Sunday, November 01, 2009

To My Sister, With Love...

Dear S,

You’re 30 years young as of today. How does it feel? Does your body ache? Do you need a walking stick now? *Wink wink* Ok, don’t lose your temper. I know 30 isn’t old at all. That’s why I said 30 years ‘young’, you see?

I just want to tell you, you’re the craziest and the funniest sister ever. Not to forget loving and caring (yes yes, you’re all that!). I love to see all the childhood videos again and again just to see the cute side of you.

Remember the swimming pool party we attended years ago? I was dead scared swimming in a pool that was so deep and you were there with me throughout just to make sure I was okay. You even did some funny moves in the water just to entertain me. I love rewinding and watching that part of the childhood video again and again. It’s so cute. It’s so you!

Remember whenever I used to fight with mom, you always used to rush to me, wipe away my tears and comfort me with a repeated ‘It’s okay. Just let it go!’? You used to have this screwed up face which hinted that if I cried any further you would end up crying too!

Remember how you used to make me and my cousins sit around you and feed us rice (made into small round balls) dipped in curry and we used to go ‘mmmmm’ each time we finished them?

Remember the number of times when the guys in your class used to come up to me and say ‘Your sis is so pretty and smart. I want to marry her!’? I am sorry I had to report those instances to mom, but that just made life more entertaining, don’t you think? ;)

Remember those times at school whenever you saw me out in the corridor, you used to yell out ‘dhannnuuuu’ and then turn to look at your friends, point to me and say ‘That’s my sister… isn’t she cute?’.

Remember those times when our school timings were different (mine used to finish earlier than yours till 3rd or 4th standard) but you always made sure you were there by my side when my classes finished and led me hand in hand to my school bus?

Remember those times whenever I started craving for carrot halwa, you would end up making me a whole BIG container of it that would never ever seem to finish even if I ate it two-three times a day?

Remember how I told you I didn’t want you to send across anything from Dubai through your husband when he came earlier this year, but you actually sent a HUGE box of stuff that I actually needed? Telepathy is it? :)

You’re an awesome sister, and I am sorry if I have not been as good a sister as you are. But you know how younger sisters can be right? Spoilt, pampered and arrogant! You’re responsible for this in a way too, you know! :D I can be rude, moody and can even act indifferent sometimes -- but you have accepted me for the way I am and still continue to pamper me. East or West, you're simply the best! (Yeah, I am saying this coz it's your birthday... after this it's back to square one -- back to meaningless fights, that is :P)

Happy happy birthday chechiiiiii! You’re the best ever! :*

With lots and lots of love, hugs and muahs


  1. ok this is my second try at postin a comment. dunno y sometimes it jus doesn go thru..

    very touchin post Dhanno, brot tears to my eyes :'). this is how we elder sisters r n u younger ones jus take advantage of us LOL

    Happy Birthday Swapna Chechi! Hope u're doing well far far away from ur li'l sister heheh.. TC of ur health n have a great day! :)

  2. Aww the post is sooooooo sweet ..every word describes the love u have on ur sister .... it's so beautiful dhanya I loved it so much... A very happy birthday to her...god bless her ...


  3. Aww..its such a cute post. Almost had tears in my me its a big deal..coz i dont cry easily :)

    Wish ur sis a very happy Birthday :)

  4. hmmm tat was a really good letter to ur sister... i hav a sister too..but don remember anythin abt her, i mean somethin cute...khe khe khe.. we used to fight al the time..

    chechi-ku ende birthday wishes parayane.. ;)

  5. Touchwood!

    And God Bless!

  6. wish her from me too. nice post. she wil be proud of u

  7. :) Conway my wishes. Post was as cute as your sister to you. :)


  8. Sweet memories, sweet reflections...

  9. awh!

    when i was small, i always wanted a sister ..but now im pretty happy with my brother :D

    very sweet post!

  10. Happy Budday Dhanya's Sis!!Have a good one!!

  11. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I have been away...but used to read all the blogs in my blog roll. Till this post, I never left a comment on any blog! It just forced me!
    A very lovely post! My sister turned 30 on October 10th. I have already dedicated a blog for her birthday last year, so this time I decided to give her the same card I made for her when I was in 3rd. (sounds cheesy, but its very nice to see your sister cry and hug you after seeing it ;-))
    I had a lump in my throat after read this one - because my story is the same :D
    Chechi ki ende hridayamniranjnu happy birthday :D

  12. Carrot halwa? Honest? Can I borrow your sister too? Seriously, can I have you for my little sister too? Pretty please with sugar on top?

  13. such a sweet dedication dhans....:).....happy birthday chechi....:)....i exactly understand how the younger siblings are...:P

  14. wow that's a sweet post.. How I wish I had an elder sis like this.. u r really gifted :)
    N my B'day wishes to ur chechi :)

  15. Very chweeeeeeeeeet wishes :) so innocent unrestrained flow..... loved it.. HAPPY BUDDAY CHECHI :) :)

  16. i envy your sis for havin someone like you to write something like this for her :) i dont think any of my younger 3 think like this for me :)

    lovely and touching post!

  17. awesome post. one of ur best ever.

    very sisterly post :)
    and u look a lot like each other
    happy birthday!!
    ur lucky to hv dhanya as ur sister :)
    love :) :*

  18. schoooo cute !!! seriously !!

  19. Anonymous5:02 AM

    hey wonderful tribute dhanya to ur sis. 30 isnt a scary age. its the new age age when everything around takes a rebirth. seriously!!

  20. Anonymous10:46 AM

    awwwwwww :)

    happy birthday to your chechi :D

  21. i loved this post,it was so full of sweetness. :)

  22. younger sisters,no matter how spoilt they are,are cutest things on earth. That was a super-cute post...
    happy b'de to your sis'!!!

  23. Awww.. this is such a sweeeet post... My best wishes for your sister ... Happy birthday :)

  24. cute dedication indeed dhanu :)

  25. ahh,...such a lovely gift for ur sister on her birthday...,winding up all the beautiful memories in one single post...i am sure there must be hundred more such memories...but atleast these were quite enough to make me smile and wet my eyes at the same time.. :)

    God bless u..

    And happy birthday to ur sis :)

  26. Aww...such a sweet post..really nice that u have such a lovely sister..:) HAppy birthday from my side too..:)

  27. Its was really a sweet post!! Nice memories!! Well written!!!

  28. Awww.. thts was such a sweet post..
    woww.. wanna read it more :D

    loved it :)

    Belated Happy Birthday to ur sis dear :)

    Hope you guys remain the same for ever n ever n evr... :)
    Keep Smiling

  29. Awww you have an elder sister too?! So do I and when I was reading this post you totally reminded me of my relationship with her. She's not only my sister, but she's also my best friend. And I love everything about being the younger one, hehe. Dhanya, this is super sweet! I'm sure your sis teared up reading this. ;) And is that your niece in that pic? Cuteness! <3

  30. Oh yeah, Happy Bday Dhanya's big sis. Hehe. :P <3

  31. A very happy bday to ur sister :) I could relate with so many things that u hv written :) I so miss my li'l sis now :(

  32. hey big gigantic wishes for your sister!!!! i have a younger sister, kinda like you were wen a kid... and i think i love her the way you sis loves u!! i only hope i can do a job as good as u just mentioned here!!!! she sounds adorable.. u r really lucky to have her!!!!

    p.s. take advice from someone who has tried it and if u wanna really show her ur love, dont bake her a cake yourself!!! :P

  33. belated happy b'day to ur sis :):)
    such a wonderfully naughtily sweet post re :)

  34. This made me cry.

    I just fought with my sister and I have exactly the same relationship as you have it with your sister. I coould actually copy paste it and not be held for plagiarising.


  35. awwww! CHO CHWEET! :)

    wish chechi from my side too. reading that makes me wish i had an elder sis! sigh!

  36. hey..belated happy B'day to ur sis...

    Hey dhanya, i must say this-"U made me miss a sibling..:(..the way u were remembering the childhood memories one after the other, they made me soo sooo eager about having one sis..heheh now its not possible though..:)"

    Thanks for such a nice post has given a good start to my day..Thank you.

  37. u aint feeding ur fish properly they are going out of the pond

  38. im late im late!Blood sisters rule ,in the end its little things which matter :)

    Happy belated Bdy to her :)

  39. Touchwood, this is the best gift u can giv ur sis during her bday...
    God that was very wonderful and touchy post...
    :) i wonder y all the sibling r differnt, still they cant liv without each other....

  40. That was sooo sweet dhannooo.. :) am all teary eyed reading this.. :( You are one lucky ass..!!! :)

    How I wished,you were like ur sister - to me.. :I


  41. Awwwwwww..wish her belated wishes from me too :D

  42. Ms. Venu!

    Wow!! Crackalackin!! Straight from the heart daa...emotions poured out...ur sis wud be all teary eyed readin this. One helluva post! Kalakki mole venu! :P :P

  43. that was a awesome dedication and wonderful gift to your sister on her bday...

    belated wishes to her...

  44. Sumi - Lol @ taking advantage. Yeah, I so agree :D We're so good at that! Glad to know you liked the post, chumiii :)

    Hemu - Thanks! :)

    Shanu - 'Almost'! So I almost wrote a good post eh? ;) Hehehe.. Thanks :)

    Anoop - Arrey! Sit down n think properly, then u will come out with some good pointers for ur sis ;)

    Sameera - :)

    Sweet Addiction - Yup, will do :)

    Randeep - awww! Thanks! :D

    Darshan - Yup yup. I agree! :)

    Orange - I want a brother! :(

    Jaunty Anima - Thanks :)

    Ramya - That was the sweetest comment ever! ANd the best comment goes to Ramya mol :D Thanks da... really made my day... :)

    Ramit - Yeah sure.. you can borrow her.. not forever... only to make carrot halwa :D :D You can have me as a your lil sister though... I always wanted a brother! :D

    Kaka - Thanks da :)

  45. Dhanya - Thanks :) You can have us as your sisters :) :) We will be good to you... really!

    Meow - Thanksss so mucho! :)

    AD - Arrey they must be! Let them start blogging, and then all the feelings will flow into words... you will see :D

    Mads - Thanks Bamboozle :) And I am lucky I got you as my sister tooooooo :* >:D< <3

    Bedazzled - Thanks :) :)

    Chandler - Thats a nice way of putting it. But just to irritate my sis, I will put it across my way ;)

    Ki - :D Thanks!

    Anwesa - Hear hear! I second you completely :)

    Ekam - Thanks :D

    Pulkit - Thanks re :)

    Rahil - Yup, hundred more memories... which involves us fighting mostly ;) lol.. glad you liked the post :)

    Madhu - Thanks :)

    Nazish - Thanks a lot :D

    Satyu - Read it more! :D As much as you want ;)

  46. Archana - Yayy! At least some things are common between us :D Yeah we younger ones always get away with almost anything, don't we? No, that isn't my niece... :D Thanks so much :) :)

    Swaram - Thanks :) Where's your lil sis now?

    Bliss - :) I am sure you can! You sound like a wonderful sister :) :) Lol @ baking cake... haven't tried it yet ;) But now I want to :D

    Priya - Thank you re... for the wonderfully naughtily comment ;)

    LLS - Hawwww! Dedicate a post for her then and make her read it!!! Or you can even copy paste this (special rights only for u) in case you're feeling too lazy or tired...

    AJai - Sure... will do! :)

    Pramoda - You can take me as your sis :D I am available :D lol..

    Uncommon Sense - :O They are???

    Kangna - :) Yeah little things matter in a big way :D

    DI - Thanks da... :) You're so right about the sibling part... we love them even if we end up fighting most of the time :D

    Nikhs - :P So does my sister sometimes -- she wants me to behave like how she does to me :P I am SO spoiled I tell you :D

    Daydreamer - :) will do!

    Sandeep - Thank you Mr. Balan :D Glad to know you enjoyed my crackalackin post :D God knows from where you come up with such terms... very creative...

    Suree - Thanks da :)

  47. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Happy B'day :)

  48. Really seem like best pals rather than siblings

  49. Dhanya, done deal!

  50. Ur post I'm sure is giving all the elder sisters reading this post a complex. Sheesh I dont ever remember being this sweet or kind or tolerant;-o

  51. Surya Kannan - Thanks :)

    Pesto Sauce - :)

    Ramit - Yayie! :D

    Reflections - When you post such stuff, it seems more sweeter. Maybe coz we take everything good that happens to us for granted and when we jot it down we're amazed that good things are actually happening to us which we're just ignoring. The friend that 'recommended' your blog to me doesn't comment. She's a silent reader. So I doubt it you would know her :)

  52. Anonymous5:39 AM

    You are lucky to have such an adorable sister :) My sister talks like you including the part about being a spoiled brat :) My best wishes to her on her birthday. (belated but sincere wishes)


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