for comments as compared to the blog posts plus comments are going *poof*. Do you guys have the same problem ? I googled it out and it seems lotsa others are facing the same thing. If you are, you might want to notify Blogger through the Google forums.